Hathaway Hustler Pool Table Review

The Hathaway Hustler belongs to the lower price range of pool tables, but it can provide some good-quality family recreation.

It is a 7′ pool table with blue covered MDF and fast action rubber cushions. It also has a ball return system for easy re-racking.

This modern-looking and efficient table is the star of our weekly family gatherings!


Hathaway Hustler Review

Hathaway Hustler Billiard Table Review


  • Affordable
  • Easy to assemble
  • Fast action rubber cushions
  • Leg levelers
  • Ball return system
  • Complete accessories
  • Modern look


  • Heavy
  • Poor quality cues
  • Slightly warped felt
  • Small ball return opening
  • Balls sometimes get stuck in the pockets



Internal Ball Return System

hathaway-hustler-ball-return-systemManually getting the balls from each pocket for re-racking can be inconvenient. The Hathaway Hustler has a ball return mechanism that allows me to set up a new game faster.

I just wish that its hole was a little bit bigger so that I could get the balls easier. The balls also tend to get stuck in the pockets, although this has only happened a few times so far.


K66 Gum Rubber Cushions

It has good-quality cushions made of pure gum rubber. These add to the table’s tournament-style feel because they provide just the right amount of bounce.



There are 6-inch leg levelers to help you maintain a firm and stable playing table.


Design And Specifications

The Hathaway Hustler 7 foot billiard table may be smaller but it is comparable to tournament-size tables in terms of quality.

Its playing bed is made from quarter-inch MDF covered with blue wool and polyester felt. However, it is somewhat warped by the sides and that slightly affects the roll of the ball.

It weighs almost 300 lbs. I suggest that you find it a permanent place in your home because it’s a pain to move.

The table comes with a complete set of pool accessories. It has two 57” cues, although I find them a bit light and difficult to control. It also has two pieces of chalk, a table brush, and a racking triangle.



What’s the quality of the felt? How long will it last for?

The felt is slightly warped on sides but it has a minimal effect on the ball roll. It should last for a couple years if used carefully.


Is it easy to assemble?

Yes. It is very easy to set-up, although you might need one or two people to help you because of its weight.

It should take about 1 hour to assemble.


Does the table have wheels?

No, it doesn’t.


How high is it?

It is 31”inches tall, just like the ones used in game clubs.


How heavy is it?

It weighs 280 lbs.


How much space should I allot around the table?

With 4 feet of space around each side of the table, you can aim and shoot comfortably.


Can you fold it?hathaway-hustler



Does it have ball return?

Yes. However, the balls sometimes get stuck in the pockets. The ball return opening is also a bit small. I can get just one ball at a time and I sometimes scratch my hand through the opening’s edges.


Can it be used outdoors?

No, I do not recommend outdoor use. Exposure to changing humidity and temperature levels will damage the laminate top and the felt.


Other Options

If you want the same modern look, adjustable leg levelers, fast action cushions, and ball return system, you can also consider the Fat Cat Tucson MMXI 7′ Pool Table.

It costs $50 more but it has a smoother felt surface for a better playing experience.

If you are not sure what portable pool table is best for you, you can check out our comparison of the best ones.


Hathaway Hustler Pool Table Review:Conclusion

If you are looking for an affordable, but good-quality pool table, the Hathaway Hustler is a good choice.

Its easy assembly and adjustable leg levelers make it convenient to set-up and use at home.

It also has a ball return system and a fast action cushion.

There are minor felt and accessory issues, but it is generally a good pool table that your family can enjoy for years.

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