Fat Cat Tucson MMXI Billiard Table Review

The Fat Cat Tucson MMXI is an affordable 7 foot billiard table that is popular among family buyers.

It has an easy ball return system, good-quality cushions and adjustable leg levelers like most tables in its price category.

In addition, it also boasts of durability, a characteristic that is ideal when buying something that we want our kids to enjoy for many years.


Fat Cat Tucson MMXI Review

Fat Cat Tucson MMXI Review


  • Affordable
  • Easy assembly
  • Ball return system
  • Good rebound on rails
  • Attractive modern design
  • Durable


  • Heavy
  • Cues are too light
  • Thin polyester cloth surface
  • Some reports of damaged item upon delivery



Easy Ball Return Systemfat-cat-tucson-ball-return

Re-racking is effortless because of its easy ball return system.

The pocketed balls go directly to one central location and you can easily access them to set-up a new game.


Efficient Rails and Cushions

Its solid rails and rubber cushions offer great ball rebound and make every game fun and challenging at the same time.

The rails also have 18 frost-toned circle sights set against the black rails. These dots help in calculating angles for more accurate shots.



The Fat Cat Tucson has adjustable leg levelers for more stability even on uneven flooring.


Design and Specifications


The Fat Cat Tucson is made of good-quality manufactured wood and has a 3/4″ MDF playing surface.

It is covered with blue polyester that appears thin and delicate. The surface is smooth but I find the ball speed a bit slow.

It weighs more than 200 lbs. and doesn’t have wheels so it can be difficult to move around.

Once the table is assembled, you are all set to play because it also comes with all the necessary accessories. There are two 57” two-piece billiard cues that are a bit lighter than normal cue sticks but just fine for younger players.

There are also two pieces of chalk, a resin triangle, and a set of 2-1/4″ billiard balls.

It also has Arcade-style legs that contribute to the table’s modern sleek design.



What’s the quality of the felt? How long will it last for?

The blue polyester cloth is smooth. However, it is a bit thin so hitting it hard with the end of your cue sticks may damage it.


Is it easy to assemble?

Yes. Except for some lifting assistance, there’s nothing much that is required to set it up. Just attach the legs and you’re ready to play.


Does the table have wheels?fat-cat-7-ft-tucson-billiard-table



How heavy is it?

It weighs more than 200 lbs.


What is the ideal room or space size for this table?

It depends on the cue sticks that you will use. For the 57” cue sticks that come with the table, you will require a space that measures 13 x 16 feet. If you will use 42” cues, your room dimensions should at least be 10.9 x 14 feet.


Is it slate?

No. It is MDF but the quality is really good.


Does it have ball return?

Yes. However, make sure that you level the table completely to avoid the balls getting stuck in one corner.


Can it be used outdoors?

I suggest you keep it indoors. I wouldn’t risk the wood and felt quality by playing on it outdoors.


Other Options

The Hathaway Hustler is another pool table in the same price category.

It also has a ball return system, fast acting cushions, and adjustable leg levelers.

However, the Fat Cat Tucson is a better choice because of its durability and smoother table surface.

We reviewed a number of portable pool tables and both the Hathaway Hustler and the Fat Cat Tucson made it into our top five, which you can see here.


Fat Cat Tucson Pool Table Review: Conclusion

The Fat Cat Tucson is an affordable pool table that is good for family entertainment and bonding.

With a ball return system, smooth playing surface and nice cushions, it has all the necessary elements for an exciting billiard game. Add to those the table’s durability and modern, attractive look, and you got a great package.

Some reviews mention damaged items upon delivery, but these are isolated cases. Like me, the majority received the package in perfect condition.

Overall, purchasing the Fat Cat Tucson MMXI is a wise choice.

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