Vita Vibe BD96-W Ballet Barre Review

Vita Vibe BD96-W Review

Vita Vibe BD96-W ReviewNo matter how modern our times have become, some things are just better old-fashioned.

However, old-fashioned does not mean inferior.

I like how Vita Vibe was able to merge traditional material with revolutionary design.

The Vita Vibe BD96-W is a freestanding double barre made of strong Ash wood.

Its modular design allows conversion into a single or a shorter barre to better fit your needs.

Its height is also fully adjustable.

Best of all, you can get all of this for an affordable price!


Vita Vibe BD96-W Review


  • Affordable
  • Easy assembly and storage
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Stable and sturdy
  • Fully height adjustable
  • Rubber feet


  • Wood requires occasional maintenance



Flexible Height Settings

BD96-W Adjustable

Whether for stretching or ballet exercise, barre height is very important.

Thankfully, the BD96-W is fully adjustable to meet your height requirements. You can set it from 6″ to 46″ from the ground to the top of the barre.


Freestanding Barre

If your space is not solely dedicated to ballet exercises, you should opt for freestanding barres that you can effortlessly move when not in use.

It is also easy to assemble and disassemble this lightweight ballet barre as needed.


Smooth Wood Barre

A lot of people prefer the look and feel of traditional wood barres.

The BD96-W is made from hardwood ash that is sanded for a flawless texture. It does not need any further finishing, although it requires occasional maintenance like cleaning and wood preserving.



  • It has sure-grip hand knobs that enables you to easily adjust the barres.
  • Its feet have non-slip rubber for added stability.


Design And Specifications

The Vita Vibe BD 96-W has sanded 8-foot Ash crossbars with a 1.5″ diameter which is the most advantageous size for users of all ages.

This double barre is stable despite weighing only 17 lbs.

Its frame is made from high-quality powder coated aluminum with a 1.5″ diameter and .065″ wall thickness.

Its non-skid rubber feet are 28″ wide, providing further support and stability.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is it easy to set-up?

Absolutely. You don’t even need any tools to set it up.


Does it fold?

No. But you can store it easily under a bed or lean it against a wall when not in use.


Is it sturdy enough for commercial use?

While its size allows multiple users at a time, the Prodigy Series barres like this model are recommended for personal or light commercial use only.


Are both barres height adjustable?

Yes. You can set them anywhere between 6″ and 46″ using its sure-grip hand knobs to match your height and preference.


How many people can the barre accommodate at a time?

Vita Vibe recommends 4 people or 2′ space per person, but 4-6 people will fit comfortably.


How are the wood barres maintained?

You need to clean it regularly using Murphy’s oil. You also need to apply a wood preserver, either Danish oil or Linseed oil, every few months.


Other Options

You can also consider another double wood barre, the Vita Vibe Traditional Wood Barre. The crossbars measure 5 feet but its modular design gives you the option to buy shorter or longer bars depending on your need. It also comes with a bag that you can use for convenient storage.

We also looked at other portable ballet barres in search of the best and both the Vita Vibe BD96-W and the Vita Vibe Traditional Wood Barre landed on our list of the best portable barres.


Vita Vibe BD96-W Ballet Barre: Conclusion

There is almost nothing bad to say about the Vita Vibe BD96-W. You can judge at the onset that superior quality materials were used to craft everything skillfully.

Aside from affordability, it also has attractive features such as its flexible height settings, hand knobs for easy adjustment, and rubber feet for stability.

If you appreciate the look and feel of a traditional wood barre and understand what it takes to maintain it, you will surely consider the Vita Vibe BD96-W as your next prized possession.

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