Best Treadmill Under 500 Bucks

Best Treadmills Under $500 (Quality At A Low Cost IS Possible! )

Best Treadmill Under 500 BucksThere’s a reason you don’t have a treadmill.

You know you can burn up to 900 calories in a single hour on a treadmill.

But you also know they’re expensive. Often incredibly so.

What if I told you costs have come down considerably, even on quality models?

More accurately, the quality of budget treadmills has increased drastically, making them great options.

You will sacrifice some features. But if you choose the right treadmill, the features you lose are ones you don’t need anyway.

What you don’t sacrifice is build quality and reliability.

How do you know which treadmills are best?

That’s where we come in!

We’ve narrowed the field down to only the best treadmills under $500.

We made sure to include multiple options, so you can find one that is just right for you. Take a look at our recommendations below and see which one is perfect for you.


Best Budget Treadmill Under $500: Comparison Table

ImageNameType# of ProgramsPriceRating

Check Price
Sunny Health & Fitness TreadmillElectric/Folding9$$10 / 10

Check Price
Weslo Crosswalk 5.2tElectric4$$$9.8 / 10

Check Price
Confidence GTR Power ProElectric12$$9.5 / 10

Check Price
Weslo Cadence R 5.2Electric6$$$9.5 / 10

Check Price
Confidence Power PlusElectric/Folding12$9.2 / 10


Features To Look For

Treadmills are convenient because they allow you to exercise no matter how little time you have and in any type of weather. But the best part of treadmills is that they have features you can’t get from pavement.

You can do without some of them. But without these features, your workout will be harder. This could destroy your desire to continue working out.

Furthermore, these features can actually help you lose more weight in a healthier and quicker way.

Finding an affordable treadmill with good features is not hard, but it might require a little extra digging if you want to get the right price.

No worries! We have created a list of exactly what you should look for.


Shock Absorption

When you run, your body is jumping and coming back down over and over again. This can make for a very bumpy (and just plain annoying) workout, if the surface doesn’t help absorb the shock of your weight.

Treadmills with shock absorption will lighten the burden on your knees and other joints, making your run feel much smoother.


Adequate Motor

If your treadmill is motorized you are looking for a 2.0 or above drive. This will keep the motor from becoming overheated if you plan on exercising for an extended period of time.


Workout Programs

Workout programs are the different types of workouts your treadmill might offer you. For example, rather than keeping up with your interval workout, your treadmill will do it for you.

  • It will incline and increase speed on its own.
  • It will stop once you have traveled your desired distance.
  • It will slow down when your heart rate gets too high.

These programs are not necessary to your workout, but they can be very helpful when learning how to workout for the first time.


Incline Options

Incline is just like what it sounds like: a program that gives the track an incline. This feature can simulate climbing a mountain or stairs. And the best part? It works wonders for the glutes!


Top Treadmills Under $500

Of all affordable treadmills companies have to offer, we have dwindled them down to the top five for your convenience.

The following treadmills are all equipped with the features we previously addressed. They are also easy to move, assemble, and use, making them perfect for nearly every user.

As you will read, these options fall under motorized and folding treadmills because they are the most affordable types. Customers have been pleased so far, and we are positive you will be too!


1. Sunny Health & Fitness Treadmill

Sunny Health And Fitness TreadmillThe Sunny Health & Fitness Treadmill is the best option under 500, hands down.

It’s a great buyer choice according to Amazon customer reviews, ringing in as the treadmill with the best reviews.

This motorized folding treadmill is easy to store and sturdy to use.

Its motor is a reliable 2.20, making it great for someone who needs a lasting treadmill.

It is equipped with shock absorption to ensure your workout is comfortable and quiet.

It has nine built in work out programs, allowing for fun and effective workouts.

Do not miss out on this affordable, reliable deal that will help you begin your workout habits!

Read our full review here.


2. Weslo Crosswalk 5.2T

Sunny Health And Fitness TreadmillThe Welso Crosswalk 5.2T is also one of Amazon’s best inexpensive treadmills with an astounding 4.3 out of five stars.

It is also a very affordable treadmill but offers just as many benefits as an expensive treadmill.

It provides a workout that can strengthen many key muscle groups in your body.

You can choose between four workout programs, and don’t worry!

Shock absorption is also included to make sure your workout is again, comfortable and quiet.

If you have hours to exercise, this treadmill is great.

If you’re short on time but are determined to be more active, it is also perfect for you.

This treadmill is perhaps one of the most user friendly treadmills on the list. Purchase and you won’t be disappointed.

Read our detailed Weslo Crosswalk review for more.


3. Confidence GTR Power Pro Motorized Electric Treadmill

Confidence GTR Power ProThis motorized, folding treadmill truly grants its users confidence with its three level incline.

As one of the highest quality and best affordable treadmills on Amazon, it promises not to disappoint.

It has an astounding twelve fitness programs to ensure users never become bored with their exercise.

The greatest downside to this treadmill is its motor—a 1.5 drive, only allowing the treadmill to get to 7.5 mph.

This motor will be completely reliable for users who are just getting started in their exercise habits.

If this description fits you, this treadmill might be a great fit.

If you are tight on space, this treadmill is perfect for you.

It will store any place and move anywhere.

Check out our detailed review of this Confidence treadmill.


4. Weslo Cadence R5.2

Weslo Cadence R 5.2The Weslo Cadence R5.2 is a one of the best reliable and cheap treadmills that is perfect for anyone.

It had two levels of incline and includes six workout programs to make weight loss easy for anyone.

The motor is a 2.5 drive making it perfect for light or intense workouts.

Perhaps the greatest incentive to purchase this treadmill, however, is the comfort cell cushioning.

This is extreme shock absorption that protects you joints as you run or walk.

Again, this treadmill is perfect for any user, making your workout convenient no matter who you are.

If you want to learn more about this treadmill, read our full Weslo Cadence R5.2 review.


5. Confidence Power Plus Motorized Electric Treadmil

Confidence Power PlusAnother treadmill from Confidence falls into our top five treadmills under $500.

This treadmill is very similar to the previous Confidence treadmill, but it is ideal for new runners wishing to shed a few pounds.

It is the lightest treadmill on our list at only 53 pounds but still contains shock absorption that makes for a great workout.

It is also a folding treadmill with wheels, so don’t worry about where you are going to put it.

No matter how small you might be, this treadmill is going to be easy to use and easy to store.

While this treadmill rings in at number five, it is certainly one of the best quality treadmills out there.

This customer was not disappointed, and I am sure you won’t be either.

We also have a more detailed review of the Confidence Power Plus.


Types Of Treadmills

Treadmills all look very similar to just the average user, but each type has incredibly unique features.

Some have numerous workout programs and incline over 45 degrees. Others allow the user to determine the speed simply by the movement of his or her feet. Some do all of that and can even fold up and be stored in virtually any space.

There is a treadmill out there that will meet your needs, and by understanding the types of treadmills listed below, we hope to help you find it.



Electric treadmills are the kind of treadmill you are most likely to see at your neighborhood gym. They are driven by an electric motor and typically offer multiple different workout programs.

Because of their reliance upon electricity, they are typically the sturdiest type of treadmill, but take up the most space. These treadmills are also characterized by the smooth walk or run they offer their user.

For the user who is looking for a long-term treadmill, this treadmill is the ideal fit. You will pay more and it will take up more space than the others, but you will have a loyal fat burner that will last a short lifetime.



These self-serve treadmills are not run through electricity and do not depend on a battery. They are solely reliant on your legs to do the work.

By walking or running on the track, the roller-based tread belt begins to move in sync with your feet, allowing you to determine your own speed.

These do not offer as many workout programs as other treadmills. They have been known to be the lightest and most affordable type, making them perfect for someone who is just getting started in a fitness lifestyle.

Yet users are quickly becoming more intrigued with electric treadmills because of their multitude of workout programs and options. There are no manual treadmills mentioned in this list, but that does not mean they are no good. It is simply that most people want an electric treadmill.


FoldingFolding Treadmill

These light weight, low maintenance treadmills are the most convenient treadmill if you are crunched for space.

When you are finished running or walking, these treadmills can be folded and stored in a closet or under a bed.

Like electric treadmills, they are get plugged in and are typically very affordable.

These treadmills are most likely electric and are the most common on our list.

These treadmills, however, are not ideal for a taller user who has long strides.

Because of their small nature, they tend to be quite compact. If you are in need of convenient workout equipment, you will love the folding treadmill.


Top Treadmill Brands

These two brands are quite consistent within the top ten customer reviewed treadmills on Amazon.

They are reliable, meet all the feature criteria, and are the most affordable of each brand.

Seven of the top ten Amazon Treadmills are either Welso or Confidence. Check these awesome treadmill brands out and consider purchasing one for yourself!



Welso treadmills may be the most consistent brand of treadmills under $500. This brand contains some of the best priced treadmills, and are some of the easiest to use.

Welsos are light, folding treadmills, and are perfect for people who need a treadmill they can handle on their own. Anyone can use one. They are also known for being easy to put together and simple in programs. They incline and have drives that are very reliable.



Three Confidence treadmills also fall in the top ten customer reviewed treadmills on amazon. These treadmills are also light treadmills that are easy to put together; however, they are perhaps the most affordable treadmill.

They have all the right features: shock absorption, dependable motors, incline options, and twelve workout programs. Although the screen is typically small, incline and workout options are plentiful.


Buying A Treadmill: Tips And Advice

The following tips will help you out when you are buying a treadmill.


Visit Websites

Visit the websites of treadmills you are considering to make sure this treadmill has all the right features you are considering.


Consider The User(s)

Who will be using the treadmills? You or multiple family members? What is your height? What is the weight limit? What kind of space do you have?


Choose A Reliable Brand

Any of the brands we recommended will be great!


Final Things To Consider

Check out this youtube video and list while thinking about the final things you might want to consider.


Best Budget Treadmills: Conclusion

Treadmills are not pieces of equipment that you need a gym membership for. They can be affordable enough to bring into your own home and simple enough to use at your own convenience. Welso and Confidence treadmills are perhaps the two best brands to choose from because of their variety of options under $500.

When looking for a treadmill, one should be conscious of the features that are necessary and the features that would be desired. Some of these features include shock absorption, reliable motors, incline, and workout programs. These features help ensure you get the best, most reliable workout experience.

Not everyone is expected to buy a treadmill and use it most effectively immediately. However, these treadmills make that goal much more doable.


ProForm 505 CST Treadmill Review

The ProForm 505 CST is perfect for fitness enthusiasts who want a treadmill that can give them a gym-like experience at home.

It effectively fuses challenge with comfort and safety.

It is not the most affordable home treadmill, but I am very happy with its performance and I consider it a wise buy. However, if price is a big concern, check out our list of cheaper treadmills to find the perfect one for you.



ProForm 505 CST Review


  • Comfortable cushioning
  • Quick speed and incline controls
  • 18 built-in workouts
  • Powerful motor
  • High weight capacity
  • Wide treadbelt
  • Sturdy and stable


  • A bit heavy
  • Poor customer service
  • Some people experienced motor problems upon delivery or after a few months



ProShox Cushioning

I am not a professional runner or an athlete, but I like to challenge myself with an intense workout every now and then.

proform-505-cst-proshox-cushioningThe ProForm 505 CST has a comfortable deck which puts less stress on my feet, ankles, knees, and hips even if I run fast or set a high incline.


18 Built-in Workout Programs

It has 18 pre-programmed workouts that were designed by certified fitness professionals. The variation and intensity of the programs are interesting.

I can say for sure that the programs are carefully planned to give a comfortable experience that yields favorable results.



It has a maximum incline of 10%. I like that there are buttons to quickly adjust the incline. I can easily change it without the hassle of having to get off the track. Sustaining momentum is very important, especially while working out with specific fitness objectives.


QuickSpeed Control

There are times when I want a heart-pumping workout and there are also times when I just prefer brisk walking while watching TV. Its quick-select speed control allows me to shift from one mode to another with a single push of a button.



  • proform-505-cst-ledIt is compatible with iFit, a smart fitness technology that provides a personalized experience. However, it is purchased separately and has an annual subscription fee of $99.
  • I stay energized with my workout playlist in the background because it has an audio system with iPod and mp3 compatible ports and two built-in 2-inch speakers.
  • Keeping track of my performance is easy with the its 6-inch backlit display screen that is simple and easy to read. It shows mileage, speed, calorie burn, heart rate, and time.
  • It monitors heart rate through the built-in handgrip sensors.


Design And Specifications

The ProForm 505 CST has a 2.5 continuous horsepower motor which makes it run smoothly and quietly. Its 20 in x 55 in tread belt is stable and its sturdy frame can hold up to 300 lbs. Its incline level can be automatically adjusted between 0 to 10% and the speed ranges from 0-10 mph.



Does setting it up need to be done professionally?

No. It is rather easy to assemble, although I recommend two people to do it because of the treadmill’s weight. The only difficulty I encountered was the lack of proper labeling for some screws and bolts.



Is it quiet?

It is not completely silent but the sound it emits is reasonable for an electronic treadmill.


Does it fold?

Yes it does, but not very tightly. I suggest storing it in a place where nobody will get hurt in case it unexpectedly unfolds.


Does it run smoothly?

Yes. I have not encountered any problems with either the motor or the belt.


Does iFit come automatically with purchase?

No. It has to be purchased separately and an annual subscription of $99 must also be paid.


What devices can be connected to the sound system?

An iPod or any player with a standard 3.5 mm jack can be connected to it.


Does it have a fan?

No, it doesn’t.


Alternative Options

If you are looking for a more advanced treadmill, the NordicTrack C990 is a possible option. It costs about $400 more, but it has a web-enabled touchscreen, a higher maximum incline, 32 pre-set workout programs, and a longer tread belt.

On the other hand, a more affordable yet also efficient alternative is the ProForm Performance 300i Treadmill. Except for a less powerful motor, it has about the same features but costs $200 less.

If you’re looking for a cheaper treadmill, but haven’t found one yet, look at our list of the best cheap treadmills on the market right now!


ProForm 505 CST Treadmill: Conclusion

If you are looking for a treadmill with functions comparable to gym equipment but you don’t have thousands of dollars to spare, the ProForm 505 CST is perfect for you.

Its powerful motor, 18 built-in workouts, quick speed and incline controls, comfortable cushioning, high weight capacity and wide tread belt are enough to yield a pleasant but effective workout.

While people reportedly experience motor problems and have problems with customer service, they are in the minority. Overall, the majority says that this treadmill is a worthy investment.

Weslo Cadence R 5.2

Weslo Cadence R 5.2 Treadmill Review

The Weslo Cadence R 5.2 is a light, compact machine that delivers the basic performance expected from it.

It has a sturdy frame and comfortable deck despite its size. It also has pre-programmed workouts and incline options if you like variety or a challenge.

Weslo Cadence Review


Weslo Cadence R 5.2 Review


  • Reasonable price
  • Easy to assemble
  • Space saving
  • Powerful motor
  • Sturdy frame
  • Incline options
  • Pre-programmed workouts
  • LCD with workout matrix display


  • Inconvenient location of the power switch button
  • Control panel has no lighting
  • Limited warranty
  • Poor packaging quality



Comfort Cell Cushioning Technology

This Weslo trademark technology absorbs impact and protects joints to reduce the risk of injury.

It also gives me comfort in every step regardless of my speed and intensity.


6 Built-in Programs

It offers different workout options for weight loss and intensity. It may not be a lot but it is enough to put some order into my workout as opposed to just doing things on my own.

Knowing that these are put together by Certified Professional Trainers, I can be sure that my workout will yield favorable results.



Incline Positions

Incline can be manually adjusted to 1.5% or 6%.

This option provides several benefits such as increased heart rate, calorie and fat burn, and strengthened ankles, calves, and thighs.



  • Space Saver Design for easy folding and storage
  • QuickSpeed controls on the console adjust speed in ½ mile increments for comfortable acceleration
  • LCD screen displays statistics such as distance, speed, heart rate, and time. I specifically like the matrix display because I can track my performance at one glance.
  • Sensor-powered heart rate monitor


Design And Specifications

weso-cadence-r-5-2-folding-treadmillThe Weslo Cadence R 5.2 has a motor power strength of 2.25 HP. This means that it is made for light to moderate home workouts.

It weighs 118 lbs. so you need to exert extra effort to set it up, fold it, or move it around.

The running area measures 16in x51in. It allows comfortable walking or light jogging as long as you are under 250 lbs.

One red flag is its limited warranty coverage. It only provides 90 days warranty for motor, parts, and labor.



How easy is it to assemble?

It can be set-up in about 20 minutes, although some heavy lifting is required and a few screws may not fit in instantly.


Does the treadmill fold?

Yes. It may be a bit heavy to fold but it can be locked safely in place once upright.


Does it run quietly and smoothly?

It’s not completely noise-free but it won’t cause any disturbance to other home activities like watching TV. Its power motor enables it to run smoothly.


Does it have a heart rate monitor?

Yes. Its Easy Pulse technology enables me to monitor my heart rate through the thumb sensor.


What is the maximum speed of this treadmill?

It says 10 mph. I haven’t gone full speed on it yet. However, I can comfortably go as fast as 7.5 mph.



While this treadmill is number 4 on our list of the best treadmills under $500, you might be looking for something different, so here are some other options.

A more advanced and consequently more expensive option would be the ProForm 505 CST Treadmill. Save up about $250 more and you can enjoy better features such as more workout programs, a more powerful motor, higher user weight limit, and an iPod-compatible port. It also folds and stores easily.

For even more affordability with almost the same features, a worthy alternative would be the Fitnessclub 500W Folding Electric Motorized Treadmill.


Weslo Cadence R 5.2 Treadmill: Conclusion

For a treadmill at this price, the Weslo Cadence R 5.2 performs on par with expectations. Its pre-set programs, incline options, speed controls and deck cushioning are enough to give a decent home workout experience.

Understandably, it has minor flaws like the inconvenient location of its power buttons, LCD screen without backlight, and poor packaging quality.

If regular, light exercise to maintain a healthy lifestyle is all that you are after, this treadmill may be a good buy. Just be conscious of its limited warranty so you won’t get caught off-guard.

Confidence GTR Power Pro

Confidence GTR Power Pro Treadmill Review

While scouting for a standard treadmill that can take the place of expensive gym memberships, I came across the Confidence GTR Power Pro.

At less than $300, it serves its purpose and covers all the basics, and is one of our favorite treadmills under 500.

It has pre-set workout programs and incline to provide variation to my routine. It can also be easily folded, moved around, and stored.

The Confidence GTR Power Pro is ideal for people who have limited budget and are not after advanced or sophisticated features.

Confidence GTR Power Pro Treadmill Review


Confidence GTR Power Pro Review


  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to fold and store
  • Lightweight
  • Quiet motor
  • Treadmill desk set-up
  • Pre-set workout programs
  • Incline options
  • Safety emergency stop feature


  • Shorter belt length
  • Can be shaky and unstable
  • Motor stops suddenly for some people
  • High maintenance belt
  • No screen light



Treadmill Desk Set-up

I like to maximize my time so I try to inject as much activity as possible while working out. Because of its size, it fits perfectly under my installed work desk so I get to squeeze in some tasks.



The Confidence GTR Power Pro has 3 manual incline options. If I feel unchallenged walking on flat, I simply get off and adjust the incline.

Some may find it inconvenient, but it is a minor drawback expected from a treadmill at this price so I don’t mind at all.


12 Pre-set Workout Programs

I can create a basic workout plan with its programmed options. Each program is split into 20 segments and is set to run for 30 minutes, although this can be set between 5 and 60 minutes.

It’s always good to have several options, especially because working out at home can get quite boring.


Safety Emergency Stop Feature

Whether at the gym or at home, accidents can happen. It is comforting to know that this inexpensive treadmill has a safety feature.

It has an emergency stop clip which I attach to my clothing. If I fall, it will pull the stop plug from the machine so it will automatically stop and turn off.



  • Large, multi-functional LED display which shows speed, distance, time, calories burned and heart rate. However, it can be difficult to read when natural or room lighting is low because the screen does not have a backlight.
  • Quick-select settings which can adjust speed to 3kph, 5kph, and 7kph. These buttons are different from the speed adjustment options which can be controlled from the console or the handrails. Most treadmills reflect speeds at mph and not kph so this can be a concern for some users.


Design And Specifications

The Confidence GTR Power Pro is very lightweight at 62 lbs. It runs on 1.5 HP motor which is powerful enough to sustain a decent home workout.

The runway space measures 43.5in x 15.75in. Its length could be a little bit of a worry for people with long strides. The speed ranges from 0.5mph to 7.5mph. The speed reflected on the screen is km/hr so this can be concern if you are used to the more common m/hr reading.

It has two cup holders located on each side for that much needed hydration during workout. The parts and motor are covered by warranty 1 year from the date of purchase.



confidence-gtr-power-pro-folding-treadmillWhat is the maximum user weight?

This is not specified although given its size, I do not recommend it if you are over 220lbs.


How easy is it to assemble and store?

It takes less than 30 minutes to set-up. Storage is also not a problem as it easily folds and has wheels.


How far above the ground is its maximum incline?

Maximum incline is 10 inches off the ground.


Is it durable considering its price?

If the usage and maintenance instructions are followed, it should work well and last long enough.
However, keep in mind that this treadmill is suitable for home use and not for heavy-duty workouts.
Some people also experience motor trouble after a few months.


Is it quiet?

The motor runs quietly, although the console’s beeping sound may be quite annoying.


How comfortable is the walking or running surface?

Some reviews mention a slippery belt. It can feel shaky and unstable at times, especially at higher speed. It also does not have cushioning under the deck so you may feel the impact when your workout is fast or intense.

Its shorter belt may also be disadvantageous for taller users with long strides.


Does it require high maintenance?

The belt tends to slip after a few months of use. There are instructions on how to adjust it. However, you should regularly lubricate it to maintain a smoother walking experience.



Depending on your budget, there are other treadmills under the Confidence label that you can consider.

If you can add around $200 or more to your budget, you can consider purchasing the Confidence TXI Heavy Duty Motorized Electric Folding Treadmill. It has built-in speakers, electronic incline, and hydraulic assisted soft folding design for easy storage.

If you are looking for a lower-priced machine, the Confidence Power Plus Motorized Electric Treadmill is a good choice.
It can also be folded and easily stored away and has about the same user weight limit.


Confidence GTR Power Pro Treadmill: Conclusion

The Confidence GTR Power Pro Motorized Electric Treadmill is a wise purchase for budget conscious people who need a basic workout machine.

It is a lightweight treadmill that can be easily assembled and stored. It can comfortably fit under a desk so you can be more productive while working out.

Its 12 pre-programmed workout options are enough to give variation to daily home workouts. It also has a safety emergency stop feature in cases of slipping or falling. Overall, it provides basic and effective functionalities at an affordable price.

Confidence Power Plus

Confidence Power Plus Motorized Electric Treadmill Review

The Confidence Power Plus Motorized Electric Treadmill is an affordable, space-saving machine perfect for home use. It even managed to snag the number 5 spot on our best cheap treadmills list.

For its price, it has limited features but delivers just what it is meant to do.

It is recommended for users who are looking for a steady, low intensity workout.

Confidence Power Plus Review


Confidence Power Plus Treadmill Review


  • Affordable
  • Easy to set-up
  • Easy folding and storage
  • Space-saving
  • Option to set-up as treadmill desk
  • Prompt and gracious customer service


  • Low motor power
  • Limited runway size
  • High maintenance
  • No programmed workouts
  • No incline option
  • No pulse reader
  • Automatically switches off after 30 minutes
  • No warranty



Easy Folding Design

It does not take much effort to fold this 53 lb. treadmill.

Its compact size and wheels enable me to transport and store it easily when not in use.


Treadmill Desk Set-up

The top front frame can be removed and set up as a treadmill workstation.

I can workout while making sure that I do not miss out on urgent work tasks.



  • LCD Console that displays calories, time, distance and speed
  • Generally quiet operation, although some tolerable sound comes from the control panel.


Design And Specifications

confidence-power-plus-folding-treadmillThe Confidence Power Plus Motorized Electric Treadmill runs on a moderately powered 1.5 HP motor.

It weighs just 53 lbs. Being lightweight and foldable, storing and moving it around requires minimal effort.

The runway is rather small and measures just 38.5″ x 14″.

The maximum weight capacity is 250 lbs. However, you may find it uncomfortable if you are near the weight limit as the treadmill can shake and rattle a bit.

It does not incline but it can provide enough challenge with its speed options that range from 0.6 mph to 6.2 mph.



How easy is it to assemble?

It can be set-up easily in about 20 minutes.

There may be some unclear instructions in the manual but its design is fairly simple so it should not be difficult to figure out.


Can it be used for running?confidence-power-plus

It can go as fast as 6.2 mph, although I recommend it mainly for walking.

Its runway space is limited and the belt tends to slip left and right so it can be uncomfortable and unsafe to run on.


What is the maximum weight and recommended height for users?

The maximum user capacity is 250 lbs. Due to its tread belt size, you may also be uncomfortable if you are over 6 feet tall.


Is there an option to set the per-session limit to more than 30 minutes?

No. This treadmill runs on just 1.5 HP and is not made for long, heavy-duty workouts. The automatic shut-off allows its motor to rest. Let it do so for a while and just turn it on again.


Does it operate quietly?

The motor is quiet but some noise comes out of the control panel. Unfortunately, the volume cannot be turned down.


Does warranty come with the purchase?

Unfortunately, it does not. Warranty is something great to have but may be too much to expect at this price. Remember to keep it lubricated regularly to at least not worry about the tread belt not running smoothly.



If you want a more advanced desktop-type treadmill, you should save up for the Exerpeutic 2000 WorkFit High Capacity Desk Station Treadmill. It has a higher weight capacity, a wide desktop area, and motorized incline adjustment.

On the other hand, if you just need a basic home treadmill and budget is a concern, the Sunny Health and Fitness Treadmill is a good buy. For just $100 more, it is also compact and lightweight but has a more powerful motor, 3 incline options, and handrail controls.


Confidence Power Plus Treadmill: Conclusion

At under $300, the Confidence Power Plus Motorized Electric Treadmill understandably has some limitations. It has a low power motor, limited runway space and no incline options.

However, it is a wise purchase if you are just looking for a simple treadmill that will allow you to maintain your workout routine at home. It can also be set-up as a standing desk treadmill and while it’s not perfect, you should still consider buying it if you’re on a tight budget.