Precor Stretch Trainer Review

Think about having a good full body stretch that feels as good as yoga, but without the need to sign up for or travel to classes. That’s what the Precor Stretch Trainer can do for you.

This full body stretching machine has an ergonomic design that ensures good posture while you stretch. Its padded seat and knee rests are very comfortable. It also has a very useful instructional placard illustrating the different stretches that you can do on the machine.

Although the Precor is quite pricey, its solid construction, comfort and safety features, and overall effectiveness are definitely worth the steep price.

Precor 240i Stretch Trainer Review


Precor 240i Stretch Trainer Review


  • Versatile
  • Solid construction
  • Easy-to-follow stretching guide
  • Comfortable seat, handle bars and leg pads
  • Safety wrist straps


  • Pricey



Full Body Stretch Capability

The Precor Stretch Trainer is a versatile machine that allows you to stretch key muscle groups.

You can target your lower back, hamstrings, gluteals and hips, hips/legs/back, inner thighs and groin, upper back, shoulders and quadriceps.

All these using one brilliant stretching machine!


Ergonomic Design

Do you sometimes stretch yourself too much, hoping to get better results only to feel sore or even get injured?

Stretching machines help you avoid this by positioning your body correctly while stretching. And the Precor Stretch Trainer does this even better with its ergonomic design.

It is constructed in such a way that prevents you from hurting yourself, but enables you to get a nice, deep stretch. It’s really like having a knowledgeable stretching partner that helps you get good results and protects you at the same time!


Stretching Guideprecor-stretch-trainer-instructional-placard

When you are alone, it’s easy to do freestyle stretching. Even with the use of a machine, how difficult could it be?

Wrong. It is important that you do things correctly to achieve your intended results.

The Precor Stretch Trainer makes this easy for you by having an instructional placard right in front of you. It is well-illustrated to clearly depict the stretching positions that you should aim for.



  • The cushioned seat and leg pads are so comfortable that you can completely focus on feeling your muscles stretch.
  • For safety and added control, you can use the wrist strap in addition to holding on to the padded handle bars.


Design And Specifications

For a commercial quality equipment, the Precor Stretch Trainer is relatively small and lightweight. It measures 52 x 28 x 36 inches (L x W x H) and weighs 60 lbs.

There is no question that this stretching machine is solidly built. You will feel stable regardless of the stretching position that you are in. It can accommodate users of up to 250 lbs.

You will be glad to know that Precor includes warranty with each purchase. The frame is covered for 5 years, parts for 2 years, and upholstery for 90 days.



Is it easy to set-up?

Yes. You just need to put the two main pieces together and the rest requires very little effort. You can do it alone but two extra hands will make things even easier.


What is the user weight capacity?

The maximum user weight is specified at 250 lbs.


Can I leave out using the wrist straps?

We strongly advise the use of the wrist straps every time you are on the stretch trainer. They keep you from falling and injuring yourself if you lose grip of the handle bars.


precor-stretch-trainer-inner-thigh-and-groinIs the seat cushioning comfortable?

Yes. It is made of high quality 3D urethane molded foam padding. It is covered in automotive-grade fabric that is double stitched for extra strength.


What muscle groups are targeted by the Precor Stretch Trainer?

This versatile stretch trainer stretches the lower back, hamstrings, upper back, shoulders and quadriceps. It also works the following muscle groups: gluteals and hips; hips, legs and back; inner thighs and groin.


Other Options

If you are looking for a more affordable stretching machine and you want to focus on stretching your legs, you can consider the Century Versaflex Stretching Machine.

It is a splits machine that can stretch up to 190 degrees. Unlike other leg stretchers, it has a degree indicator that allows you to monitor your progress.

For other options, you can also check out our review of the top stretching machines on the market today.


Precor Stretch Trainer: Conclusion

For people who have the resources and want to own a gym-quality stretching machine at home, the Precor Stretch Trainer is a great choice.

As they say, you get what you pay for. This is especially true of the Precor Stretch Trainer.

Each component is of excellent quality, not to mention the solid overall construction of the machine. Furthermore, its all-around functionality and ergonomic design make it worth every penny.

Our verdict? Two thumbs up for the Precor Stretch Trainer!

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