5 Best Portable Ballet Barres 2017

Barres are widely used in ballet exercises, particularly to maintain balance when stretching or practicing different

These days, barres are also gaining recognition for a new fitness trend called the barre workout. It combines elements of ballet, pilates, and yoga to strengthen and lengthen muscles without the bulk. Kelly Ripa, Natalie Portman, and Madonna are avid barre enthusiasts.

A portable ballet barre is perfect for personal or commercial needs. Whether you are a dancer, a barre fitness fan, or an instructor, it is practical to have a sturdy, but lightweight and movable barre.

It may seem like a simple piece of equipment, but you need to know the specific features and characteristics that make a good portable ballet barre. You don’t have to guess because we’ll help you do just that.

To further assist you, we have listed the top 5 portable ballet barres that are sure to meet whatever requirements you might have.

Portable Ballet Barres Comparison Table

ImageNameBarre LengthBarre TypeCrossbar MaterialPriceMore Info
vita-vibe-bd48-prodigy-seriesVita Vibe BD484 FeetDouble BarreAluminum$$$
vita-vibe-bd96-w-traditional-wood-ballet-barresVita Vibe BD96-W8 FeetDouble BarreWood$$$
vita-vibe-traditional-wood-portable-ballet-barreVita Vibe DBNB5-W5 FeetDouble BarreWood$$$
vita-vibe-b48-portable-4ft-single-barreVita Vibe B484 FeetSingle BarreAluminum$$
softtouch-ballet-barre-5-5ft-portableSofttouch 5.5 Feet5.5 FeetSingle BarreAluminum$$$$

Features to Look For

The horizontal bar is the main component of your ballet barre. Wood and aluminum are the usual choices, but some also use raw steel or PVC.

In addition to having that traditional look, wood has a certain warmth that some people crave. It is also the only material that has what dancers call “give”. However, wood barres are prone to bending and splinting. They also require regular cleaning and preserving, which can be a pain.

A lot of barres are made from high-grade aluminum. They usually have a smooth powder coated finish. Some manufacturers even add very useful features like scratch resistance or anti-microbial properties. If you prefer a barre that does not require maintenance, aluminum is the way to go.

Raw steel and PVC are your worst bets. Raw steel will rust while PVC or plastic has the lowest quality and is the least stable.

Whatever the bar material may be, look for a 1.5″ rail diameter because it is the most favorable size for users of all ages.

It is also important that your ballet barres have adjustable height so that it can match your routine’s requirement. The standard barre height for ballet is between 40 to 42 inches. For barre fitness, it should be between 36 to 38 inches high from the floor to the top of the barre.

A 4′ or 5′ barre is ideal for personal use while 6′ to 8′ feet is perfect for multiple users.

Because portable ballet barres are freestanding, it is important to have rubber or anti-marring feet to boost stability. This will also prevent damage to the floor, especially because the barre is designed to be moved from one location to another.

Top 5 Portable Ballet Barres

Because of its surging popularity, there are many brands and models for you to choose from. Unfortunately, their claims can be quite confusing.

As promised, we took care of putting all of them to the test and came up with the 5 best portable ballet barres for your home or studio.

1. Vita Vibe BD48 Ballet Barretop-rated-vita-vibe-bd-48

From the esteemed makers of high-quality barres and related products, we present Vita Vibe BD48, the number 1 ballet barre on the market today.

Don’t be deceived by its beautiful satin silver powder-coat finish. This 4 feet double barre also provides stable support for your stretches and exercises.

It is also packed with very valuable features.

Are you looking for flexibility? Go ahead and tick that requirement. It has a modular design that allows you to convert it to a single or a longer barre. You can also adjust the height of both barres depending on your dance or fitness routine requirements.

It doesn’t take much to enjoy the Vita Vibe BD48. For its quality and features, its affordability is almost unbelievable. Assembly and storage can be done in a snap. You also get utmost value for the money because aluminum barres are expected to last for many years.

The Vita Vibe BD48 definitely deserves the top spot on this list, and you should see for yourself why. Click here to check out a more detailed review.

2. Vita Vibe BD96-W

If you like how traditional wood looks and feels, the Vita Vibe BD96-W is a fine choice.

The fact that it is made from the same material used in making baseball bats and tool handles assures you of the barre’s durability.

vita-vibe-bd96-w-traditional-wood-ballet-barresWood requires some maintenance, but certainly nothing complicated.

The strong but smooth Ash bars are joined to the aluminum frame by heavy-duty plastic clamps.

There are sure-grip knobs so you can easily adjust the barre’s height. You can also vary the length by buying 4 or 6 foot horizontal bars.

The lower portion of the barre was well thought out too. Its feet have non-skid rubber tips that nicely hold on while preventing damage to the floor.

This portable ballet barre is also lightweight. It weighs only 17 lbs. enabling quick and easy transport.

Overall, the Vita Vibe BD96-W is an excellent double wooden barre. Want a more detailed review? Click here.

3. Vita Vibe Traditional Wood Barre

Another wood barre conquered the third spot in our list.

The Vita Vibe Traditional Wood Barre is composed of two parallel 5 foot bars. This double barre structure makes it more stable and offers more options for exercising positions.

Its bars have a diameter of 1.5 inches which is perfect for both young and adult grips.vita-vibe-traditional-wood-portable-ballet-barre

It has a modular design that opens a lot of possibilities for modifying its height or length to suit your needs.

Storage is as quick and easy as its assembly. Simply pivot the feet so the whole thing can lie flat or lean against a wall when not in use. If you want to store it for a longer period or use it in a farther location, you can use the nice black storage bag that comes with the barre.

With occasional wood maintenance, the Vita Vibe Traditional Wood Barre can be your dance or fitness partner for a long time. Click here to learn more about this awesome ballet barre.

4. Vita Vibe B48 Ballet Barre

Do you want a ballet barre for personal use? Is aluminum your material of choice? If yes, then the Vita Vibe B48 Ballet Barre is the one for you.vita-vibe-b48-portable-4ft-single-barre

While you have the option to extend it as needed, the 4 foot length of this single freestanding barre is just right for a single user.

It has a wide range of adjustable height settings. You can position it between 6″ and 46″ from the ground to the top of the barre.

If you worry that it is high maintenance, you can relax. It has an anti-microbial powder coat finish that provides a beautiful and long-lasting protective cover and also hampers the growth of germs. A simple wipe is enough!

It may be colder than its wood counterpart, but its firmness and strength are more than enough to consider it a high-quality portable ballet barre. Check out our more detailed comparison here.

5. Softtouch Ballet Barre 5.5 Ft.

Rounding up the 5 best portable ballet barres is the Softtouch Ballet Barre 5.5 Ft.

It has a nice length for personal use, although you can also use it for light studio use.

It has preset height settings that go up in 4 inch increments. The 31 to 49 inch range perfectly fits the recommended height for both ballet and barre workouts.softtouch-ballet-barre-5-5ft-portable

A freestanding ballet barre will naturally get scratched from repeated moving and disassembly. Fortunately, the Softtouch has a bronze powder coating that is specifically made to resist these expected scratches.

While freestanding ballet barres are not meant to hold your full body weight, it is reasonably sturdy that you can even do resistance band training on it. This stability is further boosted by its non-skid rubber feet.

For its flexibility and strength at an affordable price, the Softtouch Ballet Barre 5.5 Ft. is an excellent choice. Click here for a more thorough review.

Types of Portable Ballet Barres

A portable ballet barre is also referred to as a freestanding barre. Instead of being permanently installed on the floor or a wall, it is mounted onto a movable supporting structure.

It is easy to assemble and disassemble without the need for tools.

Freestanding ballet barres can be single or double. A single barre consists of only one rail. If two parallel rails are assembled in one frame, it is called a double barre.

Double barres are sturdier and can accommodate different heights and flexibility levels of users. It is better if both bars are height adjustable.

The Top Brands

When it comes to ballet barres’ quality of materials and excellent construction, two brands come up as the popular choice of dancers, fitness enthusiasts, and instructors. You will never go wrong with Vita Vibe and Softtouch.

Vita Vibe

Vita Vibe prides itself in being the top manufacturer and provider of ballet barres that are proudly USA-made.

Their freestanding ballet barres are categorized into four types, the most popular of which is the Prodigy Series.

vita-vibeThe Prodigy Series barres come in either wood or aluminum and are adjustable so you can set your preferred height.

You do not have to worry about maintaining their aluminum barres because they have an anti-microbial powder-coat finish.

They have a modular design that makes them ready for expansion as needed. Easy assembly and storage are also common to Vita Vibe barres.

Best of all, you do not need to shell out a lot of money to enjoy these beautiful and sturdy ballet barres. They even provide a 10-year warranty!


Another institution in the barre-making industry is Softtouch.

Their barres are known for their bronze scratch-resistant powder-coating. Yes, it means that the barre you invested in for your upstart studio can stay pretty for years despite constantly being moved around, or even after your students try to test the sound of their tap shoes on the foot barre.

The height can also be adjusted from 31″ to 49″ from the ground.

Softtouch barres are lightweight but sturdy and boast a 300 lb. weight capacity.

Other Things to Consider

Portable ballet barres generally have a basic, uncomplicated construction. However, this plainness can make it even more difficult to choose from the many options.

If you are still uncertain as to what is best for you, we have listed these frequently asked questions to make it easier for you.

How easy are portable ballet barres assembled?
Most portable ballet barres are collapsible. They are made to be conveniently disassembled and assembled with minimal or no tools required.

Are they sturdy even if they are not permanently mounted on the floor or a wall?
As long as you use them as intended, that is to help you keep your balance during ballet or dance exercises, freestanding ballet barres are adequately sturdy.

Should I buy a single or a double barre?
A single barre is enough for personal use. However, a double barre gives you the luxury of having them set at different heights so you don’t need to adjust when you switch to a different routine. If needed, a double barre can also accommodate multiple users.

What is the ideal length of a portable ballet barre?
A 4 to 5 foot barre should be good for personal use while 6 to 8 feet is required for more than one user.

Do you recommend wood or aluminum barres?
Both wood and aluminum are excellent ballet barre materials. If you prefer a more contemporary look and minimal maintenance, buy a powder coated aluminum barre. It you want the traditional feel of wood and understand what it takes to keep it in its optimum condition, there are a lot of good wooden barres to choose from.

Ballet Barre Warm-Up


Portable ballet barres can be used for exercises that are suitable for all ages and fitness levels.

Whether you are a dancer with a love for flexibility and grace, a fitness advocate who wants to try this emerging dance-based workout, or an instructor looking for an affordable but efficient equipment, these portable ballet barres are sure to satisfy your need.

Of the wide selection available in the market, the Vita Vibe and Softtouch offer the best options. We have tested them ourselves but a lot of users also attest to their barres’ easy assembly and storage, adjustable height settings, stability, and overall quality. We also love how reasonably priced they are!

Whether you are purchasing your first barre or adding to your studio equipment, the Vita Vibe BD48 is definitely a worthy investment.


Vita Vibe Traditional Wood Barre Review 2017

I am a fan of wood barres not only because I grew up using them but also because I like the warmth that they give off.

Vita Vibe is known for manufacturing affordable, high-quality and long-lasting ballet barres and the 5 Ft. Traditional Wood Ballet Barre is no exception.


It has all the benefits of a freestanding portable barre, plus the stability that is necessary for keeping balance during stretching or ballet exercises. It also has very useful features, my favorite being its height adjustment options.

Whether for personal or studio use, you will definitely find it a valuable piece of equipment.


  • Affordable
  • Easy assembly and storage
  • Height adjustable
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Stable and sturdy
  • Comes with compact case


  • Requires effort in getting the bars straight
  • Requires occasional maintenance


Double Barre

I prefer double barres over single barres for several reasons.

The added weight of a second bar adds stability and offers more options for different stretching and exercising positions.

It is also useful for more users because it can accommodate different heights and flexibility levels.

Sanded Smooth Hardwood Bar

Its crossbar is made of Ash wood, a strong, light-colored hardwood typically used in making hand or machine tools.

Its smooth texture is ready to use so there is no need to sand or cover it with any finishing.

Height Adjustablevita-vibe-traditional-wood-ballet-barre-sure-grip-hand-knobs

Both wood barres can be adjusted to meet your height requirements.

It can go from 6″ to 46″ which is a rather wide range that makes it easy to use for multiple people. You can adjust the height using composite clamps that are made of heavy-duty plastic.


  • It can be stored flat by pivoting the feet sideways.
  • It has non-slip rubber feet that provide a good grip without damaging floor surfaces.

Design and Specifications

The double crossbars of the Vita Vibe Traditional Wood Ballet Barre – DBNB5-W  have  a 1.5″ diameter that is suitable for dancers of all ages.

Its 5 foot width makes it comfortable for multiple users at a time.

While the crossbars are made of Ash wood, the frame is manufactured from high-quality aluminum that has a diameter of 1.5″ and wall thickness of .065″. It has Vita Vibe’s signature anti-microbial powder-coat finish in satin silver.

It weighs only 11 lbs. but is stable enough for stretches and ballet exercises.

Aside from its inherent portability, transporting it is made even easier with its black corduroy storage bag.


You will also be pleased to know that it is covered by a 10-year warranty.


Is it easy to set-up?

Yes. You do not need any tools to assemble it, although it takes a while to completely straighten and level the bars.

Is it easy to store?

Yes. While it cannot be folded, disassembling it is very easy because it has clamps with strong but comfortable hand knobs.

Its feet can also be rotated so you can store the whole thing flat.

If you need to store it for a longer time, you can use the black corduroy bag that comes with the barres.

It is not wall- or floor-mounted and is very lightweight. Is it sturdy?

If you will use it as intended, it is more than sufficient. For weight-bearing exercises, you should go for wall- or floor-mounted barres.

Can the height be adjusted?

Yes. The horizontal barres can be easily adjusted up to 46″ off the floor surface.

How are the wood barres maintained?

To preserve the wood, Vita Vibe recommends using Danish oil or Linseed oil every few months. For regular cleaning, you can use Murphy’s oil soap.

Other Options

If you want another 5-foot double wood barre but you can do without the storage bag, you can buy the Vita Vibe BD60-W instead.

Still unsure of what you need? Our comparison of the 5 best portable ballet barres can help you. Click here for more details.


With the 5 Ft. Traditional Double Wood Barre, Vita Vibe lives up to its reputation of being the #1 manufacturer and provider of USA made barres.

This solid double barre is made up of ash wood and powder-coated aluminum frame. It also has a height adjustment feature that makes it flexible for more exercise positions.

As with other wood barres, it needs occasional maintenance. But because wood is my personal preference, I do not see it as an additional chore and acknowledge that it is just part of the deal.

Overall, this high-quality and useful barre is highly recommended.


Vita Vibe BD48 Ballet Barre Review 2017

If you are into ballet or barre workouts but don’t have the time or the $30 per session budget, you should consider buying a portable ballet barre.

The Vita Vibe BD48 is a wonderful barre that is both lightweight and sturdy. It is also suitable for all ages because the height of both barres can be adjusted.

For the cost of about 4 hourly sessions, you can have your own high-quality ballet barre to practice on.



  • Affordable
  • Easy to assemble
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Stable and sturdy
  • Easy to store
  • Parts are replaceable and easily available
  • Good customer service


  • Knobs need to be tightened regularly
  • Not ideal for multiple users


Freestanding Double Barre

The Vita Vibe BD48 offers excellent portability. It is freestanding and very lightweight. I like how my daughter can put it away by herself.

The double barre structure makes it stable because of the added weight.


Fully Height Adjustable

Both 4 foot-wide barres can be set between 6″ and 46″ tall.

This flexibility allows it to suit any user height. This means that my daughter can grow with it and she will be able to use it for years. Great value for money!


  • The aluminum barres have an anti-microbial powder coat finish.
  • Its rubber feet add stability and prevent damage to the floor.

Design and Specifications

The Vita Vibe BD48 is made from .065″ thick aluminum barres with a diameter of 1-1/2″. The size is just right for kids or adults to get a nice grip.

It weighs just a little over 10 lbs. but it is surprisingly sturdy. However, keep in mind that it is designed to keep your balance and not to carry your full body weight.

This ballet barre is well-built, but it is comforting that Vita Vibe has a 10-year warranty.


Is it easy to assemble?

Yes. You just have to fit the barres to the clamps. However, you have to tighten them regularly to keep it stable and aligned.

Can it be folded?

vita-vibe-bd48-adjustable-clampsNo. However, you can pivot the feet sideways so it can lie flat under a bed or lean against a wall.

Is the height adjustable?

Yes. The barres have adjustable clamps on each side. The minimum height is 6″ and the maximum is 46″.

Is it sturdy despite being lightweight?

Yes. If you are using it to keep your balance, it works fine.

However, we recommend floor or wall-mounted barres for more strenuous programs that require weight bearing.

What advantage does a double barre have over a single barre?

A double barre is more stable. You also have the convenience of having two bars set for different routines without having to adjust them.

Two persons of different heights can also use it simultaneously.


Is it ideal for personal or commercial use?

Its weight and length make it ideal for personal use.

Other Options

You can enjoy the same portability and flexibility with another Vita Vibe product, the BD96 Double Freestanding Barre.

It also has powder-coated aluminum barres that are fully adjustable, but its 8 foot-wide barres are perfect for multiple users.

Still undecided? Click here to check out our comparison of the 5 best portable pool tables.


The Vita Vibe BD48 is ideal for home and personal use.

It is very easy to assemble. Aside from regular tightening of the knobs, it requires no other form of maintenance.

It is also height adjustable, making it perfect for kids and adults alike.

Overall, the Vita Vibe BD48 is definitely worth your money.


Softtouch Ballet Barre 5.5 Feet Review 2017

If you are looking for a ballet barre for home or light studio use, the Softtouch Ballet Barre 5.5 Feet will definitely meet your needs.

It has a nice rail length and diameter for comfortable and effective exercise.

It also has flexibility features that make it an amazing deal.



  • Affordable
  • Adjustable height
  • Portable
  • Sturdy and stable
  • Non-skid rubber feet
  • Scratch resistant bars


  • No assembly instructions
  • Some missing bolts and washers


Adjustable Height

Although I’m the only user of this barre in my household, I still find its adjustable height settings very beneficial.

I can easily adjust it depending on my routine’s requirement and it’s great if you’re trying to improve your flexibility as you can start low and go up as you get better.


Scratch Resistant

It has a smooth powder-coat finish in a nice shade of antique copper bronze.

You do not need to worry that it will fade or scrape because this coating is scratch resistant.

I can attest to this because I sometimes bump or slash the barre accidentally whenever I put it away, but it is still as smooth as new.


  • It is lightweight and portable, perfect for a home barre.
  • Its feet have non-skid rubber so it stays stable and floor surface-friendly.

Design and Specifications

The horizontal bar is 5.5 feet which is just perfect for personal use.

Its lowest setting is 31″ while its highest setting is 49″ off the ground.

It has a 1.5″ rail diameter which is the most desirable size for any user.


Is it easy to set-up?

Despite the absence of assembly instructions, the Softtouch Ballet Barre 5.5 Feet is still easy to assemble.

Some people mentioned about receiving incomplete materials for setting it up, specifically some bolts and washers, but that shouldn’t be too much of an issue.

Just contact customer service as they are really pleasant and helpful.

Is it sturdy?

Yes. While it is recommended for ballet exercise, I sometimes do resistance band training on it and it works well.

softtouch-ballet-barre-5-5ft-adjustable-heightCan it be used as a gymnastics bar?

No. It is not tall enough. And while it says that it has a 300 pound weight capacity, it will not support your entire weight when doing gymnastics.

Is the height adjustable?

Yes. You can set it anywhere between 31″ and 49″.

However, it has fixed 4 inch increments.

Other Options

An alternative freestanding portable ballet barre is the Vita Vibe B60.

It is more affordable and its height setting is fully adjustable so you are not limited to fixed levels.

It also has a smooth powder-coated bar, non-skid rubber feet, and sure-grip hand knobs for easy adjustment.

To check out our comparison of the 5 best portable ballet barres, click here.


If you are looking for a portable ballet barre that doesn’t sacrifice stability, the Softtouch Ballet Barre 5.5 Feet is a good choice.

Its smooth, scratch resistant bar can be adjusted to meet your height requirements.

For its price, this high-quality and decent-performing ballet barre is highly recommended.


Vita Vibe BD96 Ballet Barre Review 2017

Whether for personal or studio use, you want your equipment to be well-made, functional, and long-lasting. It also wouldn’t hurt if it’s pleasing to the eyes.

The Vita Vibe BD96 belongs to the Prodigy Series. It is freestanding and has two powder-coated barres that you can adjust to match your height preference.

It is so lightweight that some people wish it was more stable, but it works just fine in helping you keep your balance and do some light stretching.

If you want to practice your routines at home or if you have a start-up dance studio, the Vita Vibe BD96 is a wise choice.vita-vibe-bd96


  • Affordable
  • Easy assembly and storage
  • Height adjustable
  • Modular
  • Sturdy
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Non-slip rubber feet
  • Anti-microbial powder-coated barres


  • Not too stable


8 Foot Freestanding Double Barres

The Vita Vibe BD96 is composed of double barres of 8 feet. This width allows multiple users to move comfortably.

If you have limited studio space that needs to accommodate other users or activities, this freestanding barre is perfect because it can be easily moved or stored.

Modular Design

Its modular design enables you to customize it according to your needs. You can attach longer or shorter barres, or convert it to a single barre.

Fully Height Adjustable

ita-vibe-bd96-sure-grip-hand-knobsIts versatility doesn’t end with its ability to be moved horizontally. You can also adjust its height from 6″ up to 46″ off the floor’s surface – another quality that makes it ideal for multiple users of different heights and ages.

It has composite clamps with two hand knobs for easy adjustment.


  • Its flawless barres are made of high-grade aluminum with powder-coating that has anti-microbial properties. Strong, beautiful and clean!
  • Its rubber feet prevent you from slipping while also protecting the floor.

Design and Specifications

The Vita Vibe BD96 weighs a little over 13 lbs. It is light enough to be portable. However, I hope that the manufacturer will consider adding a few more pounds just to make it more stable.

The barres measure 1-1/2″ in diameter which is the most favorable size for both kids and adults.

The 28″ wide feet add stability to the barres.

Vita Vibe also has a generous 10-year warranty which shows how much they believe in their product.


Is it easy to set-up?

Yes. You can easily identify which parts go together.

Is it foldable?

No, but you can still put it away easily when not in use. As with other barres in Vita Vibe’s Prodigy series, you just have to loosen the clamp on the foot barres and spin the feet around so it lies flat.

Is it sturdy enough for studio use?

It is well-made and is good enough for light studio use. However, it will not withstand heavy use daily.


Does it have a fixed height?

No. It is flexible and can be height adjusted. The lowest setting is 6″ while the highest is 46″.

How many people can the barres accommodate at a time?

Generally, 4 people can comfortably use it at the same time. However, it also depends on the age and size of the users.

Other Options

If you want a wooden barre with the same height adjustable feature and modular design, you can check out the Vita Vibe BD96-W.

We also looked at other portable ballet barres and found the 5 best. Click here to check them out.


The Vita Vibe BD96 is great for home use but is also decent for light commercial use.

High quality materials and excellent construction are some of its key characteristics, but its flexibility is also a major factor in making it a valuable home or studio equipment.

You will have no regrets buying the Vita Vibe BD96.


Vita Vibe B48 VS B48-W Review 2017

Vita Vibe’s freestanding ballet barres are offered in modern aluminum, like the Vita Vibe B48, or traditional wood, like the Vita Vibe B48-W.

We weighed their advantages and disadvantages to help you decide which option is best for you.


  • Easy to assemble and store
  • Height adjustable
  • Portable
  • Does not require maintenance
  • Anti-microbial powder coat finish
  • Sturdy
  • Long-lasting
  • Slightly unstable when you put too much weight on it
  • Cold to touch


  • Easy to assemble
  • Height adjustable
  • Portable
  • Needs occasional maintenance
  • May split over time
  • Prone to bending
  • Slightly unstable


Fully Adjustable Height

Both the B48 and the B48-W can be used by kids and adults because the barres’ height can be adjusted.

You can set it anywhere between 6″ and 46″ above the floor’s surface.


Modular Design

I commend Vita Vibe, the brains behind these barres, for its forward-looking mindset. Both models have a modular design that offers numerous possibilities.

You can purchase additional horizontal barres and you instantly have a double barre. You can also order longer barres if you need more space than these 4-footers.

Crossbar Options

The crossbar material is the main difference between the B48 and the B48-W.

The B48 is made from aluminum with a powder-coat finish that has anti-microbial properties, making it ideal for dance studios where there are multiple users. Both models’ frames also use the same material.

On the other hand, B48-W’s crossbar is made from Ash, a light-colored hardwood. This strong wood is the same material used in making tool handles and baseball bats. It is sanded smooth so you don’t have to worry about its texture.



  • Both have sure-grip rubber feet for increased stability.
  • Both have clamps for easy adjustment.

Design and Specifications

Despite the difference in composition, the B48 and the B48-W both have 1-1/2″diameter crossbars that are perfect for a child or adult grip.

You may think that wood is heavie,r but they actually have the same weight of 9 lbs. Some people think that this lightness sacrifices stability. However, you have to remember that they are made to be gently held or leaned on and not to take your full weight.

Their foot barres have a width of 28″.

Both have high-quality components that are well-made, but you have the assurance of a 10-year warranty, so you don’t have to worry about losing your money if they break.



Are they easy to assemble?

Yes. Both can be set up quickly. There are also very clear assembly instructions.

Can they be folded for storage?

vita-vibe-b48-w-modular-designNo. But similar to their easy assembly, storage is also not a problem. You just need to loosen the clamp knob and pivot the foot to make it parallel with the horizontal barre for easy storage.

Is the B48-W ready to use or should I put a finish on the wood barre first?

It is smooth and ready to use. Putting a finish will just make it sticky. It will also mean additional maintenance because you will need to re-finish it once it wears out.

How high can the barres be set?

The maximum height is 46″.

What is the length of the horizontal barres?

Both are 4 feet long. They feature a modular design so you can change them with longer ones if you want additional space.

What are the main similarities and differences between the aluminum and wood versions?vita-vibe-b48-portable-ballet-barre

Both the B48 and the B48-W can easily be assembled and stored. They are also lightweight and portable.

As expected from freestanding barres, they are stable as long as you do not put your full weight on them.

While the B48 does not need maintenance because of its powder-coat barre finish, the B48-W requires occasional maintenance, specifically in cleaning and preserving the wood.

B48 is also more long lasting because B48-W is prone to bending and can split over time.

Other Options

Another portable single barre that you can consider is the Softtouch 4.5 feet. It can support more weight but its height can only be adjusted between 31″ to 49″.

If you’re not sure what portable ballet barre is best for you, you can check out our comparison of them here.


Both the B48 and the B48-W are good quality ballet barres. What to choose all boils down to your personal preference.

If you want a traditional look and feel, you should go for the wood version.

On the other hand, the aluminum barre does not require maintenance and is sure to look and feel the same over time. It is also hygienic because of its anti-microbial powder coat finish.

Either way, these Vita Vibe single barres are highly recommended.


Vita Vibe BD96-W Review 2017

No matter how modern our times have become, some things are just better old-fashioned. However, old-fashioned does not mean inferior.

I like how Vita Vibe was able to merge traditional material with revolutionary design.

The Vita Vibe BD96-W is a freestanding double barre made of strong Ash wood. Its modular design allows conversion into a single or a shorter barre to better fit your needs. Its height is also fully adjustable.

Best of all, you can get all these for an affordable price!



  • Affordable
  • Easy assembly and storage
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Stable and sturdy
  • Fully height adjustable
  • Rubber feet


  • Wood requires occasional maintenance


Flexible Height Settings

Whether for stretching or ballet exercise, barre height is very important.

Thankfully, the BD96-W is fully adjustable to meet your height requirements. You can set it from 6″ to 46″ from the ground to the top of the barre.

Freestanding Barre

If your space is not solely dedicated to ballet exercises, you should opt for freestanding barres that you can effortlessly move when not in use.

It is also easy to assemble and disassemble this lightweight ballet barre as needed.

Smooth Wood Barre

A lot of people prefer the look and feel of traditional wood barres.

The BD96-W is made from hardwood ash that is sanded for a flawless texture. It does not need any further finishing, although it requires occasional maintenance like cleaning and wood preserving.


  • It has sure-grip hand knobs that enables you to easily adjust the barres.
  • Its feet have non-slip rubber for added stability.

vita-vibe-bd96-w-traditional-wood-ballet-barre-rubber-feetDesign and Specifications

The Vita Vibe BD 96-W has sanded 8-foot Ash crossbars with a 1.5″ diameter which is the most advantageous size for users of all ages.

This double barre is stable despite weighing only 17 lbs.

Its frame is made from high-quality powder coated aluminum with a 1.5″ diameter and .065″ wall thickness.

Its non-skid rubber feet are 28″ wide, providing further support and stability.


Is it easy to set-up?

Absolutely. You don’t even need any tools to set it up.

Does it fold?

No. But you can store it easily under a bed or lean it against a wall when not in use.

Is it sturdy enough for commercial use?

While its size allows multiple users at a time, the Prodigy Series barres like this model are recommended for personal or light commercial use only.

Are both barres height adjustable?

Yes. You can set them anywhere between 6″ and 46″ using its sure-grip hand knobs to match your height and preference.

vita-vibe-bd96-w-traditional-wood-ballet-barre-sure-grip-hand-knobsHow many people can the barre accommodate at a time?

Vita Vibe recommends 4 people or 2′ space per person, but 4-6 people will fit comfortably.

How are the wood barres maintained?

You need to clean it regularly using Murphy’s oil. You also need to apply a wood preserver, either Danish oil or Linseed oil, every few months.

Other Options

You can also consider another double wood barre, the Vita Vibe Traditional Wood Barre. The crossbars measure 5 feet but its modular design gives you the option to buy shorter or longer bars depending on your need. It also comes with a bag that you can use for convenient storage.

We also looked at other portable ballet barres in search of the best and Both the Vita Vibe BD96-W and the Vita Vibe Traditional Wood Barre landed on our top 5 list. Click here to check out the rest.


There is almost nothing bad to say about the Vita Vibe BD96-W. You can judge at the onset that superior quality materials were used to craft everything skillfully.

Aside from affordability, it also has attractive features such as its flexible height settings, hand knobs for easy adjustment, and rubber feet for stability.

If you appreciate the look and feel of a traditional wood barre and understand what it takes to maintain it, you will surely consider the Vita Vibe BD96-W as your next prized possession.


Softtouch Ballet Barre 4.5 Feet Review 2017

The Softtouch Ballet Barre 4.5 Feet is an affordable portable metal barre that is made from high-quality materials.

I bought a portable barre because of space constraints. I specially like how the powder-coated bar stays flawless despite the constant moving because it is purposely created to be scratch resistant.

It has a few setbacks like its fixed height settings, but it is stable and sturdy. Take it from a buyer who has been enjoying it for three years and counting.



  • Affordable
  • Easy to assemble
  • High weight capacity
  • Height adjustable
  • Scratch resistant
  • Non-skid rubber feet


  • Limited height settings
  • Uncomfortable bar and vertical support connections
  • Some reports of missing or damaged pieces


Adjustable Height

The Softtouch Ballet Barre can be adjusted  from 31″ up to 49″.

However, its flexibility is somewhat limited because it only has fixed height settings that you can choose from.

The levels cannot be liberally adjusted. They go up by 4″ increments, but the range is still fine for both ballet or simple workouts.softtouch-ballet-barre-4-5ft-freestanding-portable

Scratch-resistant Barre

This single barre features an elegant bronze-colored powder-coat finish that will not fade or be scratched easily.

Non-skid Rubber Feet

This portable barre is stable enough for its intended purpose.

Its stability is further reinforced by the non-skid rubber on its feet.

Design and Specifications

softtouch-ballet-barre-4-5ft-scratch-resistantThe Softtouch is a portable barre that is 4.5 feet long and 2 feet wide. Its size is just right for a single user.

However, your space can be limited by the connections between the bar and the vertical support. They are composed of protruding metal plates and bolts. You may hurt your fingers when your hand slides to them, so you should be cautious not to reach that far.

It has a 1.5″ rail diameter that is the optimum size for users of any age.

It is sturdy enough to hold users weighing up to 300 lbs.


Is it easy to set-up?

Yes. There are no instructions but the components are labeled properly so it is still easy to identify what parts should go together. However, some people reportedly received missing or damaged parts, specifically bolts and washers.

Is it easy to disassemble for storage?

It is easily collapsible. You just need an allen wrench to detach the top of the legs from the bar.

Is this freestanding barre stable?softtouch-ballet-barre-4-5ft-stable-feet

Yes. Its rubber feet help the barre be stable, even on carpeted floor.

How much weight can it support?

It has a weight capacity of 300 lbs. However, remember that this is a portable ballet barre so it is still only recommended for light stretching and keeping your balance.

Is it height adjustable?

Yes. However, the settings are fixed at 4″ increments.

Other Options

If you are looking for a portable single barre made of metal, the Vita Vibe BD48 is a better option.

It’s six inches shorter but it has a modular design so you can just buy longer barres to extend its current length. It is also fully adjustable to suit your desired height.

Best of all, it has a 10-year warranty.

For more options, you can check out our comparison of the 5 best portable ballet barres here.


The Softtouch is a sturdy metal barre that can serve its purpose at an affordable price.

Although its restricted height settings pose a significant limitation, it generally still serves its function and can be a good option for home and personal use.


Vita Vibe B60 Ballet Barre Review 2017

While studio ambience fuels me, nothing still beats the comforts of home. It’s good that I can exercise anytime with a readily available ballet barre.

I am very happy that I found the Vita Vibe B60, a freestanding single bar that is easy to assemble and store.

It also has nice flexibility features, allowing me to maximize my use of this affordable ballet barre.



  • Affordable
  • Easy assembly and storage
  • Sturdy
  • Fully height adjustable
  • Modular design
  • Anti-microbial powder coat finish
  • Good customer service


  • A little too light


vita-vibe-b60-sure-grip-hand-knobsEasy Assembly and Storage

I have no skill, time, or patience to assemble complicated equipment.

Luckily, the BD0 can be assembled in a snap. The bars are joined by heavy-duty plastic clamps. You don’t even need any tools to put them together.

For easy storage, you just swivel the feet after loosening the clamps and it is ready to lie under a bed or lean against a wall.

Modular Design

Buying the B60 is like getting a base for something that can be converted into different forms.

Because of how it is structured, you can buy horizontal bars to change it into a shorter or a longer barre, or even a double barre depending on your needs.

And when you do so, you can still expect the same excellent quality as the original barre!

Fully Height Adjustablevita-vibe-b60-adjustable-height

I like how it adapts to the different height requirements of my exercises.

You can lower the horizontal bar to 6″ or set it as high as 46″.

You can do the adjustment using the sure-grip hand knobs on the clamps.


  • Both the horizontal bar and the frame have a powder-coated satin silver finish that has anti-microbial properties.

Design and Specifications

The Vita Vibe B60 has a 1.5″ diameter that enables me to have a good grip of the barre. This size is perfect even for younger users.

The barre is fairly stable considering that its total weight is only 9lbs.

Its 28″ wide foot barre with rubber ends supplements this stability.


Is it easy to set-up?

Yes. You can assemble it by yourself without any tools.

Is it ideal for personal or studio use?

Being a lightweight single barre that is only 5 feet wide, I recommend it for personal use. It will not hold up to multiple or heavy use expected in a commercial setting.

vita-vibe-b60Does it have a fixed height?

No. It is flexible and can be easily adjusted anywhere between 6″ and 46″.

Are freestanding barres stable?

Yes. It is stable enough for ballet exercise. It may seem too light but this actually has purpose. Instead of putting your body’s weight on it, you should try to avoid tipping it over by keeping your balance yourself and using your core muscles.

Can it be used as a gymnastics bar?

No. Its highest setting and limited stability are not enough for this purpose.

Will the aluminum bar turn black?

No. The barre is made from high quality, powder coated aluminum. It does not dry out, splinter, or require any form of maintenance.

Other Options

You can also consider another lightweight but strong ballet barre, the Vita Vibe B48. It is a foot shorter but it also has the same reliable features as the Vita Vibe B60.

If you are still undecided, you can also check out our comparison of the 5 best portable ballet barres here.


If you are looking for a good quality freestanding ballet barre, the Vita Vibe B60 will definitely serve you well.

While it is lightweight and portable, it is also sturdy and will last for a long time.

It has a flexible height and a modular design so it adapts to your requirements.

This proudly USA-made ballet barre is very affordable, and is also backed by a 10-year warranty.

What a steal!