Best Cross Country Spikes Fall 2021

New Balance Men's MXC5000 Cross Country Spikes Shoe

Cross country spikes are fairly different from track spikes, and not every runner on the cross country team will need to buy spikes for the upcoming season.

Cross country spikes are lighter than regular shoes but heavier than most track spikes because the cross country shoes have more support on the heel so the runner doesn’t run on the balls of their feet for the whole race. Most track spikes on the other hand have little heel support and force you to run on the balls of your feet.

Depending on the course, the spikes can help you take off 10-30 seconds off of your best time.

If the course is muddy or hilly the spikes will help more, but if part of the course is on the pavement then your time won’t improve much.


Best XC Spikes For Men

The MXC5000 spikes are your best option if you’re serious about cross country. They’re incredibly comfortable and they can go through a whole season of cross country without showing any wear and tear. They fit true to size so there is no need to order a size larger or smaller.

The MXC900 shoes are the less expensive cousin of the MXC5000. They fit well and are also very comfortable, but you will have to buy new ones after the season is over. They also fit true to size.

The Kilkenny spikes are the cheapest option out of all of them. They’re fairly comfortable and good for running, but make sure to order a size or half a size larger than your true size or you will end up returning the shoes.


Bext XC Spikes for Women

The New Balance WXC900 is the best pair of shoes for all female cross country runners. It fits your foot very well and they are one of the most comfortable running shoes currently in existence. Some people had complaints about the size being too small, but we had no problems with that.

The Shay XC4 spikes are very light and cool looking. This shoe always runs small so we recommend ordering a pair that is half a size or a full size larger.

The XC5 spikes are also very light and comfortable, but they also run half a size or a whole size small.

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