Top 8 Websites For Track And Field Athletes (Updated For 2021)

Best Websites for track and field athletes

Best Websites for track and field athletesTrack gets no love at a high school level. That’s a simple fact.

Sports like football, basketball, and soccer steal potential track stars, and honestly track is just not a sexy sport.

However, this makes getting into track much easier, and you don’t need years and years of training to be successful.

If you want to become a faster runner, better jumper, or stronger thrower, the following sites are full of information that could help you reach that track star status.

  1. Complete Track And Field– This is a website run by Latif Thomas, that has loads of useful information for a track athlete. Some of it is buried deep within the website, but it’s definitely worth digging through everything and finding the gems not found anywhere else.
  2. Everything Track And Field–  This website is a store for everything you could need for track and field training, but they also have numerous articles by experts in the field. They even have event specific articles for Shot Put, Pole Vault and High Jump!
  3. NYRR Middle School Training–  This is a small part of a website that is very useful for reading up on the basics of event specific and general training. Even though the training program is for middle school, everyone should give it a read.
  4. Twice The Speed YouTube Channel–  A great YouTube channel if you’re trying to get faster and increase your speed. The guy will try to sell you stuff though, but don’t do it! Just listen to his free stuff!
  5. DeStorm’s Sprinting Tutorial–  An old, but gold video by DeStorm that explains the basics of sprinting starting from proper form and ending with proper training. Short and very useful!
  6. EliteTrack This site has some very interesting articles about track and field and they also have a forum that you can use to ask coaches and other runners like you track related questions!
  7. TrackStarUsa Another great site created by Scott Carhoun. You can get specific event training info, and all of it is free!
  8. SfTrackAndField– The site has a couple of example training plans for the 100, 400, 800, and even the 1500!
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