Innova ITX9250 Inversion Table Review


Finding an inversion table that costs less than a hundred dollars is rather uncommon. Given its inviting price tag and unique features, the Innova ITX9250 will definitely catch your attention.

It has a safety bar for adjusting the degree of inversion and a 4-point pod-style frame for adapting to uneven floors. However, it has major limitations that make it a bad buy, despite its low price.

innova itx9250 review


Innova ITX9250 Review


  • Affordable
  • Removable head pillow
  • Breathable backrest
  • Precise inversion adjustment
  • Warranty-covered


  • Limited height range
  • Not very stable
  • Inadequate ankle restraints
  • Difficult to balance
  • Rough inversion



Inversion Safety Bar

Unlike the commonly used adjustment straps, the Innova ITX 9250 has a rear inversion safety bar.

You can set the bar to your preferred inversion setting: slight, moderate, or advanced. While it may be convenient, it can also be quite limiting because you cannot set it to other angles that can be more comfortable for you.innova itx9250 inversion degree


Breathable Backrest

Instead of a padded backrest, it has a breathable mesh surface. It actually feels good because it molds to the shape of the back and adapts to your every movement. There is also a padded headrest for added comfort.


innova itx9250 4 point pod style frame

4-Point Pod-Style Frame

Stability is a major factor in choosing an inversion table.

While other inversion tables have a square bottom frame, the Innova ITX 9250 has a unique 4-point pod-style design. It aims to provide additional stability on uneven floor surfaces.

Despite this, the table does not feel stable enough.



  • There are thick foam rollers that serve as ankle holders. You can easily set the grip through the easy-to-use pull-pin adjustment. However, they do not feel very secure.
  • You can comfortably return to the upright position with the help of its Soft Touch Handle Bars.


Design And Specifications

The Innova ITX9250 is a compact inversion table measuring 50 x 27 x 60 inches (L x W x H). In addition, it can be folded for easy storage when not in use.

You will find it easy to move because it only weighs 47 lbs. Despite its size, it has a decent 250-pound weight capacity.

However, it has a limited height capacity. It can accommodate only those who are between 5’1″ and 6’3″ in height. You can be at peace because the table is covered by one year warranty.



Is it easy to set-up?

itx9250 foldabe inversion tableAssembly is not really difficult but not too easy either. It would be faster if you use your own tools instead of the ones that come with the package.


Does it fold for easy storage?

Yes. You can easily fold it when not in use.


Compared to other tables, it is lighter by a few pounds. Is it stable?

It could be the weight or the quality of construction but the Innova ITX9250 does not feel stable enough.


What is the user weight capacity?

The maximum user weight is 250 lbs.


How easy is it to go back to the upright position?

Despite falling within the weight limit and using the correct height setting, inverting and going back to the upright position is not very smooth.


Other Options

If you are looking for an inversion table with a higher weight capacity, more height adjustment options, a heavy-duty frame, and smoother inversion, you can buy the Exerpeutic Inversion Table.

If you want to check out other options, see our comprehensive review of the best inversion tables on the market today.


Innova ITX9250 Inversion Table: Conclusion

The makers of the Innova ITX9250 had all the right intentions but sadly, failed in execution. The inversion table fell short in important aspects like stability, flexibility, and smoothness of inversion.

It may be one of the cheapest inversion tables on the market, but you are better off spending a bit more over sacrificing the overall quality of your purchase.

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