Century Versaflex Stretching Machine Review

Century Versaflex

Whether you are perfecting your splits or simply in need of a good stretch after a long day of sitting at the office, the Century Versaflex Stretch Machine can help you.

While it is very affordable, it has adequate features that can give more expensive machines a run for their money.

Its best characteristic is its stretch degree indicator that allows you to monitor your performance. It also has a comfortable seat and back supports as well as adjustable cushioned thigh pads.

Although it has its own weaknesses, the Century Versaflex is a decent stretching machine fit for any age, body type, or fitness level.

Century Versaflex Review


Century Versaflex Review


  • Affordable
  • Can stretch to 190 degrees
  • Stretch degree indicator
  • 4-position stretching arm
  • Multi-position thigh pads
  • Comfortable seat, back support and leg paddings


  • Challenging assembly
  • Jerky movement
  • Ratchet wears out over time
  • Not enough length for tall people



Degree Indicator

One of the most loved features of the Century Versaflex is its stretch progress indicator.

Aside from feeling the tension yourself, the machine allows you to know exactly how far you are stretching your legs. It’s not only accurate feedback but actually very good motivation!

However, the ratchet system makes the adjustment rather jerky. It adjusts in 5 degree increments and jumps from one level to another instead of a slow and smooth movement.

The ratchet also has a tendency to wear out over time. Once it does, you have to hold it down so you can maintain your stretch.


Adjustable Thigh Pads

Aside from the padding on the seat and back rests, the thigh pads also have comfortable cushions.

What’s even better is its multi-positioning capability. It is a huge plus that you can adjust the thigh pads according to your preference. The more comfortable you are, the more effective your stretch will be.

However, taller users could find the leg rests a bit short. It is an area for improvement that Century will hopefully look into.



  • You can chose from 4 different handle bar positions depending on the type and degree of stretch that you are performing.
  • Do you crave for a challenge? The Century Versaflex has more than enough because it can stretch up to 190 degrees.

Century Versaflex Stretching Machine


Design And Specifications

The Century Versaflex measures 35 x 20 x 8 inches (L x W x H) and has a smaller footprint than other splits machines. Its 55-pound weight can be attributed to the solid steel material that it is made from. Although it does not specify weight restrictions, the machine is solid and can take on users in the 200-250 pound range.



What are the assembled dimensions?

It will not take up much space because it only measures 35 x 20 x 8 inches (L x W x H).


Is it easy to set-up?

Setting it up is quite tough because it has many parts, including screws and bolts. In addition, the illustrations of the different parts and the written instructions on two separate pages make assembly even more challenging.


What is the maximum stretch that I can do with this machine?

You can certainly increase your flexibility with the Century Versaflex because it can stretch up to 190 degrees.


Does it have a height restriction?

There is no mention of the height range that it can accommodate but given its limited leg rest length, it may not be ideal for users who are taller than 6 feet.


Other Options

If you want a more versatile stretching machine, you can consider the Precor Stretch Trainer.

Although it costs almost 4 times the price of the Century Versaflex, it stretches not only the legs but most major muscle groups. It also boasts of an ergonomic design that enforces proper posture with every stretch, therefore giving you a deep stretch while minimizing the risk of injury.

Check out our reviews of the top stretching machines if you’re looking for more options.


Century Versaflex Stretching Machine: Conclusion

For just a shade under $200, the Century Versaflex is a solid stretching machine that can help you increase your flexibility level and range of motion.

Although it can be challenging to put together, it has valuable features that you will not find in other leg stretching machines.

It has a degree indicator that allows you to monitor your progress, not only during single stretching sessions, but also through time. Its adjustable thigh pads allow you to customize their placement for better comfort.

Overall, the Century Versaflex provides good value for your money!

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