Best Ellipticals Under $500 (Update March 2021)

ProForm Hybrid Trainer

For many fitness newbies, a good aerobic option for losing weight and being healthier is spending long hours in the gym, stomping fast and hard on the treadmill.Best elliptical under 500

The gym is the perfect place to exercise. You get access to top-notch equipment and expert advice. In addition, you are surrounded by like-minded people who can provide inspiration and motivation to continue working toward your goals.

And yes, the treadmill is one of the most-loved exercise machines.

Those statements are true, although there are other truths that you may be interested to know.

In less ideal situations, like not having the time or the budget for a gym membership, or having physical limitations like knee problems and injuries, there are exercise options that are just as effective.

An elliptical is a great option for people who want a low-impact cardio workout.

Low-impact does not necessarily mean effortless. These trainers will make you sweat, literally and figuratively, through resistance that you can set depending on your fitness level and objectives.

Aside from burning calories, it can also help you increase stamina, improve balance, and strengthen your bones. Many models also have the option to work out your upper body by engaging your chest, shoulders, back and arms.

Before you check out some ellipticals, allow us to give you more information on what to look for and how to choose the product that is perfect for you.

To make things easier, we also list down the best ellipticals that will give you all these benefits without the steep price.

It’s time to get down to the details!


Top Sub $500 Ellipticals: Comparison Table


Check Price
ProForm Hybrid TrainerHybridMagnetic$$$$$10 / 10

Check Price
Stamina IN-Motion Elliptical TrainerElliptical Without HandlesMagnetic$9.7 / 10

Check Price
Gazelle EdgeGliderNone$$9.7 / 10

Check Price
Stamina In-Motion Compact StriderElliptical Without HandlesMagnetic$$9.5 / 10

Check Price
Exerpeutic 1000XLElliptical With HandlesMagnetic$$$$9.4 / 10


Best Ellipticals: Features To Look For

These days, buying anything can be as easy as logging onto Amazon and getting the highest-rated product out there.

Sure, reviews are really helpful in getting first-hand feedback from people who actually purchased the item.

However, it would be more advantageous if you are well-informed about the factors that make up a good elliptical. Sweet words should not be enough to persuade a discerning buyer!

As you begin your search for the best elliptical, here are the things that you need to look for in every product that you encounter.


Major Components

Brake and Resistance System

This easily ranks as the most important feature to consider. After all, it dictates the durability and the overall feel of the elliptical.

It is best to look for electronic magnetic resistance systems. Because of its uncomplicated mechanism, it is the smoothest of them all with no annoying, sudden jerks!

Its resistance level is also easier to control, usually with a single press of a button.

The sound that the machine makes will also give you a clue on the quality of the brake and resistance system. Given the simple and smooth action, a good elliptical should operate silently regardless of intensity level.


Flywheel Weight

With the previously mentioned system, the magnets positioned against the flywheel create resistance. Therefore, the flywheel weight is also significant.

Generally, a heavier flywheel contributes to a smoother operation. The average weight of standard ellipticals is about 15 lbs., while the more elite ones weigh around 17 to 25 lbs. or even more.

Unfortunately, not all brands post this information so you need to ask to make sure what you are getting.


Adjustable Stride Length

The stride length may be anywhere from 14″ to 24″. The longer it is, the better, especially for taller people.

If the elliptical will be shared by several users, look for one that has an adjustable stride length. It will be comfortable for everyone if the length from front to back can be set depending on the user’s preference.

In addition to the comfort that it offers to all users, a customizable stride also puts less strain on your lower body. If your legs do not need to exert extra effort to meet the pedal, your steps can glide naturally.


Adjustable Incline

You may be surprised with what a simple modification can do to your workout intensity and variety.

Adjusting the incline causes a change in your stride. As a result, you can work out different muscles with one product!

This is a welcome change, especially since workout routines can get boring. Any variety will help you reach your fitness goals without getting bored.


Adequate Resistance Levels

Have you heard of “exercise plateau”? Some people experience this about 2-3 months into an exercise program, when they can no longer see any progress no matter how hard they try. This is because the body has a defense mechanism to protect it from the stress brought about by too much physical exertion.

A good way to combat plateaus is to incorporate variety into your elliptical workout through a broad range of resistance levels. This way, your elliptical can keep up with you as your fitness level improves.

While 16 levels of resistance are good enough, having 20-22 would be much better.


Upper Body Workout Option

Ellipticals work your leg, thigh, and abdominal muscles. If you want to add an upper body workout, you can opt for a machine with arm handles.

Make sure that the handlebars are comfortable. You should not feel awkward holding onto them while pedaling.


Ease Of Use

In your busy schedule, you shouldn’t be taking any more time to figure things out.

You should be able to start working out on your elliptical with the least number of steps possible. Some even have “quick start” options that allow you to start with a few pushes of a button.

The incline and resistance level should also be easy to manipulate, either through the console or the handles. Imagine how annoying it would be if you need to get off the machine to do the adjustments!


Programs, Controls, And Safety

Preset And Custom Programs

Most ellipticals have preset programs so you don’t just keep going without workout structures to meet specific goals.

More programs means more variety and less boredom. However, more programs also means higher cost so be aware of that, too.

If there is an option to customize your own program and store it for future workout sessions, that could also be useful.



Look for these must-haves in your console: stride, elapsed time, calories burned, and incline. If you are willing to spend more, there are advanced options like smartphone compatibility and internet connectivity. Convenience features such as large LCD screens, fans, and cupholders are also available on most models.

Here’s the bottom line: the console features must help you keep track of your workouts and keep you motivated day in and day out.


Heart Rate Monitor

Heart rate measurement is a sure way to monitor your workout’s intensity. Look for one that is programmed to adjust your workout depending on your target heart rate.


Safety Features

As much as you might focus on meeting your fitness goals, you should also pay attention to keeping yourself safe.

Look for ellipticals that have warm-up and cool-down settings. You should also be able to lock the pedals or the entire machine when not in use.


Best Ellipticals Under $500

Getting to know what features to look for is a good first step in choosing the right product for you. But if you will be presented with a deluge of choices so don’t be surprised if you will stare blankly at all those machines, not knowing where or how to start.

Well, help is on the way. You no longer need to look at each and every product, list down pros and cons, and rank them accordingly. Why? Because we already took care of those!

As if that’s not good enough, here is even better news: none of them costs more than $500!


1. ProForm Hybrid Trainer

After a grueling evaluation, the ProForm Hybrid Trainer emerged at the top of this prestigious list.

Getting the ProForm Hybrid means having an elliptical and a recumbent bike for the price of one. Some may doubt the quality of hybrids, thinking that they are inferior versions of individual machines. We are setting the record straight: the ProForm is a cut above the rest.

ProForm Hybrid Trainer

First off, assembly is pretty straightforward. It’s a 2-in-1 machine so expect a lot of parts. It is also a good idea to have additional hands to help you carry the parts and sort out the bolts.

Instructions indicate greasing so be sure not to skip that part. While the rods at the bottom of the elliptical handles are greased, you can add more to make the machine even smoother.

The ProForm Hybrid uses silent magnetic resistance against a 13-pound flywheel located at the rear-end of the machine. If you are looking for zero friction when adjusting the intensity of your workout, this is exactly it.

Don’t worry about having to adjust to its settings because there are 16 resistance levels to meet your needs. Regardless of your fitness level, this elliptical will challenge you.

When exercising you may sometimes wonder if you are doing the right thing or if you are simply wasting precious time.

The ProForm Hybrid discourages that because it gives you 16 professionally-prepared training programs at your fingertips. Instead of pedaling aimlessly, you can focus on your goals as directed by the workout plans.

Its console is rather basic but it shouldn’t pose any problems. After all, the key metrics like speed, time, distance, and calories are there. It also has a target pacer that lets you know whether you should pick up the pace or go slower.

Its LCD display also reflects the pulse rate which is monitored through the sensors on both handles.

However, the display is not backlit so reading it with low room lighting may be difficult.

The console is powered by four AA batteries that are not included when you purchase the machine. Although it automatically turns off after a few minutes of inactivity, quite a number of reviewers noted that the console consumes battery power quickly. It is better to stack up on those AA’s or get rechargeable ones as they are more economical and environment-friendly.

While it has a weight capacity of 350 lbs., it is important to note that the elliptical stride is only 15 inches long. This could be a concern, especially if users of different body types plan on sharing the machine.

The recumbent bike setting also provides good cardio exercise. We specifically love its large, cushioned seat that is easily adjustable. Two thumbs up for comfort!

We tried switching between the two settings several times. If you are wondering if it will take a lot of time and effort to do so, do not worry because it won’t.

You will also be pleased to know that given its affordability, it offers several attractive add-on features.

The ProForm is compatible with iFit technology so in addition to the preset programs, you have access to unlimited workout options. You can even select a route and simulate working out from anywhere in the world. There is a catch, though: a subscription is required.

For your convenience, you have a water bottle holder, a tablet holder, and a built-in sound system that is compatible with the iPod or any mp3 player. It’s also easy to move it around because it has wheels on the bottom for easy transport.

For its versatility and overall quality at this price, the ProForm Hybrid Trainer deserves the #1 badge.


2. Stamina In-Motion Elliptical Trainer

Our second-placer is a compact but efficient elliptical machine, the Stamina In-Motion Elliptical Trainer.

Given your busy schedule, it is always difficult to squeeze in some time for working out. If a machine can allow you to exercise while working in the office, or even while “relaxing” in front of the television, that is a gem!

The Stamina In-Motion can be set up in as little as 15 minutes. You don’t even need any tools to assemble the whole thing.

While it can be used either standing up or sitting down, most people purchase it with the intention of using it while sitting down.

However, you should note that about 28″ clearance under the desk is needed to move your legs comfortably. If you are taller, a higher desk will work better.

Stamina InMotion E1000

Despite its size, it provides decent cardio exercise, especially if you want a low-impact workout that won’t strain your back, knees, hips and knees.

It is made with sturdy steel and solid construction so you will not feel apprehensive about stepping onto it. However, be conscious of the 300-pound weight limit.

It may be a basic machine without the bells and whistles but it has one thing that we deem really important: adjustable resistance.

Because fitness goals and workout preferences vary from user to user, it is good to have flexible intensity levels. With a simple clockwise turn of the knob, you can already increase the resistance level for better workout results.

As there are no handles, you need to exert effort to keep your balance. This is actually good for your core, especially when using the elliptical in a standing position.

The textured pedals also secure your feet, no matter how powerful your strides are.

Although there are limited workout options with this type of machine, you can still inject some variation not only through the resistance setting but also by changing your pedaling direction. The pedals work in both forward and reverse motions. This option also allows you to target different muscles.

It operates rather quietly so you do not need to worry about disturbing your co-workers or even a sleeping baby. Squeaks after a few months of heavy use may be expected, but nothing that a little greasing won’t cure.

As for monitoring your progress, there is a small screen that provides the all-important feedback: workout time, number of strides per minute, total strides, and calories burned.

We all know how important it is to commit to a long-term fitness regimen. Therefore, regular monitoring of results is also critical.

This small but useful electronic monitor has a scan function so you can see and compare your stats through time.  If you want to reset all values to zero, just push the button and hold it for four seconds.

If you want an affordable and versatile elliptical that takes up little space, the Stamina In-Motion is perfect for you.


3. Gazelle Edge

Another low-impact exercise machine, this time targeting both the upper and the lower body, occupies the third spot in our list.

The Gazelle Edge is an affordable elliptical glider that allows you to have a satisfactory aerobic workout with simple but precise movements.

Unlike other machines, you can start slow and progress to full speed without putting undue stress on your joints.

Its simple but solid construction is apparent the minute you bring it out of its packaging. There is absolutely nothing flimsy in its 1.5-inch steel rolled steel frame.

Gazelle Edge

It comes almost fully assembled, except for the console and the handle bars at the top. The package comes with small wrenches useful in putting everything together.

Using the Gazelle is as simple as setting it up. You step on each footplate and hold on to the foam-covered arm handles or the crossbar.  Swing your legs back and forth and allow your arms to follow suit naturally.

Aside from its sturdy frame the Gazelle manufacturers also constructed the platforms with both efficiency and safety in mind. The platforms are wide and textured to reduce the risk of slipping off the machine.

Although there is no measurable or adjustable resistance, how you grip the handlebars and position your upper body provides variation to your workout.

If you want to work your upper and lower body simultaneously, a neutral grip at the middle of the handlebar is the way to go.

On the other hand, holding the handlebars on the lower part shifts the focus on your lower body.

You can also lean backward to work your biceps, waist, and core, or forward to exercise your chest, triceps, and calves.

However, you should remember to start slowly, especially if you are new to using this type of equipment. Be sure to master the basic gliding motion first before moving on to more challenging exercises.

If you want a model that has resistance, the Gazelle Supreme has power pistons that provide hydraulic resistance for added challenge.

A healthy lifestyle should be ingrained in the family. Therefore, it is ideal for home exercise machines to be shared by its members.

The Gazelle is perfect for multiple users because it is adaptable to different ages and fitness levels. Its 250-pound maximum weight capacity is also pretty decent.

You can monitor your performance with its console that tracks basic stats such as speed (measured in miles per hour), distance, time, and calories burned.

After breaking a sweat, you can simply fold it and it is ready to be put aside. It fits under a bed or vertically in a large closet.

Given its affordability and the numerous workouts you can do with it, the Gazelle Edge provides excellent value for money.


4. Stamina In-Motion Compact Strider

If you like to engage in regular home exercise but do not have the space and budget for a full-sized equipment, the Stamina In-Motion Compact Strider is perfect for you.

This no-handle elliptical provides cardio and muscle toning benefits for your upper and lower body.

Assembly is a breeze – just 8 screws and you are ready to go!

Its structure allows you to use it while standing or sitting so there is no reason to miss your workout. Is there anything else that defines multi-tasking better than exercising while answering work emails or binge-watching your favorite TV series? It even has a handle so you can bring it anywhere you feel like exercising.

Stamina InMotion Compact Strider

It maybe compact but it is rather stable. You can go fast even on high resistance and you will not have a problem keeping your balance.

This machine may be small but you should not underestimate the intensity that it can bring to your workouts. Pump yourself up by adjusting the resistance. Just turn the knob clockwise and get ready to push harder and burn more calories.

At first glance, it would be difficult to imagine how much you can do with such a small machine. Well, allow the Compact Strider to surprise you.

It works more leg muscles because you can pedal in forward or reverse motions.

Pedaling forward works the hamstrings while doing it backward shifts the focus to the quadriceps. You are also able to push the calves and the gluteus maximus in the butt with either pedaling motion.

If you want to engage your upper body as well, you can just grab the handles of the medium resistance bands. It may be a simple addition to the older versions of the Stamina In-Motion elliptical, but it can help you strengthen and tone your arms, shoulders, and chest.

Because of its size, the strides are a bit limited. The bands may also be short for people who are taller than 6’2″. Also, note that it has a slightly smaller weight capacity at 225 lbs.

With any new exercise equipment, it is normal to wonder about how to maximize its use. It’s a good thing that this product includes a workout DVD that will guide you through exercise routines for maximum benefit.

It takes some time to see and feel results from working out. With numbers reflecting your day’s progress, you will most likely be motivated to go at it again.

The In-Motion Compact Strider’s console allows you to monitor your performance by measuring your strides per minute, total number of strides, exercise time, and calories burned.

The scan function is useful in going through your stats to chart your improvement. This is particularly helpful in planning your exercise regimen for long-term benefits.

For its ability to provide a range of health benefits given its limited size and reasonable price, the Stamina In-Motion Compact Strider gets the nod of our meticulous experts.


5. Exerpeutic 1000XL

Coming in at number 5 is a full-sized elliptical, the Exerpeutic 1000XL.

Setting it up may be a challenge because of its weight so you may consider getting some assistance. But once it is completely assembled, be ready to get some serious exercise.

Regardless of your fitness level, it is sure to give you a challenging workout. You can begin with the easiest setting but if you feel that you are ready to push yourself harder, you can adjust and choose among the 8 levels of magnetic tension resistance.

Monitoring your progress is easy with its large LCD screen. It reflects vital information such as distance, calories burned, time, and speed. It is powered by 2 AA batteries that come with the package.

Exerpeutic Heavy Duty Magnetic Elliptical

Your pulse is calculated by the sensors located on the stationary handlebars. It is also reflected on the screen, making it easy to for you to stay in your target heart rate zone.

Resistance is not the only way that this elliptical provides challenge. Because you are free to pedal both forwards and backwards, you are can train more muscles. It is also a nice way of mixing things up when it gets a little bit boring. Let’s admit it, that happens more often than not!

You also need not worry about slipping while you’re on the machine because of its large and ribbed pedal design. However, there is a tendency for the foot pedals to slant too much, making your feet slide down. It would be best to wear shoes for a better grip and to protect your toes as well.

It is also important to note that its 13-inch stride may be a bit short for some people.

If you do not have enough space for it, you may need to move it every now and then. It may be a bit heavy but you can move it easily because of its transport wheels.

Although it is not completely silent during operation, the sound that it creates is actually very tolerable. We don’t consider it disturbing at all.

Given its overall quality, we highly recommend the Exerpeutic 1000XL.


Honorable Mentions

There are so many of good products on the market that we feel it is rather unfair to limit this list to 5.

Therefore, we decided to include two more products that we are confident you’ll love.


1. Cubii

For those who are more serious about monitoring their workout performance with an under-desk elliptical, our sixth placer, the Cubii, is perfect.

If you need any proof of quality, let its reputation speak for itself.

The Cubii is marked by a NEAT Certification from the Mayo Clinic, an acclaimed nonprofit organization advocating health education.

A NEAT Certification simply means that a product has been proven to be capable of achieving activity- or nutrition-related goals. Companies may have numerous claims about the effectiveness of their products, but a distinction from a highly-reputable body such as Mayo Clinic is certainly an advantage.

Setting it up is rather simple. You just have to screw a few parts together and plug in a micro USB cable to recharge the internal battery. Once completely assembled, it is obvious that the machine is built to last.

Cubii Pro

We specifically like the plastic stoppers that you can put on your chair’s wheels to prevent them from moving while you exercise. They provide a firm grip so your chair stays still, especially on a carpeted floor. We greatly appreciate simple but useful details like these!

It also has an LED screen where you can view the battery’s charge percentage and the status of Bluetooth pairing.

While it is not dead silent while in operation, the sound is actually very discreet that people may even not notice that you are using it – perfect even for the most noiseless and serious offices.

Unlike other ellipticals meant to be used while seated, the Cubii is designed to be more ergonomic. It ensures that your posture is correct to avoid putting strain on the wrong muscles when exercising.

This position also puts your legs at such an angle that makes your movements feel as natural as possible so you can go on with your normal routine at work.

However, individual heights and desk-chair configurations are different so it is still best to measure the space where you intend to use the machine.

With 8 levels of resistance, you can easily find what tension level matches your preference.

Another feature that sets the Cubii apart from other ellipticals in our list is its advanced stat monitoring capability.

You can track your calories burned, strides, distance, and active minutes through a mobile app. It is conveniently connected via Bluetooth so there is no need for wires or separate controllers – all you need is your mobile phone!

If you are serious about your fitness regimen, getting the numbers is not enough. Here is more good news: the app also allows you to set goals, share your progress, and even compete with users of the same app. You can also sync with FitBit if you find that it suits your style better.

For its solid built and smart features, the Cubii deserves a spot in our best ellipticals list.


2. Body Rider BRD2000

Rounding up our top ellipticals list is a 2-in-1 fitness machine, the Body Rider BRD2000.

Did you ever imagine that it is possible to reap the benefits of an elliptical and a recumbent bike for just a little over $100? That’s the BRD2000 for you!

First of its many positive points is its ease of assembly. The package comes with basic tools as well as easy-to-follow instructions. What we especially love is the fact that the more complicated parts are already pre-assembled so there is no need to worry about those.

Body Rider Elliptical Trainer

Once completely set-up, you will notice that it is pretty compact for a 2-in-1 machine. That is a major advantage for something meant to be primarily used at home, where space is usually limited.

The seat can be adjusted both vertically and horizontally so it can be conveniently shared by members of the family, regardless of different body types and heights. Talk about value for the money!

However, the seat isn’t as cushioned as we’d like it to be and it can get a bit annoying after a long workout.

The pedals are at a weird angle so your feet tend to slide down. The handles are also a bit far from the body. While both concerns aren’t necessarily bothersome, some people may feel slightly awkward.

The BRD2000 is powered by a chain-driven fan wheel located at the front-end of the machine. Although the resistance is not magnetic, the operation is still smooth and quiet.

The fan also creates a pleasant breeze that blows while you ride. It may be really soft and not enough to keep you cool, but a nice sweat while exercising is always good.

If you want to sweat and challenge yourself some more, you can adjust the tension by turning the knob while a computer console tracks basic performance metrics like time, speed, distance, and calories burned.

For its versatility and overall efficiency, the Body Rider BRD2000 is a good buy.


Types Of Ellipticals

Knowing the general classifications of ellipticals will make things easier before you get down to the specific models.

Get to know them a little more and see which type best fits your goals and preferences.



This type has the motor located at the front end of the machine.

Due to its structure, your body will tend to lean forward a bit while using it. This stance closely simulates your position while climbing stairs.

However, this type has more moving parts so you can expect a bit more noise. It may also require more maintenance than its rear- and center-drive counterparts.



Earlier models of ellipticals have their drives positioned at the back of the machine, specifically behind the pedals. They simulate walking and jogging movements.

Most people prefer this type because it has quite a number of advantages. First, the design compels your body to be in an upright position which many find more comfortable. They don’t have a lot of moving parts so they operate more silently. They also don’t require that much maintenance.

Because of these benefits, rear-drive models are often more expensive.



Instead of having the flywheel in front or at the back, the center-drive elliptical has it on either side of the machine.

You can consider this type the newest kid on the block because it is the most recent variation of ellipticals.

Despite this newness, a lot of people are beginning to get drawn to it because of its quiet operation and compact construction.


Elliptical Gliders

Unlike conventional elliptical trainers, gliders do not have a flywheel. Instead, they have platforms that allow you to exercise your legs by extending your hips and knees.

While not all gliders have adjustable resistance, you can add variation to your routine by leaning forward or backward, or by changing your grip on the handles.


Hybrid Elliptical Trainers

If you are torn between an elliptical and a stationary bike, a hybrid trainer is your best option.

Most models allow you to easily shift from one mode to the other, usually just moving between standing and sitting.


Top Elliptical Brands

A well-known brand is not only a means of identification. More often than not, it represents years of expertise, commitment to quality, and integrity.

When your good name is on the line, you will do everything to preserve it. Therefore, it is always a wise decision to purchase from a reputable brand.

Among the many brands on the market, two brands of this stature topped our best ellipticals list – ProForm and Stamina Products, Inc.



If a company is standing strong and proud 30 years after it started, it will most probably gain your trust and confidence too.

ProForm is known to create products for those who are relentless in their pursuit of a healthier version of themselves. If you are continuously working on improving your personal bests, ProForm joins you in that course.

Its hybrid trainers have both the needs and the wants. They have the essentials like a heavy flywheel, numerous levels of smooth magnetic resistance, high weight capacity, built-in workout programs and training stats monitoring.ProForm

It also makes your training more convenient and enjoyable with its water bottle holder tablet holder, iFit and iPod compatibility, and transport wheels.

Aside from hybrid trainers, you can also choose among its line of other equipment such as treadmills, rowers, exercise and studio bikes, and HIIT trainers.

Most of its products are compatible with iFit, a fitness technology that serves as your guide in nutrition and exercise. It even provides expert advice to help you sleep better.

While it requires a separate subscription fee, it is definitely worth the additional fee. With this comprehensive guide, it’s like having a highly efficient personal trainer!

ProForm products cost a bit more than other brands. However, the products’ quality and effectiveness are things that you will not regret paying for.


Stamina Products, Inc.

It seems 30 is the magic number. Like ProForm, Stamina has also been providing the market with quality sports equipment since 1987.

It also has a wide range of products to help you meet your fitness goals. The brand’s bikes, rowers, trampolines, and treadmills are some of the most trusted in the industry.

Stamina Products, Inc.Stamina has several elliptical models. They commonly have a compact design, allowing you to maximize space whether at home or in the office. You also have options for machines with or without handles.

More importantly, they have adjustable resistance, electronic fitness monitors, and large, non-slip pedals for your safety.

Their products are widely available. They aim for a broad distribution base in order to reach more consumers.

You can find their products on sites such as Amazon, sporting goods dealers, and even TV shopping channels.

Stamina also boasts of highly affordable products. But despite the low investment cost, you are assured of durability and effectiveness.

Not a bad deal at all!


Buying An Elliptical: Other Things To Consider

Now that you’ve come this far, do you think you are ready to purchase your elliptical?

Here are a few more questions that you need to ask yourself before going ahead with that purchase.


How much am I willing to spend?

The cost of ellipticals is closely tied to your fitness goals.

If you have advanced fitness goals and cutting-edge features highly matter to you, be ready to spend $1,500 or higher.

On the other hand, if a durable frame and basic features are all you are after, you can already get a good machine at $500 or less.


How much space do I need?

Ellipticals are not diminutive machines. Unless you have abundantly available space, you have to carefully plan the area where your elliptical will be placed.

Typical elliptical size is about 79 inches long, 30 inches wide, and 63 inches tall. If you have limited space, look for front and center flywheel designs because they are usually more compact and easy to store.


Does it come with a warranty?

No matter how much you take care of your equipment, it will need to be serviced at one point.

Warranty usually indicates the manufacturer’s confidence in their product. For your peace of mind, look for a warranty coverage of 1 year for labor and 1-3 years for parts. Some models come with a lifetime warranty on the frame so you could also look for that.


Do I need help in assembling the machine?

Some products can be set up in 5 minutes while others need more time and patience.

When you research about the product, take note of reviews about ease of assembly.

If you are not particularly handy, there is an option for professional assembly and you can afford to spend a little bit more, spare yourself the hassle and go for it.


Top Ellipticals Under Five Hundred Dollars: Conclusion

In your search for home exercise equipment, the elliptical trainer deserves a second look. After all, it packs in as many benefits as its more popular counterparts like the treadmill.

It can help you achieve fitness goals such as burning calories and strengthening the lower and upper body while being easy on the joints.

You can select among full ellipticals, hybrid trainers, and gliders. You can also opt for those that are designed to be used while seated so you can efficiently multi-task while working out.

Many ellipticals are very compact, allowing you to save precious space at home and in the office. Some even have handles and wheels for convenient transportation.

Go for brands like ProForm and Stamina Products, Inc. and you are off to a good start. They are among the most enduring and trusted names when it comes to fitness equipment.

Sure, there are ellipticals that cost thousands of dollars. But as our top 5 (and more!) list proves, you do not need to spend a fortune to get your feet on quality elliptical trainers.

Start riding your way to fitness with the ProForm Hybrid Trainer!

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