Best Disc Golf Goals (Updated March 2021)

Best Disc Golf Goal - Pacific Outdoors

Best Disc Golf Goals

Although there have been accounts of flying disc activities as early as the 1920’s, it wasn’t until 1965 that the history of modern day disc golf began. The game evolved from a simple idea of playing golf using Frisbee discs into a well-loved sport, with almost 7,000 courses across the country as proof.

Also referred as frisbee golf, disc golf is an activity that everyone, regardless of age or fitness level, will easily find enjoyable.

It is also a good form of exercise as it allows you to burn as much as 400-600 calories per round.

Your mental faculty is exercised, too, because you use a great amount of concentration as you aim for the goal.

In addition, it helps you develop patience. A hole in one is not that common, right?

While people typically perceive the disc as the main equipment in playing the game, don’t forget that the goal or basket is equally important.

In this post, we will make you more familiar with these goals, from the key features to the different types.

We also have some tips on how you can twist the rules a bit to give the game a new life altogether. Hurray for flexibility and innovation!

We know you are excited to play so we will also share with you the top products on the market today.

Ready? Let’s do this!


Best Disc Golf Goals Comparison Table

ImageNameTypeChain ConfigurationPriceRating

Check Price
Pacific OutdoorsPortableSingle Layered$10 / 10

Check Price
MVP Black Hole ProPortableDouble Layered$$9.9 / 10

Check Price
DGA Mach LitePortableDouble Layered$$$9.8 / 10

Check Price
DGA Mach 2Portable or PermanentDouble Layered$$$$9.7 / 10

Check Price
Titan Double ChainsPortable or PermanentDouble Layered$9.4 / 10


Features To Look For

Before we get to the stars of this post, let us first list the key characteristics of a good disc golf goal.

What are important considerations before purchasing? Which  features are really important and which are purely for aesthetic or amusement purposes?



The strength of a basket is mostly dependent on the material composition. Baskets may either be all metal or hybrid, which is composed of mostly mesh and canvas.

All metal baskets are ideal for long-term outside use because they are usually protected from elements.

However, it is best to double check to make sure that the basket can withstand extreme weather conditions if you intend to leave it outside permanently.

Hybrid baskets, on the other hand, are usually more lightweight. They work well in backyards or parks but you have to store them inside to preserve the non-metal parts.



Most practice baskets are easy to position or transport. If you intend to carry them around a lot, look for a basket that folds up to a compact size. It would also be more convenient if it comes with its own carrying bag.



Whether portable or not, your basket should be as stable as possible once it is set up.

Stability is one characteristic that is extremely important. The last thing you want is a basket that falls or breaks apart once the disc comes in contact with it!


Chain Quality

Although chain quality also impacts game play, it is more of a matter of preference.

For some people, the more chains, the better. For others, it doesn’t matter that much.

The chains help slow the disc down and drop it into the basket. If they serve that purpose, the number of chains isn’t very significant.


Top Disc Golf Goals

Now that you know what characterizes a good basket, you are ready to check out the different baskets available on the market.

Is there a way to cut the process short and limit the choices to a few really good ones?

You’re in luck because that is exactly what’s coming up!

We already dealt with the complicated part because we assessed every model out there. We came up with the 5 best baskets, and here they are.


1. Pacific Outdoors

Instep Pacific OutdoorsAffordability does not automatically equate to mediocrity. Our top product, the Pacific Outdoors, is an excellent proof of that.

The three quick release pins contribute to its easy assembly. We timed ourselves and it took us no more than 5 minutes to set it up.

This portable basket boasts of a compact design. It’s really convenient to bring from your backyard to your favorite park. Even as the game is in progress, you will also find it easy to re-position.

Although it is lightweight, you will find no issues in terms of stability.

Outdoor sports equipment has specific durability standards. Given its galvanized steel construction, the Pacific Outdoors definitely meets those.

Whatever weather it may be exposed to, the powder-coated steel will surely protect it from rusting.

We also love that the basket is adjustable, allowing it to accommodate different user heights.

However, some may find the basket a bit too shallow for their liking. The chains may also be far and few, but you can easily add more so the discs do not fly through the spaces.

The goal comes with putt, mid-range, and long-range discs. Do not expect top-quality, but if you are a beginner or a recreational player, this should not bother you at all.

If your main considerations are durability and affordability, the Pacific Outdoors is your best bet.


2. MVP Black Hole Pro

MVP Black Hole ProAre you looking for a PDGA-approved practice basket without a huge price tag?

Then you should check out the MVP Black Hole Pro.

Its main unique feature is the ability to be broken down in under a minute, allowing you to take it with you and set it up anywhere you wish. Isn’t that a great feature for a basket that costs just a shade over $100?

This goal is designed to be collapsible for easy disassembly and storage. While it is not as compact as other goals, it can be broken down to a size that is small enough to fit in the trunk of a car.

When you are ready to play, you do not have to be very handy to assemble it again. Anybody can set it up in under a minute!

The only possible issue is that some may find it a bit heavy. This is a function of it being more solid than many portable goals. If you transport it in your car, this will not be a problem, but some may find it too heavy to carry for long distances.

As for its performance during game play, we bet that you will be pleased.

Unlike most goals, the Black Hole Pro has heavier and sturdier chains that add to its overall stability. With 12 inner and 12 outer chains, cut throughs and pole bounces are reduced to a minimum.

MVP’s customer service has gained a positive reputation among buyers so we consider that as a major advantage as well.

For its affordability and reliability, the Black Hole Pro deserves the top 2 spot on our list.


3. DGA Mach Lite

DGA Mach LiteThe fact that it carries the name of the sport’s founding association speaks so much about the quality of our third placer, the DGA Mach Lite.

Among all the portable, tournament-size goals, the DGA Mach Lite could very well be the best.

This durable goal features a zinc-plated frame and a nylon basket that comes in blue or red.

Its chains have a patented catching design that allows the discs to slide smoothly into the basket. The chains also have that nice crash sound. Admit it, that gives you a confidence boost each time you hit the goal!

Some may find the wind flag a bit distracting, but most people actually like it because it makes the target more visible from afar.

Although it is not as lightweight as it is advertised to be, it is stable enough, which is definitely more important that anything else.

It is still easy to move and store due to its foldable design. We also love that it comes with its own carrying case with shoulder strap – really convenient!

While its overall construction is sturdy, we do not recommend that this basket be permanently left outdoors because its metal and cloth combination is simply not cut out for that.

If you are looking for a high quality, regulation-size basket for practice, the DGA Mach Lite will not let you down.


4. DGA Mach 2

DGA Mach 2From the makers of the Mach Lite comes our fourth placer, the DGA Mach 2. It is actually a higher quality basket than the Mach Lite, or than any other model on this list, but it also has a much higher price tag.

Unlike most products on our list, this one requires some tools to assemble, but it is not overly difficult.

This heavy-duty steel goal weighs 50 lbs, so it is a bit difficult to carry around effortlessly. It comes with a portable base, but is better suited as a permanently installed goal.

The heavy-duty base allows you to move it around and put it wherever you like. If you want to give it a permanent location, you can continue using the base, or you can use an anchor conversion kit from DGA to firmly anchor it in place.

And don’t worry about leaving it outside and exposed to the elements. The hot dipped galvanized finish can withstand anything the harsh outdoors can throw at it, be it rain, sun, freezing cold, tropical heat, etc. It is easily the best choice on this list for a permanent goal.

It also bears the DGA signature catching chain and links. The double chains have 18 strands to ensure the disc does not sail through or hit the pole.

As you would expect from a DGA-made goal, the Mach 2 is PDGA Standard Level approved. It gives you the same quality and durability that you’re used to from the baskets you play on at the course.

If you have the funds to afford it, and you don’t need something ultra-portable, this is the best basket to get. If you’re on a stricter budget, we feel the goals above give you better value for money, mainly because most people do not want to spend this much on a practice goal.


5. Titan Double Chains

Titan Double ChainsCompleting our top 5 goals is the Titan Double Chains.

As the name suggests, this goal features dual chain layers that help in catching the discs better. The double chains minimize discs flying through or bouncing off the pole.

This goal comes in two versions: one with 12 chains and one with 14. The prices are almost identical, with the 12-chain version usually costing slightly more. This fluctuates, though.

This basket is generally stable, which is primarily due to its good construction. The base, which is a bit wider, helps keep the basket firm on the ground.

The base is also removable so you can install it permanently in case you prefer it to be a regular fixture in your backyard.

Otherwise, you can bring it to the park or the beach because the whole thing breaks apart easily. At just 31 lbs., carrying it should be effortless.

Given its overall quality, the Titan Double Chain goals are about as good as it gets at this price point. The only problem: the existence of the Pacific Outdoors, which is even better for a similar price.

That is the reason that basket is first on this list, and this one is last. It represents the best value and this one falls behind all of the more expensive options, because it is a bit lower quality.


Types Of Disc Golf Goals

In choosing which type of basket is right for you, you first have to identify how you intend to use it. Disc golf goals are generally classified as permanent or portable.

If you foresee long-term and heavy-duty use, permanent goals are perfect for you. They are made extra-durable by their galvanized steel and waterproofing finish. They may either be cemented into the ground or on a movable base.

Portable goals, on the other hand, are also called practice goals. With parts made of metal and cloth, they are more lightweight and can easily be carried or moved. Because portable baskets are intended for recreational use, this type is best for use in schools, backyards, or beaches.


Top Disc Golf Brands

A product’s brand speaks highly of what you can expect from it. More often than not, a well-known brand is made with better materials and superior craftsmanship.

As we reviewed all disc golf goals on the market, it is not surprising that products from established brands emerged on top.


Titan Fitness

Titan Fitness is 1/3 of the Titan Manufacturing and Distributing group. Completing the trio are Titan Ramps for ATVs, motorcycles, wheelchairs, and Titan Attachments for pallet forks. Talk about variety!Titan Fitness

If you are looking for fitness equipment, Titan Fitness has a range of products from power towers to dumbbells and weight vests.

Its disc golf goals are commonly lightweight but stable. They also feature a removable base so it’s entirely up to you if you want to install it permanently or keep it portable.

Aside from quality products, the company is also known for delivering excellent customer service. Don’t we all love a pleasant experience, even after sales?

Despite being relatively new as a company, Titan Fitness has gained a stamp of quality and the respect of consumers.



DGA was established in 1976 and went on to be the overseeing organization for the sport until the foundation of the Professional Disc Golf Association.

DGAIt continued manufacturing disc golf equipment which the company makes available through resellers all over the world.

Obviously, its reputation and track record leave little room for doubting the quality of its products. This is also why people don’t hesitate to shell out a few more dollars for them. Confidence and satisfaction are priceless!

Their baskets are known to have high-quality catching chains and sliding links. They are also PDGA-approved so whether for recreation or in preparation for a competition, a DGA basket is going to be your friend.


Other Things To Consider

In playing disc golf, the aim is to shoot into the goal with as few throws as possible. If you are looking for more challenge, or simply to spice things up a bit, why not apply different rules?

Here are our suggestions.



The game starts with any item to represent the snake. The players agree on the rules for taking the snake. If a player does a negative action like hitting a tree or taking three putts, he gets hold of the snake.

This goes on as the game progresses. Whoever has the snake at the end of the game loses. Create more impact with a bet and have the loser compensate the other players. Snacks and drinks after the game would be great!


Drink It

Speaking of drinks, here is a fun variation involving beverages. In this version, whoever has the worst score must take a drink. Alcoholic or not – it’s up to you!


Best And Worst Shot

For each game, decide whether to select the worst or best shot. After all players tee off, they all choose the best or worst shot and finish the hole from where it was taken.



In this variation, two players team up to win the game. The first player throws the disc with the aim of landing it halfway through the distance to the goal. The first player of the opposing duo does the same. The second players throw again, this time toward the goal. Every goal made earns the group a point.



Still looking for something different? Here is the ultimate variation to try. Make the game really interesting by playing by different rules for every hole.

If you are playing for pure fun, there is no limit to what you can do. You can even make up your own rules! Just a friendly reminder: make sure that all players are in agreement to these rules, because the most important rule is to ensure a fair and fun game.


Best Goals For Disc Golf: Conclusion

There is no doubt that disc golf is an exciting game that family and friends can enjoy in the comforts of their own backyard, at a nearby park, or even the beach.

It’s a simple but fun game that doesn’t need expensive equipment or a lot of materials. Baskets and a few discs are all you need!

There are a lot of affordable baskets that you can choose from. Most of them are stable and durable so you definitely get value for your money. They are also very easy to set up and carry to different locations.

Brands like Pacific Outdoors, Titan Fitness and DGA are some of the most respected in the industry. Their goals are definitely worth every penny and are sure to give you a great time!

So start throwing some discs at our number one choice: the Pacific Outdoors Disc Golf Goal. The course is waiting for you!

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