Best Basketball Shoes For Guards (Updated For 2021)

Nike Hyperdunk 2015

The right basketball shoes can be the difference between a successful play and a turnover.

Don’t believe me?

As a point guard or a shooting guard you need a shoe that can support your ankle when you’re quickly changing directions on the court after crossing over your defender.

This means that you need a light shoe that gives you a high mobility while still supporting your ankle.

Imagine this:

There’s 10 seconds left in the game and the score is 48-48.

The coach draws up a play and you get the honor of taking the final shot.

You’ve been training all year for this and you know you’re ready.

You go out on the court and start the play.

You cut towards the paint, and then sprint back towards the wing losing your defender in the process.

You get the ball from your teammate, and as you pivot you feel your shoe slipping as there is a painful “POP” in your ankle.

You attempt to shoot, but you can’t generate enough force with only one foot and it’s an airball.

The opposing team’s center gets the ball, throws it to a guard sprinting down the court and he makes the layup as the clock winds down.

Your team lost because your shoe did not offer you enough grip and support in the final seconds of the game.

No one wants that to happen to them, so please make sure that you get a good pair of shoes that won’t let you down when it matters most.


Top Basketball Shoes For Guards

The Nike Hyperdunks should definitely be your top choice. It’s incredibly comfortable, has great traction for when you’re cutting and running off screens and pick and rolls, and they have great arch and ankle support so you can be sure that your ankles will be safe. There’s over 14 different styles to keep you looking great on the court.

The Adidas Performance Isolation 2s are great shoes for you if you’re looking for something cheaper. They’re very comfortable and have great grip, and they offer great ankle support. There is only 8 different designs, but they all look great.

The Nike Overplay VII is another great option for a guard. They’re very durable, comfortable, and offer great traction on the court. They have 10 or so different models and the shoes look very nice.

If you don’t think the shoes above are for you, you can click here to check out more of them.

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