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Best Portable Beer Pong Tables (Updated March 2020)

Best portable beer pong tableCollege is no walk in the park.

No wonder beer pong traces its roots to college fraternities. They probably thought they needed to devise a way to loosen up and stay sane amidst the challenges of college life!

Traditionally, the game is played by two teams of two to four members aiming at each other’s half-filled cups of beer. The opponent drinks from the cup where the ball lands. Bragging rights go to the team that first empties the opponent’s cups.

Since its birth in the 1950’s, beer pong has become a staple not only in campus social culture but even at regular parties. It’s such a fun, non-intimidating game that is easy to enjoy.

There are tons of affordable, portable, and exciting tables that will be perfect for your next party your tailgate.

Because a single Google search is enough to give you information overload, we simplified things for your convenience. In this post, you will find the different types as well as the features to look for in a beer pong table.

When you are ready to decide, you can take your pick from any one of the top portable beer pong tables that emerged from our strict evaluation.

Oh, and don’t forget to check out our tips about alternative ways of playing the game. 😉

I bet you’re ready for the details, so here they are…


Best Beer Pong Tables: Comparison

ImageNameTable Top MaterialDimensions (L x W x H)PriceRating

Check Price
GoPong TablePlastic8 ft x 2 ft x 27.5 in$$$10 / 10

Check Price
Red Cup Pong TableAluminum8 ft x 26 in x 26 in$$9.8 / 10

Check Price
Best Choice Products TablePlastic8 ft x 2 ft x 27.5 in$$9.6 / 10

Check Price
Versapong TablePlastic27.5 in H$$9.5 / 10

Check Price
PartyPong TablePlastic8 ft x 2 ft x 28 in$$$$9.3 / 10


Features To Look For

Although you can play beer pong on any flat and balanced table, you will never look back once you play on one that is specifically made for it.



Tables are differentiated by the materials that they are made from. Although some say that the effect on game play is very minimal, it still pays to decide whether wood, aluminum or plastic is your tabletop of choice. You can even choose an inflatable table for your pool parties!



While regulation size tables at 8 feet long are common, there are also 6 feet tables that are perfect for less challenging (and more easily drinkable) shots. Look for tables that are around 27.5 inches in height as this works best for most players.

You can opt for rack types that you can set at varying distances depending on your desired level of difficulty. If space is really limited, there are smaller tabletop boards that allow you to enjoy the game as much as with full sized tables.



This is a major feature to look for. Fortunately, most tables these days can be folded into a briefcase with handles. Aside from allowing you to bring the game just about anywhere, it also enables you to conveniently store it when not in use.



You would want a table that will last through college, or even years after that. Look for one with a solid frame. Regardless of tabletop material, it is important to have waterproofing finish so you can easily wipe off the inevitable beer spills.



Beer pong hardly uses any accessories, but most tables already include balls in the package. It is good if there is a storage beneath the table to keep you from going after the balls that don’t end up in the cups.


Design And Customization Options

You will be amazed at how many design options are available. Look for one that will best reflect your personality. However, be prepared because the table’s price may shoot up depending on your selection.

Sports and art are just some of the themes that go into the tabletop designs. There are also blank dry erase tables that allow you to write anything, including a bit of trash talk aimed at the opposing team.

For additional entertainment, go for tables with glow lights and speakers.

A lot of tables also have optional triangles that serve as a guide for cup arrangement. Cup holes may also be pre-cut for less spilling and easier table maintenance.

Now that you know the important factors to consider, you are ready to choose the right table for you.


Top Portable Beer Pong Tables

Our search led us to an overwhelming number of choices. That is precisely what we don’t want you to go through! We carefully assessed each product and weeded out the inferior ones.

Trim down that selection because we now present the cream of the crop: the best beer pong tables on the market today.


1. GoPong Table

GoPong TableImagine having your  table in a briefcase that you can effortlessly bring anywhere anytime. The GoPong Table gives you that convenience, and more.

No time or patience for complicated assembly? Don’t worry because it can easily be set up in a few minutes. It takes no more than extending the legs and unfolding the table to start enjoying the game.

Made of durable melamine, this black table has a waterproof surface that can withstand years of fun and excitement.  The aluminum legs are also strong, although opening and closing the hinges can be slightly challenging.

The table is 8 feet long which is the standard tournament regulation size. Some people find its 27.5 inches height a bit short so GoPong heeded the call and released the GoPong PRO which is 36 inches tall and is ideal for bar and tournament use.

The GoPong table comes with 6 pingpong balls. It is easy to keep them organized with the styrofoam ball holder that comes with the table.

We all know how annoying it is to chase those balls all over the place so this is definitely a welcome feature.

This table comes in other interesting designs: a classic distressed American flag perfect for Memorial Day, 4th of July or Labor Day parties, a dry erase table with pre-cut cup holes, and a football-themed table that you can customize with logos of your favorite teams.

Boost the fun and get your own GoPong Table!


2. Red Cup Pong Table

Red Cup Pong TableComing in at second place is a portable table from Red Cup Pong.

This 8-foot table fits right into a 2’x2′ portable case. With its carrying handles, you can easily bring the fun to any party. Assembling this 22-pound table is very simple and when you are ready to store it or move the game to a different location, you can fold it just as quickly.

A stable and level table is key to enjoying a fun and fair beer pong match. When assembled correctly, it stays secure so there is no need to frequently adjust anything. You can focus on aiming at those cups!

The Red Cup Pong Table also has additional convenience features. Tired of losing the balls? Keep them arranged in the rack beneath the table. To make refilling the cups easier, the table has a built-in stainless steel bottle opener.

You can choose from the table’s different designs. It comes in a Sports Official theme, there’s the Sistine Chapel, an Angels and Demons surface, and a football HD design. However, be aware that the designs are merely stickers and are not painted on the table itself. The table is made to avoid warping and resist spills but it is still advisable to wipe the liquids immediately to preserve its quality.

Overall, the Red Cup Pong Table is an easy and affordable way to enjoy beer pong.


3. Best Choice Products Table

Best Choice Products TableOur third best pong table is from Best Choice Products.

This table is constructed with an aluminum frame base and a melamine coated table top. It has one of the coolest designs among all the tables that we checked out!

You will also love its durability as it can take scratches from years of playing on it and sun damage from occasional outdoor use. While the surface is also protected from beer spills, make sure to wipe it off immediately because the liquid can seep in the metal edge of the table’s sides.

Although it is most popular among college students, beer pong is a game that can be tweaked to suit different age ranges. This is why we find the height adjustment feature very helpful. The 8-foot table can be set at 27.5 inches high or at 20.5 inches for younger players. (We do not condone underage drinking.)

The table top has a rack set up for playing 6 or 10 cup games depending on the number of players. The guides may be a bit too close to each other but it still makes racking easier than setting up cups on a clear table.

It is easy to bring this table and enjoy it anywhere because it can be folded into four sections and fit into a carry case with two handles. It’s very lightweight at only 23 lbs. Many people also find it useful for other purposes – just throw in a cover and it can be an additional table for kids’ parties or during camping.

For its unique design and dual height settings, the Best Choice Products Table will surely be a hit in many parties.


4. Versapong Table

VersapongThe fourth spot belongs to a unique table from Versapong.

Its portability and versatility set it apart from other tables. While most tables are foldable into a briefcase with handles, the Versapong table features two racks with a sturdy tripod base that fit in a travel case with backpack straps. Weighing only 7 lbs., it is almost three times lighter that the average pong table.

Although it is smaller and lighter, you can still enjoy competitive play from this regulation-sized table because it stands at 27.5 inches and you can set the racks 8 feet apart. If your space is limited or you are in the mood for a more easygoing match, you can simply move the racks closer to each other. For your convenience, the racks also have holders that fit generic 16 oz. cups.

The table’s versatility even extends to its looks. You can choose from six different colors. If you want to make it more personalized, there is a customizable version that has the Versapong logo on just one side of the rack so you can design the rest to your liking. Add stickers or decals to give it more character!

Yes, it’s convenient and beautiful. Most importantly, the Versapong table will stand the test of time. With molded parts made of ABS Plastic and legs made of furniture grade PVC, you have a durable table that you can enjoy for years.

If portability is a topmost concern, the Versapong table is the one for you.


5. PartyPong Table

PartyPongIf you want a table with a bit more flair, get this one from PartyPong.

It is a durable 8-foot table with aluminum framing and legs and 1/4 inch melamine panels. The table is very easy to set up and fold back up. Weighing only 25 lbs., it also folds into a briefcase with handles so you can conveniently carry it to parties and events.

The table surface effectively repels liquid. We love the design choices that range from sports themes, America and Canada emblems, even trucker girl and dry erase tables.

As if 11 different graphics are not enough, it has optional glow lights that surely add life to an already exciting beer pong game. It only requires two AA Batteries per side and can be set to 3 speed settings.

You can even get this dry erase version with an optional bluetooth speaker that you can connect to your phone for some lively background music.

The pre-cut holes that hold the cups are very useful. Less sliding and spilling means easier table maintenance and more importantly, fewer game interruptions!

If you want a sturdy and striking table, this one from PartyPong is perfect for you.


Honorable Mentions

As promised, there you have your top 5 tables. We can end there, but we won’t.

Although we filtered the choices, we also don’t want to limit your options. Here are two more great products worth checking out.


1. GoPong Barge Floating Table

GoPong BargeAre you a beach bum? Do you live in a place where it’s usually warm and the pool serves as your sanctuary? If you answered “yes” to either question, the GoPong Barge Floating Table fits your style perfectly.

You can use it in three ways: as a pool pong barge, as a social floating raft, or as a floating lounge.

The ends of this 6-foot barge have triangle guides to set up 10 cups. It may be smaller than regulation tables but you can still enjoy fun and competitive beer pong games.

Your friends don’t have to be too far away. They can join the fun and cheer you on along the sides. No need to share the booze because there are 8 cup holders for their own drinks. If you are not feeling competitive, you can ditch the game and just use the barge for social floating.

If you’re at it, you can go solo and relax while getting your tan and enjoying your drink. Ah, the good life!

Whichever way you want to use it, it would be annoying if you have to go elsewhere to refill your drinks. GoPong saw that coming so it designed the barge with a central cooler to hold up to 18 cans with ice. How convenient, right?

Inflatables commonly have strength issues but the GoPong Barge Floating Table meets reasonable expectations. It is made from the highest quality raft grade material so with proper care, you can expect to enjoy it for years.


 2. Mini Pong Table

Mini PongMention pong and a rowdy, alcohol-filled party immediately comes to mind. Buffalo Games changes that with its Mini Pong Table. Although you can still have that kind of fun if you wish, this mini table’s features allow your younger, non-drinking friends to enjoy the game.

It’s easy and enjoyable at the same time. The recessed racks and skid resistant footing keep the cups stable for minimal spilling.

We all know that not all shots go in and that chasing loose balls is not fun at all. You will not encounter that with the Mini Pong because the ball is tethered to the center of the board. Another advantage? The ball that ends up in you drink stays clean!

And speaking of cleanliness, the only maintenance that this mini table requires is wiping its solid wood, waterproof surface with mild soap and water. Dump the 25 reusable cups and other accessories in the accompanying mesh storage bag and place everything in the carrying case so you can bring the fun anywhere you want to.

If you want a low maintenance, tabletop pong board, the Mini Pong table is your best bet.


Types Of Beer Pong Tables

Beer pong has evolved since it was first played in the 1980’s. Naturally, the table has also undergone transformations to keep up with the times. The structure may be similar but most differences boil down to the materials used. Customization is also becoming a big hit!

So what options are available? It is best to know the different types of tables to help you find a good match.

Early tables have a wooden top. Because they are heavier, they are deemed to be more stable. However, they are not recommended for outdoor use because they are prone to warping.

Plastic table tops provide a nicer ball bounce. Although they are lighter, the metal frames add that much needed stability.

While generally more affordable, aluminum table tops create a slower and lower bounce. For a lot of people, that can be a bit frustrating.

If you prefer outdoor play, what better way to enjoy a game than while relaxing in the pool? Inflatable tables allow you to have that luxury. They have cup holders and even a central cooler where you can deposit your drinks.

These days, beer pong tables have countless themes and designs to choose from. Sports, team logos, national flags, colors – name it and you can have those on your tables without sweat. If you want to be more funky, there are tables that have glowing lights and speakers. Most tables also have triangle guides and pre-drilled holes to show you where the cups should be.

There can be an endless debate as to what the best table really is. In the end, preferences prevail but the fun and excitement remain!


Beer Pong Variations To Try

In beer pong, skills are important but no one can deny that a great amount of luck is also involved. Whatever the combination ratio is, it makes the game really fun to play. No wonder it is the star of many college parties!

But do you know that there are variations of the game that will make it even more challenging and exciting? Here are just a few of them.


Call Out

Before throwing the ball, you first call out which cup you will hit. The opponent drinks only when you hit the cup that you called. Shooting a different cup counts as a miss so the cup remains on the table.



If you are the losing team and you want another try at winning it all, you can challenge the other team with a rebuttal. In this last try, you keep shooting to hit all of the other team’s cups. If you are successful, both teams play in a 3 cup overtime game to so that a final winner can be declared. Otherwise, be gracious enough to just accept defeat.


Bounce Shot Bonus

In beer pong, you can use an overhand, an underhand throw, or a bounce shot to aim at the cups. In this variation of the game, a bounce shot is given more premium. If you hit a cup with a bounce shot, you can pick another cup to be removed.


Balls Back

There are frustrating off days and there are unbelievably lucky days. If you’re experiencing the latter, take advantage of your hot hands. In this variation, you and your teammate get the ball(s) back immediately if you both make successful shots in a turn. Your opponents lose a turn and just keep their fingers crossed that you miss a shot the next time.

Now, doesn’t that sound like a lot of fun?


Best Portable Beer Pong Tables: Conclusion

If you want sure entertainment in your parties, a beer pong table fits the bill perfectly. We could not think of a better way to consume all that alcohol while tapping into everyone’s fun and competitive side.

A lot of tables are made of durable frame and tabletop materials, including waterproof surfaces for easy maintenance. Some tables are even protected from scratches and sun damage. From the countless designs, you can surely find one that matches your personality.

One of the best things about beer pong tables these days is its sheer portability. Most of them fold into a briefcase or have their own carry-all case so you can bring the fun and excitement anywhere.

Next time you grab some booze for your party, do yourself and your guests an additional favor: get the GoPong Table, too!

Rules of beer pong

Beer Pong Rules (Yes, You’ve Been Playing It Wrong!)

Rules of beer pongYou’ve seen it in movies.

Perhaps you’ve played it yourself.

But chances are: you’ve been playing it wrong.

Beer pong, sometimes referred to as “Beirut”, is a seriously popular and fun party game.

The game has its origins in the United States and is played widely across universities and house parties.

Playing beer pong is a great way to liven up a party and to really get the laughs and the drinks flowing.

But did you know there is an official set of rules?

Not that you need them…the game is fun no matter what. But why not play it right, like they do in the World Series of Beer Pong?


The Aim Of Beer Pong

Beer pong is usually played in teams of two but can be played individually if desired.

A set of six or ten cups are filled to around one third full with beer and arranged in a triangle formation at each end of a table.

Players on each team then take turns to throw a ping pong ball into the opponent’s cups. When a ball lands in a cup, it is known as a “make”.

When you make a shot, your opponent must then drink the contents of that cup and remove it from the playing table.

The first team to lose all of their cups loses the game. Beer pong is normally played in a winner-stays-on fashion.


Beer Pong Equipment

The official size for a beer pong table is 8 feet long and 2 feet wide. However, ping pong tables, dining tables, and foldable picnic tables may also be used in recreational games.

A beer pong table

Some kind of center-line should be made on the table. You are not allowed to make a ball bounce on your own side of the table. The best official beer pong tables have a center-line marked on them.

The balls used for beer pong are standard table tennis or ping pong balls.

Typically 18-0z (350 ml) plastic cups are used at each end of the table. Cups that feature ridges or lines are preferred since they make it much easier to measure the liquid evenly into each cup.

Ten cups are usually used and placed in a triangle formation at both ends of the table. Six cups can be used for quicker games.

These cups are traditionally filled with beer, although a light lager or similar type of beverage is also used. It is recommended to keep the alcohol content in the range of a light beer (4%ABV) due to the large amount that is usually consumed during matches.

For hygiene reasons, some people fill the cups with water and have a separate cup of beer for drinking when a shot is made.

A further two cups are required, one at each end, to be filled with water. These water cups are used to rinse the ball after each throw in an effort to improve cleanliness if you are drinking the contents of the cups after the ball lands in them.


Beer Pong Rules

Beer pong is a popular game at gatherings and parties. Therefore, the rules may vary slightly depending on where you are playing.

The general rules remain the same but different houses, areas, and universities will each have their own individual preferences or “house rules”. It is a good idea to announce all of the house rules before the game begins.

The World Series of Beer Pong has created its own set of official beer pong rules to make the game fair and efficient to run in competition environments.

Let’s take a look at the general and most important rules of beer pong.


Starting The Game

Ten cups (six for shorter games) are set up in triangle arrangement at both ends of the table. The point of the triangle should be facing the middle of the table.

A set up beer pong table

Set a separate cup off to the side of each triangle. This cup is filled with water and used to rinse the ball between throws.

To decide on who takes the first shot, rock, paper scissors can be played. However, playing a round of “eyes” is a more popular and exciting way to reach a decision.

“Eyes” is where a player from each team throws a ball at their opponents cups while holding eye contact with the opposing player. You are not permitted to look directly at your opponent’s cups.

The player who makes a shot into one of their opponent’s cups wins. If both players make a shot or both miss, the partners come in and do the same. This carries on until one player makes a shot and the opponent misses.

After “eyes”, no cups are removed from play. The ball is given to the winner and they can now begin the actual game.


Gameplay Scoring

One team plays at a time. Each player from the team with possession of the ball takes a shot at their opposition’s cups.

If you land a ball in a cup, the contents of that cup must be consumed by one of your opponents. Players take turns to drink from the cups when shots are made.

Four people playing beer pong

On the occasion that both teammates land their balls in a cup, the balls are rolled back and the team gets one extra turn.

The game continues in this manner until one team has cleared all of their opponent’s cups and is declared the winner.


Bouncing And Swatting

You are allowed to bounce the ball into a cup, as long as the first bounce takes place in your opponent’s half of the table. A shot that is made with a bouncing ball counts for two cups.

The defending team chooses the second cup that is to be taken away.

However, a bouncing ball is free to be swatted away by your opponent. So, only use them if you can catch your opponent off guard.

The two cup rule for bounces only applies when there are more than two cups remaining.



Each team gets two “re-racks” or “reforms” per game. Re-racking allows the team to rearrange their opponents’ cups into a close formation, which makes them easier to hit.

You can request a reform at the beginning of your turn when you have either 6, 4, 3 or 2 cups left on your side of the table. If the ball has been rolled back as a result of both teammates making shots, a reform cannot be taken at that point.

Re-racking and reforming are different to “fixing cups”. Fixing of the cups can be requested at any point in the game. This allows a player to reposition cups back to where they would have been if they have been knocked over or slid out of place.

beer pong cups in close formation


Ending The Game – Rebuttals And Redemption

The game ends when one team completely clears all of their opponent’s cups from the table.

However, before victory can be declared, the defending team gets a chance to redeem themselves and send the game into overtime. This is called a rebuttal or redemption.

In a redemption, each player takes turns to shoot at the opponent’s cups until they miss in an attempt to clear the remaining cups on the table.

If both players miss, the redemption is over and the other team wins the game.

On the other hand, if the redeeming team manages to clear all of the cups, the game goes into overtime.



In the event of a successful redemption/rebuttal, a three cup overtime is to be played to decide the match winner.

For overtime, 3 cups are arranged in a triangle at each end of the table. The teams take turns and try to clear the cups, just like in regular play.

The team that would have been winners if not for redemption, throws first in overtime. No re-racks are allowed in overtime.

Overtime can be forced again with another redemption.


Balling Your Own Cups Or Interfering With Play

If a ball is accidentally dropped into one of your own cups, no penalty or action is taken.

If you come into contact with a ball during your opponent’s possession and the ball lands in one of your cups, the score is counted. This is known as back-boarding.

Interference with the ball during your opponent’s turn, if it hasn’t bounced, results in a one cup penalty. Your opponent can choose the cup to be taken.

You may not interfere with a ball as it enters a cup. Blowing on the ball is sometimes done to prevent it from landing in the beer. This is against the official rules. “Fingering”, the act of scooping a ball out with your fingers as it spins around the rim of a cup, is also not allowed.

If a player knocks over their own cups during play, these cups count as “hit” and must be removed from the table.

Cups are not counted as “hit” if they are knocked over by a non-player. You can refill and replace these cups.


Beer Pong Rules: Final Thoughts

This rule guide gives you a general idea about how to play beer pong. However, as mentioned earlier, many variations and individual rules for beer pong exist. Whatever players decide on, it is vital that all of these rules are stated and agreed upon before starting the game.

Most importantly, be responsible, drink safely and have lots of fun!