Pure Fitness Inversion Table Review


The Pure Fitness Inversion Table can fulfill its main purpose.

It has a comfortable backrest and grip handles, a safety strap to control inversion, and an extensive height adjustment range.

However, it comes with several challenges, beginning with its complicated assembly.

Read on to learn more about this affordable and compact inversion table.

pure fitness inversion table review


Pure Fitness Inversion Table Review


  • Affordable
  • Comfortable backrest
  • Extensive height adjustment range
  • Compact and foldable


  • Difficult to assemble
  • Not sturdy
  • Limited weight capacity
  • Inadequate ankle restraints



Inversion Control

It is advisable to always start slowly before going for full inversion.

Like most inversion tables, you can control the degree of inversion of the Pure Fitness Inversion Table.inversion control

It has a nylon safety strap that determines the maximum inversion angle. There are no marked settings but I like that I can freely set my preferred degree by adjusting the strap.


Ankle Restraints

There are foam rollers in front and at the back of your ankles to keep you safe while inverting.

While they are comfortable enough, I don’t feel that they are adequate to keep me secure.

I find myself being conscious of sliding all the way down. As a result, my leg muscles tend to tighten to make sure that I remain hooked up to the table.

The only saving grace is the easy push pin that releases you from the lock without much effort.



  • The handles are designed with curves to allow comfortable grip in different stretching positions.
  • Its contoured bench is comfortable because of its high density foam. It is upholstered with washable vinyl so it is very easy to maintain.


Design And Specifications

height adjustmentThe Pure Fitness is one of the most compact inversion tables, measuring 54 x 26 x 74.5 inches (L x W x H).

It weighs 46 lbs. and is completely foldable so storage should not be a problem.

Its 2″ thick high density foam backrest is comfortable and sturdy.

Because of its size, it has a limited weight capacity which is 220 lbs.

On the other hand, the adjustable height range is quite extensive because it can accommodate users from 4’7″ to 6’5″ tall.



Is it easy to set-up?

Unfortunately, assembly is one of the biggest letdowns of this inversion table. The instructions are poorly written and very difficult to comprehend. The components are not marked for proper identification and they don’t seem to fit accurately.


Does it fold for easy storage?

Yes. It is lighter and more compact than most inversion tables so you can easily fold it for storage.


What is the shortest height setting?pure fitness ankle locks

The minimum height setting is 4’7″.


What is the user weight capacity?

If you weigh more than 220 lbs., you cannot use the Pure Fitness Inversion Table.


Can I use it barefoot?

Due to the design of its ankle restraints, I suggest that you wear shoes for added security and comfort.


Is it stable given its size?

Yes. Despite being relatively smaller, it is rather stable. However, you will probably feel less confident about it because of its inadequate ankle support.


Other Options

If you are willing to spend more for a higher quality inversion table, you can get the Teeter EP-560 Ltd. It has a better ankle support system, a more comfortable backrest with a removable head pillow, a lumbar bar, and preset rotation markings.

If you are still undecided, you can also check out our comparison of the best inversion tables on the market today.



The Pure Fitness could be a good inversion table for people with limited budget and space.

However, I prefer to spend more money and have a bulkier table than deal with its major flaws. I can tolerate its difficult assembly but not its inadequate ankle support and low weight capacity. You should consider buying better alternatives that are similar in price.

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