Best 100m Dash Spikes For The 2021 Season

Asics Sonicsprint 100m Spikes

The 100m dash is a pure-speed event that requires pure sprinting spikes.

You can still use middle-distance spikes if you’re a fast middle-distance runner who has to run the event once, but if you’re planning on specializing in the 100 dash you should get spikes specifically for it.

Most of the shoes on our sprint spikes page should work, but if you’re interested in our top 3 picks for the price then stay here!


Best 100m Spikes

New Balance SD400V3SD400V3 100m Dash Spike$$$10 / 10
ASICS SonicsprintAsics Sonicsprint 100m Spikes$$9.8 / 10
Saucony VendettaSaucony Vendetta Sprint Spikes$9.4 / 10

The SD400V3 is hands down the best spike we tested.

It has 8 spikes, is very light, and provides a great fit.

They’re a bit narrower and tighter than the average sprinting spike, but after wearing them a couple times you’ll get used to it. (I did!)

The mesh on the spikes and the material is very high quality and unlikely to break down after prolonged use, although since it’s a sprint spike, you probably won’t be running a ton in these anyway!

The only potential issue is that the threads are a bit too tight, and while they worked fine for us, a couple people reported issues with screwing in or unscrewing the spikes.

The Sonicsprint is a high quality spike for a great price, but make sure to buy one that’s half a size bigger than your current spikes.

We had a great experience when testing them, and while the material isn’t as good as the SD400 one, it’s still high quality.

The Vendetta is a great budget spike, but don’t be fooled! It’s also high quality and very comfortable.

It does run a tiny bit small, but you should be able to fit your foot in it if you order your regular spike size.

If you have issues with any of these being too narrow make sure to undo the laces as far back as you can, put your foot in, and then tighten! This has helped hundreds of athletes who thought their spikes were too small when in reality they were just laced too tightly!


What To Look For In 100 Dash Spikes

This event is an all out sprint so you should be running on the front of your foot or your toes for all of it.

Any spikes that have a lot of support on the heel are completely useless for 100 dash runners as they just add on extra weight without any use.

The spikes should also be as light as possible. Imagine running with 1 pound shoes on your feet.

Now imagine running with 1 ounce shoes on your feet.

Which run would be faster?

The difference between most spikes isn’t as pronounced, but for an event where the winner can be determined by 1/10th of a second every small advantage helps.

Usually the more pin-holes the shoes have the better, but don’t get carried away and think that if a shoe has 10 pin-holes you’ll run much faster than the guy next to you.

The traction difference between 7-spike and 10-spike shoes is insignificant.

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