5 Best Portable Pool Tables 2017

top-rated-hathaway-fairmontPool is a classic game that knows no age or gender. Since its inception in the 15th century, generations have enjoyed this game requiring a perfect blend of strategy and dexterity.

Choosing the right table can be complicated, so we outlined some tips to help you. We reviewed different models and selected the top 5 portable pool tables that can be perfect for your home. And once the selection has been made, we also have some pointers to help you care for your game room’s newest addition.

Portable Pool Tables Comparison Table

ImageNamePlaying SurfaceMultiple GamesPriceMore Info
hathaway-fairmont-6-feet-portable-pool-tableHathaway Fairmont66 inches by 33 inchesNo$$
hathaway-maverick-table-tennis-and-pool-tableHathaway Maverick74.75 inches by 36.75 inchesTable Tennis and Pool$$$
hathaway-park-avenue-billiard-pool-table-combo-setHathaway Park Avenue74.75 inches by 36.75 inchesTable Tennis and Pool$$$$
fat-cat-7-ft-tucsonFat Cat Tucson75 inches by 37.5 inchesTable Tennis and Pool$$$
hathaway-hustler-pool-tableHathaway Hustler78 inches by 39 inchesNo$$$

Features to Look For

As with any other purchase, especially something that costs hundreds to thousands of dollars, you want to be very careful in choosing a table.

What factors should you really consider?

Once you have identified your desired table size and the price that suits your budget, you can then narrow down your choices and focus on the specific features that you want to look for.

The playing surface is the most important factor in choosing a pool table. Time and again, slate has proven to be the best playing surface. It is made of solid rock and is extremely durable. However, slate tables usually cost more than $1,000. On the other hand, MDF is a more affordable alternative. It is made of fiberboard and is more susceptible to warping over time.

The playing bed is covered with different types of material. Worsted wool provide the fastest ball roll, but woolen cloth is most commonly found in non-professional tables. Thoroughly examine the cloth and make sure that it is evenly laid out before doing anything else with the table.

You should also look for cushions or bumpers that provide a consistent bounce.

It is also more convenient to play on pool tables with an internal ball return mechanism. It automatically collects the pocketed balls so you can easily re-rack and start a new game. Less setting-up means more fun!

There are also multi-use tables available that allow you to enjoy not only pool but also table tennis and air hockey. Some even have the option to be turned into a craft or a dinner table.

The above-mentioned features are pointless if your table is impossible or difficult to level. The frustration is unimaginable! Therefore, it is a must that you purchase a table that has adjustable leg levelers so that it will stay perfectly flat no matter how uneven the floor is.

Now that you know what key elements to look for, it’s time to check out some of the best options.

Top 5 Pool Tables

There is a wide selection of portable tables on the market today. Manufacturers come out with several models to make sure that they address every buyer’s need. Whatever criteria you may set, there is surely one that will meet your requirements.

We took care of the tricky part and assessed all of them for you. Based on our scrutiny, we now present the top 5 portable billiards tables:

1. Hathaway Fairmont 6′

It didn’t get its high rating for nothing. This mini pool table will give bigger and more expensive tables a run for their

People love how easy it is to set up. It has metal folding legs that can be adjustable for easy leveling and excellent portability. It comes with a complete set of accessories so you will be ready to play in no time at all.

Its size makes it ideal for small spaces. It is also easy to move and store, although you do need extra hands because it weighs 190 lbs.

Then again, this weight also gives it the stability that is essential for pool tables. Combine that with a sturdy MDF playing bed and durable melamine rails, and it will surely be enjoyed for many years. Just remember to be cautious with the felt as it is quite delicate.

If are looking for an affordable, space-saving and high quality mini pool table for your kids, the Fairmont is your best bet. Click here to check out a more detailed review.

2. Hathaway Maverick

Versatility without sacrificing quality is one of the reasons why a lot of people raise two thumbs up for the Hathaway Maverick.

hathaway-maverick-table-tennis-and-pool-tableThis 7′ table allows you to enjoy both pool and table tennis. Its pool playing field is red felt with a thick 3/4″ MDF. Both the felt and the rubber cushions are not excellent, but definitely good enough for what they are intended for – fun, casual play.

If you want a change of pace, you can quickly shift to table tennis by putting together two 1/2″ board pieces on top of the pool table.

Both games require the table to be perfectly parallel to the ground. You don’t need to worry at all because the Maverick has leg levelers to create that much needed stability.

Its desire to satisfy doesn’t end there. You also get all the necessary game accessories. Talk about a complete package!

If you want a second game option with a single table purchase, you should buy the Hathaway Maverick. To read a more detailed review of this awesome table, click here.

3. Hathaway Park Avenue

If you are looking for flexibility, the Hathaway Park Avenue will also not be far behind.hathaway-park-avenue-billiard-table-tennis-combo

This multi-functional table does not only allow you to play billiards or table tennis. You can also use it as a dining table. Moreover, you can adjust it to fit even the most uneven surface with its individual leg levelers. However, it is advisable to identify where to place it permanently because moving this 300-pound monster is not easy.

It has two benches that are as multi-purpose as the table itself. You can comfortably sit on them to enjoy your meals or have a relaxed conversation with your friends and family. You can also use them to neatly store the complete game accessories that come with the table.

For its price and usefulness, buying the Hathaway Park Avenue is definitely a wise decision. Want a more detailed review? Click here.

4. Fat Cat Tucson MMXI

Buyers who prefer reasonably-priced, but well-made billiard tables naturally turn to the Fat Cat Tucson MMXI.

While its blue polyester surface is a bit delicate, its railings and rubber cushions are very solid. They also give a nice and steady ball bounce.

fat-cat-7-ft-tucsonIts arcade-style legs have levelers that can adapt to any floor surface. However, moving it around can be quite taxing because it weighs more than 200 lbs. and does not have wheels.

This attractive 7′ table contains an easy ball return system that allows you to move on to the next game with no delay – definitely a plus point for convenience!

The table is also complemented with two 57″ two-piece cues and other pool accessories.

If you are looking for an inexpensive, but modern-looking, efficient, and long-lasting pool table for your family, look no further than the Fat Cat Tucson MMXI. If you want a more detailed review, click here.

5. Hathaway Hustler

The Hathaway Hustler‘s contemporary design is supplemented by satisfying performance at a very affordable price.hathaway-hustler-pool-table

To start off, assembly is a breeze. It has adjustable leg levelers for you to achieve that perfectly stable surface. Just remember to get some help because it’s really heavy, but with some help setting it up will take less than an hour.

The wool and polyester blend felt isn’t exactly the smoothest, but it has very minimal effect on ball roll so you can still maintain a high level of play.

It has one of the best cushions for pool tables in its price category. Made of pure gum rubber, the ball bounces off perfectly.

When a game is over, the pocketed balls automatically roll to the central receptacle. You’re now ready to re-rack!

The general consensus among our reviewers: the Hathaway Hustler provides good value for the money. Read our full review of the Hathaway Hustler here.

Types of Pool Tables

A single-purpose pool table is the traditional type most people are familiar with. It allows you to focus your attention and energy on perfecting your billiard skills. As such, you can expect them to be proficiently made to provide the best pool experience.

On the other hand, multi-purpose or combination game tables are quickly gaining popularity, especially in the home market. They are not only twice or multiple times as fun, but they are also space-saving and cost-efficient.

Multi-purpose tables are designed for playing two or more games. The table’s main playing field is usually for billiards. You can change the game by simply flipping the table or inserting an attachable top. Some featured games include air hockey, table tennis, and foosball.

The Top Brands

Hathaway and Fat Cat by GLD Products are just two of the most popular pool table brands in the market today, and fairly so because they have built their reputation as carefully as they have fabricated each of their pool tables through the years.

Hathaway Games and Sports

Four of our top 5 tables are manufactured by the game room specialist Hathaway Games and Sports. They have been known to brilliantly fuse traditional manufacturing techniques with innovation. The result? Superior quality products that families have been enjoying for generations.

hathaway-games-and-sportsTheir products include tables and accessories for billiards, air hockey, darts, poker, and a lot more.

Hathaway pool tables are recognized for being space-saving and easy to assemble- just how you want your home tables to be. They also have a good mix of both classical and contemporary designs to suit different tastes.

Most importantly, their products give the best value for your money. High-quality and inexpensive normally don’t go together, but Hathaway makes it possible.

Fat Cat by GLD Products

GLD Products have been loved by family gaming enthusiasts for over 30 years already. Aside from pool tables and accessories, they also offer other favorites like air hockey, table tennis, darts, and classics such as backgammon and dominoes.fat-cat-by-gld-products

Most Fat Cat tables measure 7 feet, making them ideal for space-constrained home game rooms. Their rails are also known to have stable K66 rubber bumpers and circle sights to help you in calculating those angles. However, it is not common for all of their tables to have an internal ball return mechanism.

Whether you prefer a classic look or a modern design, there are Fat Cat options to choose from.

Their tables also suit low to mid-range budgets. For as low as $700, you can buy a good quality pool table for your family.

Other Things to Consider

Let’s say that you’ve finally found the perfect table. You now need to make a conscious effort to keep it as close to perfection as possible.

We have compiled tips for giving your table some tender and loving care so you can preserve its optimum condition for many years to come:

  • Keep it clean. Most pool tables come with a brush that you can use to remove chalk and dust from the felt. Just remember to brush lightly so you don’t damage the cloth. It is also advisable to use a small, low-powered vacuum cleaner occasionally to thoroughly remove unwanted materials. Don’t forget to clean the balls as chalk can also accumulate on them and get transferred to the felt.
  • Know what to avoid. Some items may seem harmless but can actually damage your table. Pieces of metal like coins or jewelry can scratch the felt and put it at risk for larger, irreparable tears. Place your drinks anywhere but the table. Moisture easily ranks as billiard table enemy number 1. It is also advisable to keep your pets away from the table. They can damage not only the cloth but other parts of the table as well!
  • Cover. It is best to cover your table when not in use, especially when it is exposed to natural lighting. Even if it is indoors, sunlight peeping from the windows can fade and damage the cloth over time.
  • Protect other parts of the table, too. You should keep the legs, rails, and cabinets clean as well. For wood surfaces, use a furniture polish or wax. For laminate surfaces, a damp cloth and mild cleaner will do.
  • First anniversary check-up. After marking the first year of your table, we recommend having it examined by a professional. Is the table still level? How tightly are the rubber cushions attached to the rails? Are there cloth damages or surface cracks? He should also make proper recommendations to immediately address any concerns.

How to Play Pool


A pool table is one of the most sensible recreational investments that a family can make. Imagine the long hours of fun and bonding over this piece of furniture that you can pass on to generation after generation.

Do not be intimidated by the weight or composition as most of them are fairly easy to set-up and maintain. A lot of them also offer convenience features such as leg levelers, a complete set of accessories, and a ball return system – all to make life easier and more enjoyable for you!

Hathaway and Fat Cat offer the best options. Their decades of experience and passion for the game allow them to really know what buyers want: quality, affordability, and beauty. Their tables give you all that and more.

Get that Hathaway Fairmont 6 for your home, and be prepared to have loads of fun!


Fat Cat Tucson MMXI Review 2017

The Fat Cat Tucson MMXI is an affordable 7 foot billiard table that is popular among family buyers.

It has an easy ball return system, good-quality cushions and adjustable leg levelers like most tables in its price category.

In addition, it also boasts of durability, a characteristic that is ideal when buying something that we want our kids to enjoy for many years.



  • Affordable
  • Easy assembly
  • Ball return system
  • Good rebound on rails
  • Attractive modern design
  • Durable


  • Heavy
  • Cues are too light
  • Thin polyester cloth surface
  • Some reports of damaged item upon delivery


Easy Ball Return Systemfat-cat-tucson-ball-return

Re-racking is effortless because of its easy ball return system.

The pocketed balls go directly to one central location and you can easily access them to set-up a new game.

Efficient Rails and Cushions

Its solid rails and rubber cushions offer great ball rebound and make every game fun and challenging at the same time.

The rails also have 18 frost-toned circle sights set against the black rails. These dots help in calculating angles for more accurate shots.


The Fat Cat Tucson has adjustable leg levelers for more stability even on uneven flooring.

Design and Specifications

The Fat Cat Tucson is made of good-quality manufactured wood and has a 3/4″ MDF playing surface.

It is covered with blue polyester that appears thin and delicate. The surface is smooth but I find the ball speed a bit slow.

It weighs more than 200 lbs. and doesn’t have wheels so it can be difficult to move around.

fat-cat-tucson-billiard-table-accessoriesOnce the table is assembled, you are all set to play because it also comes with all the necessary accessories. There are two 57” two-piece billiard cues that are a bit lighter than normal cue sticks but just fine for younger players.

There are also two pieces of chalk, a resin triangle, and a set of 2-1/4″ billiard balls.

It also has Arcade-style legs that contribute to the table’s modern sleek design.


What’s the quality of the felt? How long will it last for?

The blue polyester cloth is smooth. However, it is a bit thin so hitting it hard with the end of your cue sticks may damage it.

Is it easy to assemble?

Yes. Except for some lifting assistance, there’s nothing much that is required to set it up. Just attach the legs and you’re ready to play.

Does the table have wheels?fat-cat-7-ft-tucson-billiard-table


How heavy is it?

It weighs more than 200 lbs.

What is the ideal room or space size for this table?

It depends on the cue sticks that you will use. For the 57” cue sticks that come with the table, you will require a space that measures 13 x 16 feet. If you will use 42” cues, your room dimensions should at least be 10.9 x 14 feet.

Is it slate?

No. It is MDF but the quality is really good.

Does it have ball return?

Yes. However, make sure that you level the table completely to avoid the balls getting stuck in one corner.

Can it be used outdoors?

I suggest you keep it indoors. I wouldn’t risk the wood and felt quality by playing on it outdoors.

Other Options

The Hathaway Hustler is another pool table in the same price category.

It also has a ball return system, fast acting cushions, and adjustable leg levelers.

However, the Fat Cat Tucson is a better choice because of its durability and smoother table surface.

We looked at other pool tables and both the Hathaway Hustler and the Fat Cat Tucson made it to our top 5 list. Click here to check it out.


The Fat Cat Tucson is an affordable pool table that is good for family entertainment and bonding.

With a ball return system, smooth playing surface and nice cushions, it has all the necessary elements for an exciting billiard game. Add to those the table’s durability and modern, attractive look, and you got a great package.

Some reviews mention damaged items upon delivery, but these are isolated cases. Like me, the majority received the package in perfect condition.

Overall, purchasing the Fat Cat Tucson MMXI is a wise choice.


Hathaway Hustler Pool Table Review 2017

The Hathaway Hustler belongs to the lower price range of pool tables, but it can provide some good-quality family recreation.

It is a 7′ pool table with blue covered MDF and fast action rubber cushions. It also has a ball return system for easy re-racking.

This modern-looking and efficient table is the star of our weekly family gatherings!



  • Affordable
  • Easy to assemble
  • Fast action rubber cushions
  • Leg levelers
  • Ball return system
  • Complete accessories
  • Modern look


  • Heavy
  • Poor quality cues
  • Slightly warped felt
  • Small ball return opening
  • Balls sometimes get stuck in the pockets


Internal Ball Return System

Manually getting the balls from each pocket for re-racking can be inconvenient. The Hathaway Hustler has a ball return mechanism that allows me to set up a new game faster.

I just wish that its hole was a little bit bigger so that I could get the balls easier. The balls also tend to get stuck in the pockets, although this has only happened a few times so far.


K66 Gum Rubber Cushions

It has good-quality cushions made of pure gum rubber. These add to the table’s tournament-style feel because they provide just the right amount of bounce.


There are 6-inch leg levelers to help you maintain a firm and stable playing table.

Design and Specifications

The Hathaway Hustler 7 feet billiards table may be smaller but it is comparable to tournament-size tables in terms of quality.

Its playing bed is made from quarter-inch MDF covered with blue wool and polyester felt. However, it is somewhat warped by the sides and that slightly affects the roll of the ball.

It weighs almost 300 lbs. I suggest that you find it a permanent place in your home because it’s a pain to move.

The table comes with a complete set of pool accessories. It has two 57” cues, although I find them a bit light and difficult to control. It also has two pieces of chalk, a table brush, and a racking triangle.hathaway-hustler-pool-table-accessories


What’s the quality of the felt? How long will it last for?

The felt is slightly warped on sides but it has a minimal effect on the ball roll. It should last for a couple years if used carefully.

Is it easy to assemble?

Yes. It is very easy to set-up, although you might need one or two people to help you because of its weight.

It should take about 1 hour to assemble.

Does the table have wheels?

No, it doesn’t.

How high is it?

It is 31”inches tall, just like the ones used in game clubs.

How heavy is it?

It weighs 280 lbs.

How much space should I allot around the table?

With 4 feet of space around each side of the table, you can aim and shoot comfortably.

Can you fold it?


Does it have ball return?

Yes. However, the balls sometimes get stuck in the pockets.

The ball return opening is also a bit small. I can get just one ball at a time and I sometimes scratch my hand through the opening’s edges.

Can it be used outdoors?hathaway-hustler

No, I do not recommend outdoor use.

Exposure to changing humidity and temperature levels will damage the laminate top and the felt.

Other Options

If you want the same modern look, adjustable leg levelers, fast action cushions, and ball return system, you can also consider the Fat Cat Tucson MMXI 7′ Pool Table.

It costs $50 more but it has a smoother felt surface for a better playing experience.

If you are not sure what portable pool table is best for you, you can check out our comparison of them here.


If you are looking for an affordable, but good-quality pool table, the Hathaway Hustler is a good choice.

Its easy assembly and adjustable leg levelers make it convenient to set-up and use at home.

It also has a ball return system and a fast action cushion.

There are minor felt and accessory issues, but it is generally a good pool table that your family can enjoy for years.


Hathaway Park Avenue Billiard Pool Table Combo Set Review 2017

The Hathaway Park Avenue is smaller than a regular sized pool table, but it is relatively affordable and an efficient multi-tasker.

It easily converts into a table tennis court or a dining table. It also comes with a complete set of accessories that can be conveniently stored in the two provided benches.




  • Affordable
  • Multi-functional
  • Excellent packaging
  • Classic design
  • Comfortable benches


  • Heavy




The Hathaway Park Avenue biggest strength is its ability to easily transform from a pool table to a table tennis court or a dining table.

I just love how we instantly have three tables occupying the same space with a single purchase!

hathaway-park-avenue-bench-storageBuilt-in Levelers

Its leg panels have individual levelers, making it adaptable to imperfect floor surfaces.


  • The classic black table with a chrome accents exudes sophistication. It perfectly suits our room’s light earth tones.
  • It has two comfortable benches that also double as storage space for the game accessories.

Design and Specifications

The Hathaway Park Avenue is smaller than regulation size pool tables.

It comes in two neatly packed boxes and weighs more than 300 lbs. You should be ready with back-up to help you bring it to its assembly location.

The playing surface is a three-quarter inch thick MDF covered in red felt.

It also comes with a double-sided laminate top. On one side is a table tennis court while the other side is a plain black surface which instantly converts it to a dinner or multi-purpose table.

Its multi-functionality is complemented with a complete set of accessories: pool cues, pool balls, a racking triangle, chalk, net, posts, and two paddles.


hathaway-park-avenueWhat’s the quality of the felt? How long will it last for?

I have not noticed any imperfections with its smooth red felt. It looks finely done and should last a long time.

How long does it take to assemble?

There is not much assembly that has to be done. However, its weight makes it a bit difficult to maneuver.

I would also like to give credit to the manufacturer for its excellent packaging. The table arrived in perfect condition.

Does the table have wheels?

No, it doesn’t. It should not be a problem because it is not advisable to move it around frequently considering how heavy it is.

Can you fold it?


Does it have ball return?


No, it does not have a ball return mechanism.

Are the benches padded?

No. The benches are not padded but they are still very comfortable to sit on.

Where do you store the dining top and table tennis top?

They come in two halves that do not fit in the benches. You can just lean them against a wall.

Other Options

Another versatile game table is the Newport 7′ Pool Table Combo Set. It’s worth double the price of the Hathaway Park Avenue, but I really don’t see any major advantages of the Newport one.

It does not come as a surprise that the Hathaway Park Avenue made it to our top 5 portable pool tables list. Check out our comparison of them here.


The Park Avenue is an affordable choice for a high-quality, multi-functional pool table.

The only downside is its weight, but you don’t need to keep transferring it from one place to another so that shouldn’t be a problem.

As you invest in quality time with your family, you will not regret investing in this wonderful pool table.


Hathaway Maverick Table Tennis and Pool Table Review 2017

Not all families have the luxury to spend their hard-earned money on entertainment. But if your budget permits and you are looking for a pool table to bring the family together during weekends, I suggest that you get the Hathaway Maverick.

For the price of one table, you can enjoy both billiards and table tennis.

It is not too big for our limited space, but it also feels nearly full-sized so we can have some entertaining but competitive play. It comes with necessary accessories, but don’t expect them to be top-quality.

Overall, this versatile table provides good value for the money.hathaway-maverick-table-tennis-and-pool-table



  • Affordable
  • Easy assembly
  • Space saving
  • Easy switching between pool and table tennis
  • Adjustable legs for leveling
  • Sturdy
  • Comes with necessary equipment for both table tennis and pool


  • The felt is wrinkled around the edges, has glue stains, and is not very durable
  • Very little rebound from cushions
  • Poor quality cues and table tennis rackets
  • Some reports of legs without pre-drilled holes and missing screws upon delivery



Multi-Game Table

The Hathaway Maverick is a versatile table.hathaway-maverick-leg-levelers

After a quiet and tactical billiards match, you can enjoy a more adrenaline-pumping table tennis game within seconds of each other.

Adjustable Legs for Leveling

I cannot stress enough how important a level table is in enjoying both billiards and table tennis.

During assembly or even after it has settled in its place, the Hathaway Maverick’s legs can be easily adjusted for leveling.

Design and Specifications

The Hathaway Maverick measures 7 feet and is smaller than a regulation size table.

The pool table play field is made of 3/4″ thick MDF covered with red felt. The balls roll a bit slowly, but I am not after tournament-level play so I don’t mind.

It has reinforced rubber cushions but the ball does not rebound quickly. Again, this is not a deal breaker for me.

The table tennis top is 1/2″ thick and comes in two blue pieces with a black edge trim. It can be easily assembled for a quick game change.

I don’t recommend moving the table around frequently as it weighs more than 200 lbs.

It comes with complete accessories for both games: 2 cues, 2-1/4″ pool balls, 1 plastic triangle and chalk, table tennis net, posts, 2 paddles and 2 table tennis balls. However, I suggest that you buy better quality cues and rackets if you want to fully enjoy each game you play.


What’s the quality of the felt? How long will it last for?

The felt has some obvious glue stains and wrinkled edges upon delivery. It is also not very durable. Mine started getting holes in it after a few months.

How long does it take to assemble?

It took me a little less than an hour to assemble the table. Two people will most probably finish it in 30 minutes.

Does the table have wheels?hathaway-maverick-table-tennis-top

No, it doesn’t.

How high is it?

It is 30.5” from the floor to the top of the table. Its height is comfortable for both adults and teenagers.

Can you fold it?

No. The table comes in one piece but the table tennis top comes in two separate parts.

Does it have ball return?

No, it does not.

Can it be used outdoors?

I recommended it for indoor use only. The table is sturdy but exposure to high humidity will damage the particle board.

Other Options

If you have a more flexible budget, you can consider buying the Fat Cat Original 3-in-1 for more fun game options.

This 7’ space saving and compact table combines billiards, table tennis and air hockey.

It also comes with everything you need to play the above-mentioned games.

We also looked at other portable pool tables and found the 5 best. Click here to check out the other tables that joined the Hathaway Maverick in this list.


If you are looking to play serious, tournament-level games of pool or table tennis, the Hathaway Maverick is not the table for you.

It is not regulation size and the accessories that come with it are not high-quality.

However, I highly recommend it if you are looking for a smaller-sized and durable table for family recreation.

And best of all, you get to enjoy two quality games for the price of one table!


Hathaway Fairmont 6′ Portable Pool Table Review 2017

The Hathaway Fairmont 6′ is smaller than regular bar pool tables but its quality makes it perfect for years of family enjoyment.

It is a sturdy table supported with an easy-folding leg system and leg levellers.

The table also comes with a complete set of accessories.

It is so good that I would be willing to buy it at a higher price!



  • Portable
  • Easy assembly
  • Easy to store with folding legs
  • Has stabilizing leg levellers
  • Comes with accessories such as standard-sized balls, cues, rack, brush, and chalks
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Looks elegant


  • Short and lightweight cues
  • Felt is smooth but not durable
  • Heavy


Folding and Portable

The table is supported by strong metal legs that can be easily folded.

It is quite heavy, but the strong metal legs with stabilizing levelers provide great support.

The legs can be easily folded for a quick setup and convenient storage, which is useful, but since the table is so heavy I doubt most people would move it around often.


Sturdy and Durable

Its frame is made of high quality manufactured wood and the playing surface is MDF poly sealed with a 1/2-in thick certified CARB.

The table weighs 190 lbs. so I don’t worry about leaning over it as I aim at my targets.

The blue blended polyester and wool felt looks great with the table frame. It feels very good and allows the ball to roll smoothly. It does not seem to be hard-wearing but I find the quality acceptable for its price.

Design and Specifications

The Hathaway Fairmont mini pool table is 6 feet long and is ideal for cramped home spaces.

It weighs 190 lbs. but it can easily be set-up and moved around because of its easy-folding legs.

It comes with regular 2.24” balls and two 48” cues that are perfect for younger members of the family.

Purchasing the table will also give you 2 pieces of cue chalk, a table brush, a racking triangle, and a polyester carry/storage bag.



What’s the quality of the felt? How long will it last for?

The playing surface is covered with a smooth, blended polyester/wool blue felt. However, you need to take extra care of it because it isn’t too durable and re-felting an MDF playing surface is not advisable.

How long does it take to assemble?

It should take you a few minutes to assemble it. You just have to unpack it, unfold the legs, and level the table using the screws on the bottom of each leg.

Does the table have wheels?

No, it does not.

How high is it?

The table is 31” tall.

What should be the minimum amount of space around the table?

If you will be using the 48” cue sticks that come with it, 4 feet on each side is enough. Allot more space if you prefer longer cues.

Does it have ball return?

No, it does not.

Other Options

A more expensive alternative is the Mizerak Dynasty 6.5′ Billiard Table. It’s nearly double the price of the Hathaway Fairmont, but it has a ball return system, wider rails that offer solid resistance, and cross supports between the table legs for increased rigidity.

We reviewed other portable pool tables and the Hathaway Fairmont ranked number 1 in our top 5 search. Click here to see the other tables that made it to the list.


The Hathaway Fairmont is a durable, elegant-looking mini pool table that is made of high-quality materials. It may not have the best accessories, but these are just add-ons that you would usually want to buy separately anyway.

Overall, the table exceeded my expectations. It is perfect for having an entertaining experience with your children, although you can also enjoy a competitive game with your friends.

You get all this at a great price, making the Hathaway Fairmont a very wise choice.


Mizerak Donovan II 8′ Billiard Table Review 2017

The Mizerak Donovan II comes close in size and quality to regular pool tables.

It comes in two table top options that will match your budget and performance requirements.

I’ve had it for a while now and I can say that aside from the difficulty in assembly, I absolutely have no regrets buying this table.



  • High quality materials
  • Adjustable legs
  • Easy to level
  • Excellent playing surface
  • Consistent ball rebound


  • Complicated assembly
  • Heavy
  • No ball return


2 Table Top Options

The Mizerak Donovan II is available in either slate or Slatron. I got mine in Slatron because it fits my budget better.

However, I am aware of its drawbacks. The Slatron is made of pressed fibreboard material that is susceptible to warping.

If you can afford it, get the slate for better stability and durability.

Superior Railings and Cushionmizerak-donovan-ii-railings

In billiards, the quality of the railings is just as significant as that of the table top surface.

The Mizerak Donovan II has 3 5/8” rails covered with K66 nose rubber that provide consistent ball rebound and make playing pool fun and exciting.


It has chrome, disk-style leg levelers that you can easily adjust to adapt to uneven flooring.

Design and Specifications

At 8 feet long, the Mizerak Donovan II is ideal for medium to large spaces. The recommended minimum room size is 17’ L x 13.5′ W.

It weighs more than 300 lbs. and has 427 pieces that have to be fit together, thus making assembly and transportation a challenge.

The package includes two 57” cues, a set of billiard balls, a triangle, a brush, and 2 pieces of chalk. However, it is slightly disappointing that the blue chalk does not match the table’s red wool blend cloth.


Is it easy to assemble?

It is quite complicated to set-up mainly because it comes in so many components that you have to put together perfectly. It is very much like solving a puzzle where if you make one wrong move, you will have difficulty in getting through the next steps.

In addition, the instructions seem to miss a few important steps.

I recommend hiring a professional to assemble the table. It’s definitely worth the extra cost.

What is the difference between slate and slatron?

Slate is a hard rock surface that is considered to be the best because of its durability and stability. However, slate tables are very heavy and expensive.

Slatron is a pressed fibreboard material that is more lightweight compared to slate. It is more cost effective but is susceptible to warping.

What’s the quality of the felt? How long will it last for?

mizerak-donovan-ii-8When you set-up the table, you manually glue the red wool blend cloth onto the slate or slatron.

If you do it properly, the result will be a smooth table top that gives a nice ball roll,so be careful and don’t mess up.

The fabric emits some weird odor in the beginning, although it does fade over time.

It appears well-made and should resist wear for several years.

How high is it?

It’s 31.25” high once assembled and leveled.

Can you fold it?

No. The table is too heavy to be folded.

Does it have ball return?

No. It only has internal drop pockets.

Can it be used outdoors?

It’s better to keep it indoors, especially if you buy the Slatron type because exposing it to a high humidity environment will cause warping.

Other Options

If you are searching for alternatives, you can check out the Fat Cat Reno II.

Its Accuslate playing surface is made of PVC-coated MDF board, making it nearly as hard and as smooth as slate but at a lower price.

It also has K66 rubber bumpers, leg levelers, and complete accessories.

It is a better option if you prefer the classic design because it has French style drop pockets with braided strands, and beveled legs decorated with edge carving accents.

We also looked at other portable pool tables and found the 5 best. Click here to check it out.


If you want a personal pool table but you also want to level up your playing experience, you should buy the Mizerak Donovan II.

It has some weak points such long and difficult assembly and lack of ball return, but its quality and performance are generally above-average.

With proper care, you can surely enjoy it with your family for many years.


Fat Cat Original 3 in 1 Game Table Review 2017

Affordability and flexibility are the biggest advantages of the Fat Cat Original 3 in 1.

It is smaller than regulation size tables, but it’s good enough to provide endless hours of entertainment.

It is good enough for practicing and simply having fun, which makes it a great addition to any family’s game room.




  • Affordable
  • Versatile
  • Easy assembly
  • Easy game change
  • Adjustable leg levelers
  • Storage space for accessories


  • Poor quality accessories
  • The seams of the foldable table tennis surface disrupt play
  • Weak latch locks



Multi-Game Table

Children, especially when they are in their early teens like mine, can be easily bored.

This versatile table came to my rescue.fat-cat-original-3-in-1-easy-game-change

They play air hockey most of the time, but they also enjoy pool and table tennis every now and then.

Quick and Easy Game Change

My teens can transform the table by themselves when they want to switch from one game to another.

They simply spin it and the latch locking system keeps it secure. Some people mentioned that the locking device breaks easily so I remind my boys to take it easy on the flipping.


I also like the built-in storage. All accessories and game supplies are easily accessible.

Once they’re done with the games, they can easily put everything back in place.

The table also has adjustable leg levelers to maintain a flat surface. However, the pool surface is not very even despite having a perfectly leveled table.

Design and Specifications

The Fat Cat Original 3-in-1 is 7 feet long and weighs almost 300 lbs.

The billiards playing surface is covered by a green Tetolon cloth that pales in comparison with felt.

There are decent-quality rubber bumpers and drop pockets. There are also circle sight accents for better shot accuracy.

fat-cat-original-3-in-1-table-tennis-topThe table tennis surface is my least favorite among the three. It is made of a trifold board that you place on top of the billiard table. However, the seams are very visible and they affect the game terribly.

It measures 84” x 42” and can be too small for adults.

The air hockey playing field is a glossy white surface where the puck glides smoothly. It also has a high output blower that boosts the game’s excitement.

However, the pucks are not proportional to the size of the table and the mallets. They are too small and light and they fly off the table when the game gets intense.

The table comes with complete accessories: four pushers (mallets), four pucks, a set of 2-1/4″ billiard balls, a resin triangle, two 57″ two-piece cues, a billiard brush, two pieces of chalk, two table tennis paddles and balls, and a net and post set.


Is it easy to assemble?

Yes. It is easy to assemble but you will need help in lifting the table and fitting all of the parts where they need to go.fat-cat-original-3-in-1-pockey-game-table-accessories

Does it come with accessories needed for all three games?

Yes. However, do not expect them to be top-quality. I had to buy heavier cues but my kids were able to make do with the rest.

Can the height be adjusted?

No. There are adjustable legs for leveling but the table has a fixed 32” height.

How much room is required to play around the pool table?

If you are using regular pool cues, you need a playing space of 16′ L x 13′ W. If the pool cue is 48”, 11.5″ x 14.5″ should be enough for you to aim and shoot comfortably.

Is there a dedicated storage space for the table tennis top?

None. It comes in three foldable parts so it is still easy to keep when not in use.

Does it have electric scoring?

No. It has electricity to produce air flow needed for air hockey, but you set the score manually.

Other Options

There are also affordable alternatives such as the Fat Cat Phoenix 3-in-1. It is also a combination game table but it costs $150 less. You don’t flip the table itself, but you can also change games quickly.

If you’re not sure what portable pool table is best for you, you can check out our comparison of them here.


The Fat Cat Original 3-in-1 is a versatile game table that the young and old alike can enjoy. The table and accessories are not tournament-quality, but it is still a lot of fun for its price.


Triumph Sports USA Rotating Combo Table Review 2017

Multi-tasking is a great skill, although there is always the risk of being jack-of-all-trades, but master of none.

The same is true with the Triumph Sports 3-in-1 Combo Table.

You can play billiards, table tennis, or air hockey on this 7’ table and have fun with family and friends.

However, you have to manage your expectations as each game set-up has its own drawback.



  • Affordable
  • Multi-game function
  • Quick and easy game change
  • Complete accessories


  • Heavy
  • Poor quality cues and rackets
  • Frame is plastic and not very sturdy
  • A bit difficult to assemble
  • Nylon billiards top is slightly warped
  • Hockey goals are too small
  • Table tennis top is too small
  • Parts of the table tennis top do not fit smoothly
  • Some reports of damaged or missing pieces upon delivery


Multi-Game Function

With a single table, the family can enjoy three engaging games.

You don’t have to buy a separate table for ping pong, air hockey, or pool which is great if you don’t want to spend a ton of money or simply don’t have the space to fit all of that in one house.

The various game options guarantee fun for the whole family as they can be appreciated by both the young and the old.triumph-sports-3-in-1-patented-swivel-technology

Patented Swivel Technology

If it is difficult to change playing fields, a table’s multi-game function is worthless.

One of the advantages of the Triumph Sports 3-in-1 is its patented swivel technology.

It only takes a few seconds to convert the table. It is easy enough that my kids can do it by themselves without injuring themselves or damaging the table.

Design and Specifications

The Triumph Sports 3-in-1 is smaller than standard size pool, table tennis, or air hockey tables but weighs 300 lbs.

The table can be easily flipped to switch from playing billiards to air hockey.

The table tennis top comes in three separate parts that are sometimes difficult to put together. But once in place, they work fine.triumph-sports-3-in-1-rotating-combo-table-accessories

It comes with complete accessories for each of the three games:

Billiards accessories include one set of billiard balls, two 57-inch, two-piece cues, one triangle, two chalks and one table brush.

It contains two red pucks and two pushers for air hockey.

Aside from the three-part table tennis surface, there are also two table tennis balls, two table tennis paddles, a net, and post set.


Is it easy to assemble?

It’s a little difficult to assemble because it is very heavy and some of the instructions are unclear.

It is also worth mentioning that some people reported damaged or missing items upon delivery, although customer service efficiently handled their complaints.

I didn’t have this issue, but if you do, they’ll figure it out for you.

How heavy is it?

The table weighs right around 300 lb.

How does the size compare to standard pool, table tennis and air hockey tables?

At 7’, it is smaller than regulation size pool tables.

As for table tennis and air hockey, the playing fields for this table are considerably narrower than the standard size.

I find the size just right, except for the table tennis top which is too small.

Does the table lock securely after rotating it?

Yes. There are two pins on each side of the table.

You unlock them to rotate the table, and then lock it in place.

Can you fold it?


Is there auto return for the pool balls?

None. It only has pockets.

What is the quality of the pool playing surface?triumph-sports-3-in-1-pool-surface

The pool table top does not have the usual wool and polyester finish. It is made of nylon and is slightly warped.

Is there a storage space for the table tennis top?

No. However, it can easily be set aside because it comes in three separate pieces.

The parts do not fit together smoothly so you can just lean the whole thing against a wall when not in use.

Is the air hockey playing field comparable to arcade tables?

No. The table is smaller, although it is smooth and also has nice blue marks.

The goals are also small which can be frustrating for kids, and the motor produces adequate air flow for air hockey.

Other Options

The Fat Cat Original Pockey is another 3-in-1 table you can consider.

It costs $200 more, but it is generally more solid and made of better-quality materials.

Click here to check out our comparison of the 5 best pool tables.


If you are looking for quantity over quality, this table is just right for you.

Your kids and their friends can extend their fun time with more game options than ever before.

However, each of the three playing fields has significant flaw, so if you want high quality materials and superior performance, you should not go for the Triumph Sports 3-in-1 Combo Table.