Best 400 Meter Dash Spikes For 2021

PUMA Men's Complete TFX Sprint 3 Track Shoe

In high school if you run the 400m you could be a sprinter or a middle distance runner so you should get spikes based on what other events you run.

If you run sprints in addition to the 400, or you are in college, where the 400 is considered a sprint, then you should buy sprint spikes, and if you also run the 800 or higher then you should buy middle distance spikes.


The 400m Sprinter Spikes

If you have the money then the Sonicsprints are your best option. They are light enough to perform well in the 100 or 200 meter dash, but they provide enough support to help you PR in the 400m.

The Spitfire shoes are your second best option. They’re a tad bit heavier than the Sonicsprints, and they don’t perform as well in the faster events, but they provide the perfect amount of support for a 400 meter runner.

Only buy The Pumas if this is your first year running or if you don’t plan on spending a lot of time in your spikes. They are entry level spikes, and even though they’re not too uncomfortable, they are still nowhere near the level of the other two spikes shown here. (The frugal option)


The 400m Mid Distance Spikes

Keep in mind you should only buy the middle distance spikes above if you also run the 800 meters or the mile. Otherwise you should buy the sprint spikes found above.

All of the shoes above are from New Balance which goes to show that they have very high quality spikes.

The MMD800s and the MMD500s have a very similar design, but the 500s are a bit heavier and their design is older. They both perform very well on the track, but the MMD800 is much more comfortable to wear for long periods of time.

The MLD5000 is a frugal option for middle distance runners. They’re fairly light and have an eye-catching design, but they’re not very comfortable and they will break faster than the other 2 pairs.

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