Confidence Power Trac Pro Treadmill Review


Quite a lot of people have a tight budget, but still want to maintain a healthy lifestyle through regular exercise.

I am one of them and the Confidence Power Trac Pro helps me do just that.

It has pre-set workout programs, incline levels and quick-select speed settings to provide variation and intensity to my routines.

It’s also light and foldable, allowing me to save precious space.


Confidence Power Trac Pro Review


  • Easy assembly
  • 12 Built-in fitness programs
  • 3 Incline options
  • 4 quick-select pre-set speeds


  • Vague manual instructions
  • Low motor power
  • Limited tread size
  • Feels shaky and unstable



Adjustable Manual Incline

It has three incline levels at 5 degrees, 3.5 degrees, and 2 degrees. It is not automatic but the machine is really lightweight so that’s not a problem at all.


Quick-Select Speed Settings

I start at a really comfortable speed level but I like to go faster once I get warmed up. The Confidence Power Trac Pro can go from 0.6 mph to 6.mph.

Its quick-select option allows me to easily accelerate to 1.86 mph, 3 mph, 4.9 mph, 6.2 mph, and there are also other buttons for when I want to go beyond the pre-set speeds.



12 Built-In Programs

The number and variety of programs included in its system is a major plus for me.

There are other, more expensive machines out there that have less than 5 pre-sets included which is absolutely terrible!



  • Easy assembly which can be completed in less than 20 minutes
  • Emergency safety feature which automatically shuts off the machine in case of failure


Design And Specifications


Some of the main considerations for purchasing a home workout machine are size and weight.

The Confidence Power Trac Pro is very compact and weighs just 52 lbs. It fits in small spaces perfectly, and it’s easy to maneuver.

Home treadmills also don’t need ultra-powerful motors. This one runs on a 600 watt motor which is good enough to power short, daily exercises.

The runway measures 14 by 39 inches. It may not be very comfortable for if you are near or more than 6 feet tall. The maximum user weight is 265 lbs.

You have the option to go as slow as 0.6 mph or run at 6.2 mph. This is enough for some brisk walking or light jogging.



What is the weight limit of this machine?

The maximum user weight is stated at 265 lbs, but it might be uncomfortable for those above 220 due to its compact size.


How complicated is the assembly?

Despite the vague set-up instructions, it is rather easy to assemble. It takes less than 20 minutes to figure out what goes where.



Is the tread length comfortable for tall users?

While treadmills generally have no height limit, the Confidence Power Trac Pro could be uncomfortable if you are 6 ft tall or more and would naturally have longer strides.


Is it sturdy?

Due to its size, it can feel shaky and unstable. However, I can still do fast paced walking or light jogging.


Is the speed in kilometers per hour or miles per hour?

The speed reflected in the console is in kilometers per hour as opposed to the more common miles per hour reading.


What is the maximum speed?

The maximum speed is 6.2mph, although I do not suggest pushing such a small machine to its limit.


Is it quiet?

Yes. Designed to be used at home, it is silent enough not to disturb those watching TV or sleeping while you work out.


Other Options

An even more affordable alternative would be the Fitnessclub 500W Folding Electric Treadmill. It has better cushioning for your ankle and back, and better knee joint support.

We also have a list of best treadmills under $500 that you can check out here.

However, if you can add around $200 to your budget, you can opt for a Nordic Track T-Series Treadmill and get a more powerful motor, a wider tread belt, and deck cushioning.


Confidence Power Trac Pro Treadmill: Conclusion

Overall, the Confidence Power Trac Pro Treadmill provides good value for a home electric treadmill at its price.

With its easy folding design, 12 built-in fitness programs, 3 incline levels, and quick-select pre-set speeds, it can function effectively for those who are in need of an affordable, no-fuss exercise equipment at home.

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