We are Kate and Jason, and we’re here to help you reach your goals.

We started this site to share our knowledge about weightlifting and running, but it has since morphed to cover anything we, and our newly hired writers, know about in the are of working out and having fun with games.

That is why we no cover topics as diverse as ping pong, pool, air hockey, beer pong (why not, right?), ballet and much more.

So who are we, you ask?



JasonHey guys! I have been into working out and staying fit for over 10 years now. It started in high school, where I ran varsity track and played basketball. I later got into power-lifting, which is now my main focus and also the primary focus of my contribution to this site.

I am also an avid ping-pong player, so I am responsible for the ping pong articles as well. And, yes, the beer pong is on me too. I mean, if you’ve already got a ping pong table….

Truth be told, I actually loved learning more about beer pong. I had no idea there were actual beer pong tables (we always just used my pong pong table) and official rules!



KateHey ya’ll, I’m Kate and I’ve been friends with James for about 5 years (yes, only friends). I was also a runner in high school and have been doing ballet since I was a little girl. Like most little girls, I suppose, though I stuck with it. I also got into yoga recently, so expect a lot more content on this site about yoga in the future.

James got me into lifting, but I’ll let him continue to write about that. My main focus on this site is ballet and future yoga articles, though I also write a lot about general fitness.

I am especially interested in equipment like incumbent bikes or treadmills, since I do a lot of cardio work.

I heavily researched inversion tables for that section of this site and ended up with several of them. I have since given them away, but kept my favorite for myself, and try to spend some time upside down every day. It does wonders for my back.


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