Best Adidas Track Spikes (Updated For 2021)

Adidas is a very well known sports company that produces very high quality products.

How do you choose the best products when most of the spikes they make are great?

You test them of course!

That’s exactly what we did.

We went out and got our hands on as many Adidas track spikes as we could and tested all of them for comfort, quality, and speed on the track.

Here are our favorite 3 spikes for each running distance:

NameImageWeightBest ForPrice
Adizero Prime FinesseAdidas Adizero Prime Finesse Spikes4.6 ounces100m-400m$$$
Adizero MD 2Adidas Adizero MD 2 Spikes5.7 ounces400m-1600m$$$
Adizero Cadence 2.0Adidas Adizero Cadence 2 Spikes5.3 ounces1600m+$$$


Best Adidas Track Spikes: Quick Reviews

The Adizero Prime Finesses are the most versatile and comfortable sprinting spikes that Adidas make. It’s incredibly light and the frame supports the foot well while effective transferring the power from your foot to the ground.

Other spikes that we looked at (Adizero Accelerators) had frames that were too rigid and that’s not good for the 400 meter dash (and most people don’t like it for the 200m dash either).

The MD2s are the best spikes for running anything from the 400 to the mile. It’s not as light as the Finesses, but the shoe provides more support which is crucial if you’re running middle distance. The spike is very comfortable to wear and they’re very breathable.

The Cadence 2s are perfect for you if you run more than a mile. The MD2s can still be used for the 2 mile and the 5k, but we recommend getting the Cadence 2s as they are much more comfortable than the MD2s, and they provide more support because they’re basically road flats with spikes.

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