Triumph Sports USA Rotating Combo Table Review

Multi-tasking is a great skill, although there is always the risk of being jack-of-all-trades, but master of none.

The same is true with the Triumph Sports 3-in-1 Combo Table.

You can play billiards, table tennis, or air hockey on this 7′ table and have fun with family and friends.

However, you have to manage your expectations as each game set-up has its own drawback.

Triumph Sports Rotating Combo Table Review


Triumph Sports 3-in-1 Combo Table Review


  • Affordable
  • Multi-game function
  • Quick and easy game change
  • Complete accessories


  • Heavy
  • Poor quality cues and rackets
  • Frame is plastic and not very sturdy
  • A bit difficult to assemble
  • Nylon billiards top is slightly warped
  • Hockey goals are too small
  • Table tennis top is too small
  • Parts of the table tennis top do not fit smoothly
  • Some reports of damaged or missing pieces upon delivery



Multi-Game Function

With a single table, the family can enjoy three engaging games.

You don’t have to buy a separate table for ping pong, air hockey, or pool which is great if you don’t want to spend a ton of money or simply don’t have the space to fit all of that in one house.

The various game options guarantee fun for the whole family as they can be appreciated by both the young and the old.



Patented Swivel Technology

If it is difficult to change playing fields, a table’s multi-game function is worthless. One of the advantages of the Triumph Sports 3-in-1 is its patented swivel technology.

It only takes a few seconds to convert the table. It is easy enough that my kids can do it by themselves without injuring themselves or damaging the table.


Design and Specifications

triumph-sports-3-in-1-rotating-combo-table-accessoriesThe Triumph Sports 3-in-1 is smaller than standard size pool, table tennis, or air hockey tables but weighs 300 lbs.

The table can be easily flipped to switch from playing billiards to air hockey.

The table tennis top comes in three separate parts that are sometimes difficult to put together. But once in place, they work fine.

It comes with complete accessories for each of the three games.

Billiards accessories include one set of billiard balls, two 57-inch, two-piece cues, one triangle, two chalks and one table brush.

It contains two red pucks and two pushers for air hockey.

Aside from the three-part table tennis surface, there are also two table tennis balls, two table tennis paddles, a net, and post set.



Is it easy to assemble?

It’s a little difficult to assemble because it is very heavy and some of the instructions are unclear.

It is also worth mentioning that some people reported damaged or missing items upon delivery, although customer service efficiently handled their complaints.

I didn’t have this issue, but if you do, they’ll figure it out for you.


How heavy is it?

The table weighs right around 300 lb.


How does the size compare to standard pool, table tennis and air hockey tables?

At 7 feet, it is smaller than regulation size pool tables. As for table tennis and air hockey, the playing fields for this table are considerably narrower than the standard size. I find the size just right, except for the table tennis top which is too small.


Does the table lock securely after rotating it?

Yes. There are two pins on each side of the table. You unlock them to rotate the table, and then lock it in place.


Can you fold it?



Is there auto return for the pool balls?

None. It only has pockets.


What is the quality of the pool playing surface?triumph-sports-3-in-1-pool-surface

The pool table top does not have the usual wool and polyester finish. It is made of nylon and is slightly warped.


Is there a storage space for the table tennis top?

No. However, it can easily be set aside because it comes in three separate pieces.

The parts do not fit together smoothly so you can just lean the whole thing against a wall when not in use.


Is the air hockey playing field comparable to arcade tables?

No. The table is smaller, although it is smooth and also has nice blue marks. The goals are also small which can be frustrating for kids, and the motor produces adequate air flow for air hockey.


Alternative Combo Table

The Fat Cat Original Pockey is another 3-in-1 table you can consider. It costs $200 more, but it is generally more solid and made of better-quality materials.

Or check out our comparison of the best portable pool tables.


Triumph Sports 3-in-1 Combo Table: Conclusion

If you are looking for quantity over quality, this table is just right for you. Your kids and their friends can extend their fun time with more game options than ever before.

However, each of the three playing fields has significant flaw, so if you want high quality materials and superior performance, you should not go for the Triumph Sports 3-in-1 Combo Table.

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