Best Treadmill Under 500 Bucks

Best Treadmills Under $500 in 2017

Best Treadmill Under 500 BucksTreadmills are by far the most fat burning pieces of equipment you will find.

In just one hour anyone can burn up to nine hundred calories, making weight loss a much less daunting task.

With just one machine you could climb a mountain, run an inclined trail, or even take a stroll in the park.

The best part? It can all be done from the comfort of your home.

There is one catch thought: treadmills can be a very expensive piece of equipment.

With the gym industry becoming so big, some wonder what the point of purchasing a treadmill might be if they can simply purchase a gym membership.

To get the best burn for your buck, it is important to know exactly what you are purchasing.

Things like work out programs and inclines can be the way you destroy body fat or the reason you don’t.

Below you will find a comparison list of the top ten best value treadmills and their features.

While the prices do vary immensely, so do the abilities of each treadmill.

We have also included different types of treadmills, the top five brands based on customer reviews, and a full list of features you will need to make sure your at-home-workout is top notch.

Best Treadmills under $500 Comparison Table

ImageNameType# of ProgramsPriceMore Info
1. Sunny Health and Fitness TreadmillSunny Health & Fitness TreadmillElectric/Folding9$$$
2. Weslo Crosswalk 5.2TWeslo Crosswalk 5.2T TreadmillElectric4$$$
3. Confidence GTR Power Pro Motorized Electric TreadmillConfidence GTR Power Pro Motorized Electric TreadmillElectric12$$
4. Weslo Cadence R 5.2Weslo Cadence R 5.2 TreadmillElectric6$$$
5. Confidence Power Plus Motorized Electric TreadmillConfidence Power Plus Motorized Electric TreadmillElectric/Folding12$
6. Confidence Power Trac Pro Motorized Electric Folding Treadmill Running MachineConfidence Power Trac Pro Motorized Electric Folding TreadmillElectric/Folding12$
7. Weslo Cadence G 5.9 TreadmillWeslo Cadence G 5.9 TreadmillElectric6$$
8. Gold's Gym Trainer 720Gold's Gym Trainer 720 TreadmillElectric18$$$$
9. Best Choice Products Pink 500W Portable Folding Electric Motorized TreadmillBest Choice Products Pink 500W Portable Folding Electric Motorized TreadmillElectric/Folding2$
10. Weslo CardioStride 3.0 TreadmillWeslo CardioStride 3.0 TreadmillElectric/Folding2$$

Features to Look For

Treadmills are very convenient because they allow you to exercise no matter how little time you have or how the weather is acting.

The best part of treadmills though is that they have features that only pavement might not bring.

If your treadmill does not meet some of these features, your workout will be much harder.

This can easily destroy your desire to continue working out.

It might still be effective, but it is likely to be much harder to complete.

Furthermore, these features can actually help you lose more weight in a healthier and quicker way.

Finding an affordable treadmill with good features is not hard, but it might require a little extra digging if you want to get the right price.

No worries! We have created a list of exactly what you should look for.

Shock Absorption: When you run, your body is jumping and coming back down over and over again. This can make for a very bumpy and just plain annoying workout if the surface does not absorb the shock of human weight. Treadmills with shock absorption will devour that weight, making your run feel just like you are running on the ground.

Adequate Motor: If your treadmill is motorized you are looking for a 2.0 or above drive. This will keep the motor from becoming overheated if you plan on exercising for an extended period of time.

Workout Programs: Workout programs are the different types of workouts your treadmill might offer you. For example, rather than keeping up with your interval workout, your treadmill will do it for you.

It will incline and increase speed on its own.

It will stop once you have traveled your desired distance.

It will slow down when your heart rate gets too high.

These programs are not necessary to your workout, but they can be very helpful when learning how to workout for the first time.

Incline Options: Incline is just like what it sounds: a program that gives the track an incline. It is through this feature that you will feel as if you are climbing a mountain or stairs. And the best part? It works wonders for the glutes!

Top 5 Cheap Treadmills

Of all affordable treadmills companies have to offer, we have dwindled them down to the top five for your convenience.

The following treadmills are all equipped with the features we previously addressed.

They are also easy to move, assemble, and use, making them perfect for nearly every user.

As you will read, these options fall under motorized and folding treadmills because they are the most affordable types.

Customers have been pleased so far, and we are positive you will be too!

1. Sunny Health & Fitness Treadmill

1. Sunny Health and Fitness TreadmillThe Sunny Health & Fitness Treadmill is the best option under 500, hands down.

It’s a great buyer choice according to Amazon customer reviews, ringing in as the treadmill with the best reviews.

This motorized folding treadmill is easy to store and sturdy to use.

Its motor is a reliable 2.20, making it great for someone who needs a lasting treadmill.

It is equipped with shock absorption to ensure your workout is comfortable and quiet.

It has nine built in work out programs, allowing for fun and effective workouts.

Do not miss out on this affordable, reliable deal that will help you begin your workout habits!

Click here to read the full review.

2. Weslo Crosswalk 5.2T

2. Weslo Crosswalk 5.2TThe Welso Crosswalk 5.2T is also one of Amazon’s best inexpensive treadmills with an astounding 4.3 out of five stars.

It is also a very affordable treadmill but offers just as many benefits as an expensive treadmill.

It provides a workout that can strengthen many key muscle groups in your body.

You can choose between four workout programs, and don’t worry!

Shock absorption is also included to make sure your workout is again, comfortable and quiet.

If you have hours to exercise, this treadmill is great.

If you’re short on time but are determined to be more active, it is also perfect for you.

This treadmill is perhaps one of the most user friendly treadmills on the list. Purchase and you won’t be disappointed.

We also have a detailed review here if you’re interested.

3. Confidence GTR Power Pro Motorized Electric Treadmill

3. Confidence GTR Power Pro Motorized Electric TreadmillThis motorized, folding treadmill truly grants its users confidence with its three level incline.

As one of the highest quality and best affordable treadmills on Amazon, it promises not to disappoint.

It has an astounding twelve fitness programs to ensure users never become bored with their exercise.

The greatest downside to this treadmill is its motor—a 1.5 drive, only allowing the treadmill to get to 7.5 mph.

This motor will be completely reliable for users who are just getting started in their exercise habits.

If this description fits you, this treadmill might be a great fit.

If you are tight on space, this treadmill is perfect for you.

It will store any place and move anywhere.

Check out our detailed review here!

4. Welso Cadence R5.2

4. Weslo Cadence R 5.2The Welso Cadence R5.2 is a one of the best reliable and cheap treadmills that is perfect for anyone.

It had two levels of incline and includes six workout programs to make weight loss easy for anyone.

The motor is a 2.5 drive making it perfect for light or intense workouts.

Perhaps the greatest incentive to purchase this treadmill, however, is the comfort cell cushioning.

This is extreme shock absorption that protects you joints as you run or walk.

Again, this treadmill is perfect for any user, making your workout convenient no matter who you are.

If you want to learn more about this treadmill, click here to read our full review.

5. Confidence Power Plus Motorized Electric Treadmil

5. Confidence Power Plus Motorized Electric TreadmillAnother treadmill from Confidence falls into our top five treadmills under $500.

This treadmill is very similar to the previous Confidence treadmill, but it is ideal for new runners wishing to shed a few pounds.

It is the lightest treadmill on our list at only 53 pounds but still contains shock absorption that makes for a great workout.

It is also a folding treadmill with wheels, so don’t worry about where you are going to put it.

No matter how small you might be, this treadmill is going to be easy to use and easy to store.

While this treadmill rings in at number five, it is certainly one of the best quality treadmills out there.

This customer was not disappointed, and I am sure you won’t be either.

We also reviewed this treadmill in detail here.

Types of Treadmills

Treadmills all look very similar to just the average user, but each type has incredibly unique features.

Some have numerous workout programs and incline over 45 degrees.

Others allow the user to determine the speed simply by the movement of his or her feet.

Some do all of that and can even fold up and be stored in virtually any space.

There is a treadmill out there that will meet your needs, and by understanding the types of treadmills listed below, we hope to help you find it.


Electric treadmills are the kind of treadmill you are most likely to see at your neighborhood gym.

They are driven by an electric motor and typically offer multiple different workout programs.

Because of their reliance upon electricity, they are typically the sturdiest type of treadmill, but take up the most space.

These treadmills are also characterized by the smooth walk or run they offer their user.

For the user who is looking for a long-term treadmill, this treadmill will be the ideal fit.

You will pay more and it will take up more space than the others, but you will have a loyal fat burner that will last a short lifetime.


These self-serve treadmills are not run through electricity and do not depend on a battery.

They are solely reliant on your legs to do the work.

By walking or running on the track, the roller-based tread belt begins to move in sync with your feet, allowing you to determine your own speed.

These do not offer as many workout programs as other treadmills.

They have been known to be the lightest and most affordable type, making them perfect for someone who is just getting started in a fitness lifestyle.

Yet users are quickly becoming more intrigued with electric treadmills because of their multitude of workout programs and options.

There are no manual treadmills mentioned in this list, but they certainly should be included in some of the top types of treadmills.

Folding TreadmillFolding

These light weight, low maintenance treadmills are the most convenient treadmill if you are crunched for space.

When you are finished running or walking, these treadmills can be folded and stored in a closet or under a bed.

Like electric treadmills, they are get plugged in and are typically very affordable.

These treadmills are most likely electric and are the most common on our list.

These treadmills, however, are not ideal for a taller user who has long strides.

Because of their small nature, they tend to be quite compact.

Yet if you are in need of convenient workout equipment, you will love the folding treadmill.

Top Two Brands

These two brands are quite consistent within the top ten customer reviewed treadmills on Amazon.

They are reliable, meet all the feature criteria, and are the most affordable of each brand.

Seven of the top ten Amazon Treadmills are either Welso or Confidence. Check these awesome treadmill brands out and consider purchasing one for yourself!


Welso treadmills may be the most consistent brand of treadmills under $500.

This brand contains some of the best priced treadmills, and are some of the easiest to use.

Welsos are light, folding treadmills, and are perfect for people who need a treadmill they can handle on their own.

Anyone can use one.

They are also known for being easy to put together and simple in programs. They incline and have drives that are very reliable.


Three Confidence treadmills also fall in the top ten customer reviewed treadmills on amazon.

These treadmills are also light treadmills that are easy to put together; however, they are perhaps the most affordable treadmill.

They have all the right features: shock absorption, dependable motors, incline options, and twelve workout programs.

Although the screen is typically small, incline and workout options are plentiful.

Visit Websites

Visit the websites of treadmills you are considering to make sure this treadmill has all the right features you are considering.

Who is using it?

Who will be using the treadmills? You or multiple family members? What is your height? What is the weight limit? What kind of space do you have?

Choose a Reliable Brand

Any of the brands we recommended will be great!

Final Things to Consider

Check out this youtube video and list while thinking about the final things you might want to consider.


Treadmills are not pieces of equipment that you need a gym membership for. They can be affordable enough to bring into your own home and simple enough to use at your own convenience. Welso and Confidence treadmills are perhaps the two best brands to choose from because of their variety of options under $500.

When looking for a treadmill, one should be conscious of the features that are necessary and the features that would be desired. Some of these features include shock absorption, reliable motors, incline, and workout programs. These features help ensure you get the best, most reliable workout experience.

Not everyone is expected to buy a treadmill and use it most effectively immediately. However, these treadmills make that goal much more doable.

Top Rated Playcraft Sport

5 Best Air Hockey Tables 2017

Top Rated Playcraft SportPicture this: all the members of the family are home but none of them are talking to each other. Instead, they are in their own corner, with heads bowed down and fingers busy tinkering with their gadget of choice. Seems familiar, doesn’t it?

If you are looking for a way to bring everyone together for some fun, quality time, here is a suggestion: play air hockey! With its simple rules and fast paced action, it is no wonder that people of all ages are easily drawn to it.

Besides being entertaining, you may be surprised to know that air hockey actually delivers a lot of benefits.

It helps burn calories and lose fat, and it also helps hand-eye coordination as well as strategic thinking.

Although its history only dates back to the late 60’s, the table has evolved into different styles and sizes.

Whether you prefer a basic table or one with all the flashy features, there is a table that will perfectly suit you. It may be intimidating but there is no reason to be, because we will arm you with all the information you need – from the types of hockey tables to the specific elements to look for. Most importantly, we will give you a tip as to which tables are the best.

Ready? Let’s get into it!

Air Hockey Tables Comparison Table

ImageNameTypeLengthPriceMore Info
Playcraft SportPlaycraft SportTable Top40 inches$
Sport Squad HX40Sport Squad HX40Table Top40 inches$
Playcraft Center IcePlaycraft Center IceStand Alone84 inches$$$$
Redline AcclaimRedline AcclaimStand Alone54 inches$$
Viper VancouverViper VancouverStand Alone90 inches$$$$$

Features to Look For

In purchasing a table, or just about anything for that matter, you would want to make sure that you choose it as carefully as possible. Nobody wants to watch precious dollars going down the drain! There is no better way of choosing wisely than by knowing exactly what to look for. Having some sort of a checklist gets you a good step ahead.

To get you started on your table hunting journey, we have prepared this buying guide. These are specific characteristics that you need to consider in getting the perfect product for you.


An air hockey table’s materials depend largely on what type of table it is. Generally, you will find plastic and wood panels as the main materials of smaller and cheaper tables. Tables that measure 4 to 6 feet long may have wood or metal legs to support the MDF and metal table top. If you want solid wood and strong metal all over, look for professional quality tables.


Again, the type and size of the table are interrelated. Table top hockey games are mostly designed for children so they are naturally smaller. On the other hand, stand alone and convertible tables can vary widely in length and height.

The more popular size of home tables is between 4 to 6 feet while tables for arcade or tournament play are from 7 to 8 feet. Whatever size you may prefer, make sure that it will fit in the space that you allocate for it.

As for table thickness, 3/4 inches is preferred to have that smooth surface for excellent playability.

Solid Structure

If your budget permits, go for a table constructed of solid wood to allow it to withstand intense play. In addition, look for a table that has sturdy legs. Make sure that solid screws clamp the joints together.

You don’t want an uneven table because that is simply annoying, not to mention unfair, so look for a table that has leg levelers.

Don’t forget the rink walls! For occasional use, get a table with rink walls that are made of thin laminate aluminum. However, expect that they will give very little rebound. If you want great bounciness and deflection, look for a table with rink walls made of strong nylon or solid aluminum.

Consistent Air Power

Air hockey is not called such for nothing. Air is the life of the game! It blows from the fans and goes through the surface, allowing the puck to simulate its movement on ice.

Smaller tables are usually battery-operated while others are plugged in. The best ones are the hybrid type because you are not limited by the life of your batteries or having to play near a socket.

Exciting Add Ons

To make the game even more enjoyable, air hockey tables can also come with other interesting features. If you like to keep track of the score, some tables allow you to tally manually while others have electronic scoreboards. How do you feel about lights and sounds that flash at the signal of a goal? If that does not add excitement, we don’t know what does!

Top 5 Air Hockey Tables

Now that you know exactly what to examine, you are ready to buy your own table.

However, there are a lot of them available on the market. Choosing one can be so confusing that it can make you feel like a puck going back and forth!

You’re welcome, because we know that you will thank us for getting the complicated part over and done with. We know that you want nothing but the best, and that is exactly what’s coming up!

1. Playcraft Sport

Seizing the top spot is a table top air hockey model, the Playcraft Sport.

If you don’t have the luxury of space, this type of table suits you perfectly. You do not have to allot an area for it because its sturdy MDF hardwood frame can rest on any table or surface.Top Rated Playcraft Sport

Its 40-inch size is ideal for children as young as 5 years old. It can also be good for teenagers but even people who are in their 60’s reportedly enjoy it!

With its uncomplicated design and 19 pound weight, the Playcraft Sport is very easy to assemble. Storage is also effortless because it takes up very minimal space. It can even fit under your kid’s bed.

Despite its size, you should not undermine its capacity. The pucks are propelled by air that goes as powerful as 100-cubic-foot-per-minute. You also don’t need to worry about replacing or charging batteries because it comes with an AC adapter and a wall plug.

The table includes 2 strikers and 2 pucks so you are ready to get it on as soon as assembly is done!

If you want a portable but efficient table with minimal space and investment required, go for the Playcraft Sport.

2. Sport Squad HX40

If you are a fan of portability and convenient storage, you will also love the Sport Squad HX40.

Measuring 40 inches, it is perfect for children or those in their early teens but it can definitely be enjoyed by adults as well. Height is not a problem because you place it on top of any table so just choose one that best suits the players.

Its size also makes storage effortless. If you are a parent who is tired of your kids pointing fingers when it’s time to put the table away, the Sport Squad HX40 is heaven-sent.

It is made of MDF which is a type of high quality wood so you can be assured of its durability. When the game gets intense, even the surface that it lays on is safely protected from scratches because of the table’s rubber pads.Sport Squad HX40

With every goal made, the manual scorers help you keep track of the game’s progress. It is also easy to get back to action because the goal boxes return the puck immediately.

The Sport Squad HX40 has to be plugged in to work. However, you may find the power cord a bit short so in setting up the table, it is best to find a spot near a socket.

It comes with two round pucks and two plastic strikers. After its no-sweat assembly, you are ready for fast-paced air hockey action!

Overall, owning the Sport Squad HX40 is an affordable and convenient way to enjoy this game with your family and friends.

3. Playcraft Center Ice

If you prefer a bigger, stand alone table, make way for our final medalist, the Playcraft Center Ice.

This 7 foot table may be a bit heavy but setting it up is really simple. And once completely assembled, you will immediately appreciate its solid construction.

Due to its size and build, the table can be a hit for teenagers. Wondering about all the table bumping and shoving that naturally comes with this exciting game? The Playcraft Center Ice can take all that. In addition to its weight, the 6 inch pedestal style legs add stability to the table.The legs feature 5 inch diameter levelers that are useful not only for balancing the table but also for adjusting its height.Playcraft Center Ice

The play field is ¾ inch thick PVC laminate. It has a smooth, glossy finish that allows fast puck movement. The 2.5” diameter pucks may be a bit small but its size is just perfect for the table’s blower. However, you might need to get used to picking them up because of their tendency to fly off the table.

If you are not a fan of old fashioned pen and paper scoring, an electronic scorer will do that for you. It is built into the side rail and is powered by four AA batteries.

If you have enough space and budget to spare, we highly recommend that you get a Playcraft Center Ice.

4. Redline Acclaim

Coming in at fourth place is a 4.5 foot stand alone table, the Redline Acclaim. Although it may be small by most standards, it definitely deserves a second look.

Its PVC laminated playfield is smooth and appealing while the table’s blower is enough to propel the 2 ⅛” pucks. The ½” rails also provide a consistent bounce. What can you expect when these factors come together? Smooth and fast action, just how you want it to be!Redline Acclaim

At 39 lbs., the table is a bit lighter than others in this category. Its stability rests on 3 ¼” L-style legs and is reinforced by end and side aprons. While it can take on reasonable budging, it’s still best to not push the table to its limit.

To keep track of who’s winning, you can use its slide scoring system. The external puck catchers are also helpful in immediately getting back to action after a goal is scored. Less time wasted means more air hockey action!

Due to its assured value for money, the Redline Acclaim gets our vote.

5. Viper Vancouver

If you want something more than just the typical table, this one is for you. Presenting the exciting table that completes our top 5 list, the Viper Vancouver.

This full size 7.5 foot table is as close as you can get to an arcade style air hockey table. It has all the basics in place, plus some add-ons that really make the game more interesting.

Its playing surface features ice hockey rink graphics over a smooth, white surface. The deep set rink gives a nice bounce while the powerful air flows consistently to keep the puck in play. Underneath each goal are puck return boxes that players can easily reach to return to the game quickly.Viper Vancouver

What sets the Viper Vancouver apart from competition is its professional style electronic scorer and timer. It shows the score as well as the time which you can set at your minute time preference. Located at the right side of the center rink, this LED display is visible to both players from where they are. It even has sound effects!

Can you almost feel the excitement? Before you do, you have to know that putting it together requires a bit of help. It weighs 265 lbs. and setting it up requires flipping it over so extra hands will surely be practical.

Simple assembly challenges aside, the Viper Vancouver is surely capable of bringing in lots of fun!

Types of Air Hockey Tables

In choosing an air hockey table, much of your decision lies on the type of table that you prefer. Is the table for skilled and serious gamers, or younger ones who want to release energy and simply have fun? How much space do you have? Do you want one with all the bells and whistles?

To take you one step closer to the perfect table for you, consider the following types:

Arcade Type

If you want a regulation size table that can handle long hours of playing and comes with nice features such as electronic scoring, sound effects, and music, then an arcade type suits you best.

It boasts of solid construction to withstand long and intense play. It also features a powerful motor to keep the puck in play.

Consequently, the arcade type is usually the most expensive.


These are full, stand alone tables that are more basic and, therefore, more affordable than the arcade-style ones.

You may be surprised that there are plenty of choices available on the market. In terms of level of quality and price, there is one that will surely match your preference. While you should not expect special features, you can still be guaranteed that a lot of standard tables are reliable and entertaining.

Table Top

Are you wondering if there is a way for you to enjoy air hockey even if you do not have the space to accommodate a standard table? The answer is a resounding “yes”!

What you need is a table top type which is the smallest version that you can get. As the name suggests, you place it on top of a table or any flat surface and you instantly have a table to play on! They usually have rubber feet so you do not need to worry about damaging the surface that it rests on.

A lot of people prefer this type of table not only because of its portability but also because of its cost efficiency.

Convertible or Multi-Game

There is no arguing that air hockey is a fun and exciting game. But do you know that you can play more than one game using the same table?

A multi-game table can be converted so you can also use it for pingpong, pool, or foosball. It is also a good spot to play board games like chess, checkers, or backgammon.

However, convertible tables have a reputation of being inferior. You may call it a case of prioritizing quantity over quality. If this is you table of preference, you should be ready to deal with some flaws.

The Top Brands

Considering the vast amount of choices on the market, one foolproof way to spot a good table is to look at its brand. A company earns a sterling reputation due to its high standards of quality so you can expect their products to be topnotch.

As expected our top tables come from two of the most highly regarded producers of game room equipment and accessories today, Playcraft Sport and Sport Squad.

Playcraft Sport

From its humble beginnings in 1975, Playcraft Sport is now a recognized name in the game room industry. It has stayed true to its mission of producing high quality products through its dedication to excellent workmanship and continuous innovation.Playcraft Sport Logo

Today, its pool tables, games tables and accessories are preferred not only for home but for commercial and institutional use as well. You can find their products being enjoyed in schools, private offices, hospitals, government agencies, and even military institutions.

They have a variety of products on the market. You can choose among table top, stand alone and multi-game versions. You can surely find one that suits your style – and budget!

Sport Squad

Another strong player in the industry is Sport Squad, manufacturer and distributor of well-loved air hockey, foosball, and arcade basketball products. It is also the exclusive North American partner of JOOLA, one of the most prominent brands of professional table tennis equipment.

Sport Squad LogoIts noble vision is to bring family and friends together, all the more relevant in our highly digital but very impersonal times. So far, it has been successful as it delivers beyond expectation by adhering to principles of quality, innovation, and excellent customer service.

Although its table tennis line is considered the most celebrated, the rest of its products, including the hockey tables, are definitely following suit!

Other Things to Consider

Whether you end up buying the simplest or the most high-end table, it is your responsibility to care for it so it remains in good condition for as long as possible.

So how do you maintain your brand new purchase? Here are some tips:

Do not eat or drink near the table.

There may be bits of food or liquid that may fall on the surface and clog the air holes. This can affect the performance of the fans considerably, and the last thing that you want is a puck that does not hover.

Clean the surface.

In cleaning the table’s surface, less is actually more. There is no need for special concoctions or expensive waxes because they could also clog the air holes. Instead, use a damp cloth to wipe off any marks on the surface. If needed, you can use a liquid cleaner but remember to spray some on the cloth and not directly on the table.

Don’t forget the pucks!

Clean them the same way that you would clean the surface. As long as they are free from impurities, they will stay smooth, retain their glide, and continue to give you a great air hockey experience.

Protect the table.

When not in use, remember to keep your table protected. You can improvise with a cloth cover or plastic sheeting. You can also purchase one especially made for these tables, like the Hathaway Universal Table Cover.

Check the table’s construction.

Aside from cleaning and protecting your table, you also have to check the other parts. Tighten the bolts regularly. Check if the table is level and if needed, adjust using the built-in levelers.


There is no doubt that air hockey is a fun and exciting game that both kids and adults can enjoy. More so, these tables these days are so impressive that they make the game even more interesting.

If you do not have the luxury of space, there are good table top models to choose from. Of course, there are also the reliable stand alone tables and the fancy arcade-style tables.

A lot of them are easy to assemble so that should not bother you anymore. They also have useful features such as manual or electronic scorers, puck returns, leg levelers, and even light and sound effects.

For sure game winners, look for tables from Playcraft Sport and Sport Squad. We have confirmed that they have the best models on the market today so they will surely not disappoint.

Are you ready? Get your Playcraft Sport table and push that puck now!

Top Rated JOOLA Inside 15

5 Best Ping Pong Tables 2017

Top Rated JOOLA Inside 15“Whif whaf,” “gossamer,” or “flim flam”.

Are any of these familiar to you? I assume not. But what if I told you that these are names for an incredibly famous game that I’m sure you heard of?

Table tennis helps in burning excess calories, improving concentration and hand-eye coordination, and mental alertness. But one very worthy benefit of playing ping pong is the priceless time that you spend with family and friends.

For these reasons and more, now is the time to get yourself a ping pong table, and we are here to bring you closer to the table that is perfect for you. What do you need to consider when looking for a ping pong table? What are the top products on the market today? How do you take care of your table? That’s right – you can get all of this information in our article.

Now on to the details…

Ping Pong Tables Comparison Table

ImageNameTypeThicknessPriceMore Info
JOOLA Inside 15JOOLA Inside 15Indoor15 millimeters$$$
JOOLA MidsizeJOOLA Midsize TableIndoor15 millimeters$$
JOOLA Rally TL 300JOOLA Rally TL 300Indoor15 millimeters$$$$
JOOLA NovaJOOLA NovaOutdoor15 millimeters$$$$
STIGA AdvantageSTIGA AdvantageIndoor15 millimeters$$$$

Features to Look For

It’s easy to get excited and rush into getting the first table you see or the cheapest one on the list. Many of us have made at least one disappointing purchase and that is exactly what we want to save you from!

What considerations must you keep in mind when buying a ping pong table? What features are absolutely necessary and what are merely good-to-have?

Here are what you should take into account:

Indoor or Outdoor? Stationary or Portable?

The first thing that you should decide on is where you want your  table to be set up. Do you have a designated recreation room or do you intend to keep it in the garage? If it is the latter, you have to take note that outdoor tables have certain material specifications to be able to withstand changes in temperature.

You also need to resolve whether you will set up the table permanently or you expect it to be taken down and re-assembled frequently. If you prefer an easily transportable type, there are  tables that fold up and have rollers with brakes.

Table top Material and Thickness

Ping pong table tops can be made of particle board, concrete, metal, or fibre glass, among others. But the best ones are made of wood because they give off a nice bounce. It is not surprising that only wood or wooden by-products are allowed in major table tennis tournaments.

Aside from the material, the table top’s thickness is also crucial. You will find tables with thickness that ranges from 12mm to 28mm. If you are into serious and competitive play, 25mm (1 inch) is perfect for you. On the other hand, 19mm (0.75 inches) is good enough for beginners or casual players.

Strong Legs and Levelers

While table tennis is not exactly a rough sport, it can get so intense that players, especially the young ones, can bump or budge the table. Therefore look for one that has durable legs and supports that can endure rugged treatment.

A level table is fundamental in table tennis. Look for a table that has levelers that allow you to keep it balanced at the standard height of 76cm above the floor.

Reliable Net

If you want to relieve yourself from the hassle of having to constantly tighten, adjust, and repair table tennis nets, steer clear of the traditional detachable kind. Opt for a fixed net because it does not require much handling to lessen the tendency of scratching or damaging the table.

Smooth and Even Finish

Any patch or rough spot will cause an unsteady bounce so look for a table that has a flawless finish. The edges on top and sides should also be smooth so you will not get cut even if you accidentally rub your arm or leg on it.

You may also bring a ruler to make sure that the ball bounces about 23cm high when a ball is dropped from a height of 30cm. This should be uniform across all places on the table.

Top 5 Table Tennis Tables

You already know the factors to consider in buying a ping pong table. Congratulations! Are you ready to buy now? Not just yet!

Given the wide array of choices available on the market, it can be quite tricky to select one. But don’t you worry because we will take you even closer to the product that suits you best.

We took all of them to the test, removed the inferior ones out of the picture and picked the 5 best ones.

1. JOOLA Inside 15

Leading the pack is a bestseller from a highly-regarded table tennis manufacturer, the JOOLA Inside 15.

With its durability and excellent overall quality, this regulation size table is a score.

Top Rated JOOLA Inside 15The surface is made of 5/8 inch professional grade MDF. Despite being thinner than most, it delivers a consistent ball bounce – something that is probably the most desired characteristic of a table tennis table.

The frame and legs also leave nothing to be desired. They are made of 1.5 inch diameter steel that is strong enough to withstand years of passionate play. The powder coating prevents rust and other damage. The stable legs each have height levelers that you can adjust so the table adapts to uneven surfaces.

It can be used in 3-table positions. In the play set up, the table is fully laid out so you can enjoy the game with friends and family. In the solo playback position, one half of the table is folded up, allowing you to practice by yourself in preparation for future matches. Lastly, the storage position makes the separate halves meet so you can conveniently stow the table away.

The two separate halves each have four caster wheels that allow you to smoothly move this 140 pound table. We particularly love the four locking devices in each of the halves because they provide additional stability during play or solo playback positions. While in storage mode, they are also useful in ensuring that the table safely stays in its position.

Staying consistent to its excellent standards, the table also includes a high quality net and post set.

The JOOLA Inside 15 definitely proves that it is not a bestseller for nothing!

2. JOOLA Midsize Table

If you are aiming for a JOOLA but you really don’t have the space for a regulation table, the JOOLA Midsize Table is perfect for you.

Like bigger and more expensive JOOLA tables, it is also made of high quality materials. While it may be 2/3 the size of a full ping pong table, the table still gives you that competitive feel with its standard height of 30 inches.JOOLA Midsize

The table requires almost no assembly at all. You simply open the attached legs, put the halves together, attach the net and you can start enjoying your new table. How much simpler could that get?

Given its size, the JOOLA offers multi-functionality that makes its friendly price even more reasonable. It comes in two halves that can be used as individual tables. If you are done playing ping pong , you can use it to play cards, chess, or dominoes. You can also use it for other needs as long as you keep it clean and dry.

When it’s time to pack up, you do not need to lift a finger to store this 65 pound table. It is so compact that it easily fits most storage spaces. Some vehicles even have enough space to accommodate it so you can bring it wherever it’s needed.

For its quality and convenience, the JOOLA Midsize Table provides excellent value for money.

3. JOOLA Rally TL 300

Garnering the third spot is another JOOLA table with interesting add-on features – the Rally TL 300.

With easy-to-follow instructions, setting up the Rally TL 300 is a breeze. This two-piece table functions as a full playing table but if you want to work on your moves before facing your opponents, you can also fold the other half to use it in solo mode.

JOOLA Rally TL 300The table top is made of 15mm MDF supported by a strong, powder-coated aluminum undercarriage. The surface has a nice charcoal paint that does not only give the table a stylish look but also provides protection from ball marks and scratches. It also comes with a high quality clip-on net set with adjustable posts.

Its strength is complemented by stability, thanks to its adjustable feet that allow easy leveling even on the most irregular floor surfaces. It also has locking wheels that keep the table from moving in the middle of table tennis action. But when you do need to move this 155 pound table for relocation or storage, the wheels also come in handy.

Tired of chasing loose balls all over the place? JOOLA, given its years of experience, knows this too well. They found a way to keep the balls within reach using corner holders that can each hold up to three 40mm balls.

Another unique feature is its magnetic scorekeepers. Find a spot where it is convenient for you to access and this abacus-style counter can help you keep track of the score.

If you are an experienced player looking to finally play competitively, the JOOLA Rally TL 300 is a good table to practice on.

 4. JOOLA Nova

If you prefer to be around natural lighting and ventilation while playing table tennis, a durable outdoor table suits you best. You should consider getting the number 4 table on our list, the JOOLA Nova.

Despite weighing 121 lbs., setting it up is simple. You will love how the legs fold in and out easily.JOOLA Nova

The 6mm aluminum plastic composite surface makes this table very durable. You can be assured that it can withstand outdoor elements without having to worry about rust or other damage. Its multi-layer paint and 40mm apron work hand-in-hand to resist any warping. As a result, the table maintains its excellent performance with a solid table top that provides consistent ball bounce.

Although the JOOLA Nova is meant to be used and stored outdoors, it is still wise to use a cover for protection. It is a minimal investment that will undoubtedly increase the table’s lifespan.

You will also be impressed by the Nova’s undercarriage and legs. Its frame is made of 30mm steel that is powder coated for rust protection and overall durability. The table can also adapt to uneven floor surfaces with its adjustable leg levelers.

If you are in the mood to practice by yourself before unleashing your moves in a match, you can set up the table in solo position by simply folding one side up. Each half also features 3-inch casters so you can easily transport, convert, or store the table as you wish. No need to worry about keeping the table in place because all the casters can be locked.

With the JOOLA Nova, your ping pong games no longer need to be restricted to your game room!

5. STIGA Advantage

Completing the roster of the best ping pong tables is the STIGA Advantage.

One key strength of this table is ease of assembly. No matter how handy you are, straightforward construction is always welcome. It comes completely assembled so it will take you just about 10 minutes to completely set it up.

The table can be set up in three different positions: play position where you can challenge your friends to a ping pong match, playback position where the other half of the table serves as your opponent, or the space-saving storage position where you put the halves together and roll it for temporary safekeeping. On the underside of the table, you will find a spring loaded safety latch to safely keep it in its upright position.

STIGA AdvantageAnother bonus? The two halves can be used as separate tables for other needs.

You will also love this table’s flawless finish. Its 5/8-inch table top is UV cured and painted with multiple roller coat for maximum durability. Unlike other tables’ sticker stripes, the STIGA Advantage used smoother and more durable silkscreen prints.

STIGA understands that a strong and stable base is equally important as a good table top. The Advantage is one great example of that principle. Its base is composed of 1.5-inch square legs made of heavy-duty steel with rubber leg levelers for floor-friendly height adjustment. The top is further supported by a 1.5-inch welded tube style apron that also allows the table to remain flat so that the ball bounces evenly. Whether in play or during storage, you can use the locking wheels to keep the table in place.

The net and post are not to be outdone. Considered heavy-duty and tournament grade, the 72″ net and post set is surely an asset. Its clamp-style also makes it easy to remove and assemble.

While it may not be the most affordable, it is still a fine table that can serve you and your family for many years.

Types of Ping Pong Tables

We have already mentioned that it is important to identify where you intend to use and store your table tennis table more frequently.

Learn more about indoor and outdoor table differences here:

Indoor Ping Pong Tables

Indoor tables are usually made from wood and as such, they should be kept in room temperature and away from direct sunlight or humid conditions. Otherwise, the top surface can warp and you do not want this major flaw for your table.

Indoor tables are further classified into categories.

If you have limited space to set up a full table, you can opt for a conversion table. Using a separate top section, you can instantly convert a pool table or other similar surfaces into a ping pong table.

Other indoor tables have telescopic legs so you can adjust the height according to player requirements.

A mini table is perfect for the young ones. Because they are certainly not after serious competition, it is easy for them to have a rally because these tables can be slightly tilted inwards. The edges are rounded for safety and the table is foldable for easy storage.

Outdoor Ping Pong Tables

If your table is meant for outside use and storage, an outdoor type suits you best.

They are generally more expensive because they are designed to endure the changing weather conditions for many years. Their table tops are usually made from specially treated wood or melamine, which is a strong type of plastic. Even their legs, net and posts are also weatherproof.

The most durable surface is made entirely of concrete and has a polished surface. Some even give you the option to get one in a unique color, or have the steel nets personalized.

Whether indoor or outdoor, one thing is for sure: the market is teeming with interesting choices!

The Top Brands

While we have already outlined the factors to consider in choosing your table, there is one more important determinant: brand. More often than not, the brand tells you what to expect, from the materials used to the overall construction of the table.

With a combined experience of 135 years, it is not surprising to find tables from JOOLA and STIGA on the top our best of the best list.


Being the table tennis table provider of the Olympics speaks highly of JOOLA’s quality standards. But to be the official sponsor of the world’s biggest sporting spectacle thrice is undeniably a major feather on any company’s cap.

JOOLA has a rich history of providing tables and accessories to table tennis enthusiasts. Founded in the 1950’s, it is known for maintaining the highest standards of quality and working towards continuous product innovation.JOOLA Logo

Their tables are easy to assemble and they commonly feature sturdy and smooth table tops, reliable clip-on nets, and convenient leg levelers and wheels. Some of the tables also have additional details like abacus scorers and ball holders.

Their extensive product line also includes rackets, rubbers and balls. They even have head-to-toe apparel specifically tailored for maximum performance.

They aim to provide products for all price levels so whether for recreational or professional use, you will surely find a JOOLA table for you.


For over 70 years, STIGA has been another world leader when it comes to the game of table tennis.

STIGA logoIt reached its enviable status by ensuring the highest quality of raw materials, maintaining world-class manufacturing standards, and investing in research and development to come up with exceptional sports equipment and accessories. It also consults and partners with top players and coaches around the world. Once their needs are identified, STIGA goes back to the drawing board to further improve their products.

The STIGA product line now includes table games like hockey and soccer, bikes and scooters, footballs and net goals, floorball sticks and goals, tennis and badminton sets, and basketball systems. Such an extensive product range!

Other Things to Consider

You wanted no less than the best ping pong table for you and your family. You took time to really know your options. You spent a considerable amount to purchase it. Would you let all that effort go to waste? Of course, not!

Here are some tips to help you preserve your table’s condition:

Remember where it belongs. Keep the table in the right place. If you have an indoor table, make sure that you keep it in a place where there is moderate temperature and humidity.

Clean the surface regularly. During each game, sweat and dirt may fall on the table’s surface. Wipe the surface with a clean, dry cloth after every game to avoid these contaminants from accumulating.

Address spills properly. While it is advisable to keep food and drinks away from the table, accidents can always happen. Draw the liquid using an absorptive cloth. No need for soap because it will only alter the appearance and texture of the surface. Wash the cloth in warm water, squeeze, and repeat. Do not to rub too hard or push down on the table.

Don’t forget the net. It deserves just as much attention as the table top surface. If you have a removable net, don’t drag it while putting it on or taking it off. Check to make sure that the tightness is just right.

Use as intended. While most ping pong tables are really sturdy, it is still not wise to use it as a resting place for objects other than the game’s accessories. Sitting on it is also a big no-no!


Whether for recreation with family or friends, or a competitive sport that you can be serious about, table tennis fits the bill. You can practice it anytime without having to leave the comfort of your own home. What’s not to like?

Given the ease of assembly of most table tennis tables today, getting them ready for action is as simple as opening the legs and attaching the net. They even have leg levelers to address uneven floor surfaces. Multi-position settings are also available for play, solo practice or storage.

With fine materials and solid construction, the increased durability makes most tables a worthy investment. Don’t shy away thinking that these impressive tables are expensive because there is a wide range of products at different price points. You will surely find one that fits your budget!

For optimum table tennis experience, trust JOOLA  or STIGA for your tables and accessories. They have been in the industry the longest and are trusted by world-class players and coaches.

Better yet, follow our product recommendations and you will not go wrong. Get the action going with the JOOLA Inside 15!

Top Rated-Carrom Signature

5 Best Foosball Tables 2017

Top Rated-Carrom SignatureWith over 4 billion followers, soccer easily claims the honor of being the world’s most popular sport. Did you know that in the U.S. alone, more than 24 million people play soccer at some level?

While you can’t always play in a huge field with screaming fans, you can still get the same rush of excitement and competitive spirit in the comfort of your home. A foosball table is all you need!

In this post, you will find everything you could need to know about foosball tables. You will learn what types are available and what factors to consider in buying one. We even go the extra mile and give you inside information on the best products on the market today. As a bonus, we also give you some tips on how to care for your brand new entertainment piece.

Now let’s get started!

Foosball Tables Comparison Table

ImageNameSize and TypeGoalie ConfigurationPriceMore Info
Carrom SignatureCarrom Signature4.5 feet, stand alone1- or 3-man goalie$$$$$
Hathaway PlayoffHathaway Playoff4 feet, stand alone3-man goalie$
Playcraft SportPlaycraft Sport4 feet, stand alone3-man goalie$
Sport Squad FX40Sport Squad FX403 feet, tabletop3-man goalie$
Triumph SweeperTriumph Sweeper4 feet, stand alone3-man goalie$

Features to Look For

Whether you are a first-time buyer or looking to upgrade your current table, it is important to know what factors to consider before making a decision.


Wood laminate is the most common material used in constructing foosball tables. As long as it is one inch thick, it is sturdy and stable enough. While really affordable, tables made from particle board lacks stability and durability. If you want a classic look, go for a solid wood table. However, those are heavy and expensive. Metal tables are considered the strongest and the easiest to clean and maintain.

When it comes to steel rods, you can choose among three types: hollow, solid steel, or telescoping tubular rods. Hollow steel rods are the lightest and are best for very experienced players who like to play with more speed. Mid-level ones use solid steel while high-end ones have telescoping tubular steel rods that do not stick out on one side of it.


If you want faster action, stay away from wood surfaces because they contribute to slower play. Regardless of material, choose a thicker surface for a more level and sturdy table. Opt for laminated instead of stick-on designs because the latter tend to wear out more easily.

Adjustable Legs 

In foosball, a leveled table is necessary for fair play. Look for adjustable legs that allow you keep it flat on an uneven floor. A table with adjustable legs can also be used by different users more than one with a fixed 36″ height.

Goalie Formation

You can choose between the 3 man goalie configurations, which is more popular in the United States, or the single goalie, which is the preference in Europe and in other parts of the world. How do you know which one is for you? A single goalie is ideal for advanced players because it requires more precision and skill. For versatility, you can also look for tables that can be converted from a single to a 3 man goalie and vice versa.

Counterweighted Men

Your little men in foosball can be made of either plastic or metal, the latter having more power in every shot. There are tables that have counterweighted men that remain horizontal and out of the way when you are shooting.

Top 5 Foosball Tables

Foosball is a game that effectively bridges age gaps. It is a nice family entertainment and bonding activity. It can gather teenage classmates as well as grown-up buddies for some competitive play. Because of this high demand, it is not surprising that a lot of game table manufacturers come up with their own models.

Looking for your own table? Allow us to help by sharing with you the result of our thorough research. We checked all products available on the market and assessed each one of them based on our strict standards.

Feel free to take your pick because the following are the top products currently on the market:

1. Carrom Signature

The top spot is coveted by the elegant-looking Carrom Signature Table. With fine components and excellent construction, it is the top choice not only of many users but our panel of experts as well.Top Rated-Carrom Signature

Stability is of prime importance in games such as foosball. The Carrom Signature will not disappoint you. Its 1″ thick board provides enough strength to withstand even the most grueling match. It also has triple chrome plated leg levelers that allow it to adapt to uneven flooring.

The playing surface is both sturdy and appealing. It is 3/8″ thick and has enamel screen-printed graphics that also serve as protection from wear and tear. Although there are a few dead spots, they do not have a major effect on game play.

The rods are also something to rave about. There are premium bearings that enable these hollow steel rods to spin quickly and smoothly. You can focus on your shots as you comfortably hold the 8 sided hardwood handles. Even better, the counterbalanced men remain out of the way.

It’s one of the few tables with an option to switch between one- or three- player goalie settings. This versatility allows both experienced and amateur players to alternately enjoy it without any issues.

You will also be pleased with the convenience features such as a wood-beaded scoring scheme and a ball return system. It even has four cup holders for a handy refreshment in the heat of the game.

Available in Agean Fresco, Moroccan, and Burr Oak colors, the Carrom Signature is one amazing foosball table!

2. Hathaway Playoff

Our second placer is an affordable table that is perfect for younger players, the Hathaway Playoff Soccer Table.Hathaway Playoff

The Hathaway Playoff is very easy to set up. Once completely assembled, it measures 4-feet long and weighs 49 lbs. It is made of 1/4-inch CARB certified MDF. The playing surface has a nice shade of green that realistically resembles soccer field grass.

It has 0.5″ chrome plated tubular steel rods with easy grip rubber handles. The players are made from ABS, a strong type of plastic. The men are arranged in a 3 goalie set up which is ideal for junior level of play.

For your convenience, the balls that go directly into the goal boxes automatically return to a receptacle at the end of the table. Although the opening is a bit smaller for adult hands to reach, the built in ball return mechanism is still better than having to retrieve the balls manually.

You can keep track of who’s winning with the manual scoring systems at both ends of the table.

It also comes with 2 balls and a 90 day limited warranty.

While it may not be constructed out of exceptional materials, the Hathaway Playoff can provide hours of foosball fun for kids and casual-playing adults.

3. Playcraft Sport

Another table that your kids will love occupies the third spot of our top 5 list: the Playcraft Sport.

Playcraft SportAlthough it isn’t made out of premium materials, you can still expect the young ones and even casual playing adults to enjoy this 4 foot table. Weighing 63 lbs. it is made of 5/8″ MDF and has ABS plastic corners holding the walls together. It also has chrome plated leg levelers for height adjustment and table alignment.

Anybody who has played foosball knows that the key to an exciting game is fast and smooth rod action. The Playcraft Sport delivers that through its chromium hollow steel rods with slide bearings.

Your kids will appreciate the table’s handy built-in features. There are ball serve cups on both sides. The score is easily tabulated using the manual slide scorers and each goal is automatically deposited by its internal ball retrieval system.

It comes in red or black, but both versions have realistic soccer fields and crowd graphics. Two foosballs complete the package. However, be aware that assembly can be a bit challenging because of the numerous parts and disappointing instructions.

If you have young foosball aficionados and space and budget are limited, the Playcraft Sport is perfect for you.

4. Sport Squad FX40

The fourth place belongs to a tabletop table, the Sport Squad FX40. If you don’t have enough space for a full size one, or if you are new to foosball and would like to get the hang of it before getting the real deal, then this product is the one for you.

Sport Squad FX40Its compact design gives maximum portability, allowing you to play on any firm surface and store it conveniently when not in use.

Underestimating this 3-foot table is one big mistake. It can function just like any other full size foosball table, and give you a great time with family and friends.

It is made of MDF and steel while the rods are telescopic chrome plated steel. Although there are no bearings, they still allow you to make swift shots. It’s also nice that they have rubber handles for a firm grip.

Its L-shaped legs provide stability. Don’t worry about your floors, counter-tops, or other furniture because the legs have rubber pads that won’t mark or scratch the surface.

The table has a 3-man goalie configuration of durable plastic players. They are strategically molded for improved passing and shooting accuracy. Make that goal and update the tally with the sliding scoring system. The ball goes in the net and you can retrieve it easily without having to stick your hands in tight holes like the ones in most tables – another simple but valuable feature!

Overall, the Sport Squad FX40 is a good tabletop table that provides a great value for money.

5. Triumph Sweeper

Completing our list is a decent 48″ table, the Triumph Sweeper. It is everything that it presents itself to be – no flamboyant claims but only basic, reliable features that ensure long hours of foosball fun.

Triumph SweeperThe Triumph Sweeper has chrome plated hollow steel rods with a 15.88mm diameter. The rods have ergonomic grips so you can comfortably control the ball as you shoot and defend. Once the table is completely assembled, you can immediately get into action because it also comes with 4 balls.

The table’s size fits 13 molded players on each side. They are color coded in black and white so you can easily identify your men. The configuration places 3 men on the goal and 10 on the field.

It has 5.75″ legs made of MDF with black laminate. There are leg levelers that you can adjust to keep it balanced. Despite weighing only 47lbs., it is sturdy enough to withstand dynamic play.

When a team makes a goal, you can easily keep track of the game status using the score sliders that are conveniently placed on each end right behind the goal.

If you are working on a budget but you want a full sized stand alone table, the Triumph Sweeper definitely fits the bill.

Runners Up

While it was fun trying out all the foosball tables available on the market today, it was rather difficult to trim the list to just 5. A lot of them are really good!

Read on and get to know two runner up finishers in this best of the best list.

1. Hathaway Primo

If you are willing to spend a bit more, allow the Hathaway Primo to amaze you. While it is actually at the mid-range price point, it can pass for a commercial product!Hathaway Primo

When it comes to durability and stability, the Hathaway Primo stands out. It boasts of a solid 1″ CARB certified MDF. It has a unique box leg design that features cross support beams so the table stays firm no matter how rough the game may get. The leg levelers ensure a perfectly balanced surface.

The rods are also strong enough to withstand heavy use. Made of 5/8 inch chrome plated solid steel, they also have E-Z spin bearings that allow smooth and fast-paced action.

The Hathaway Primo is perfect for experienced players who are up to a good chalIenge with the table’s single goalie configuration. The ABS players are counterbalanced, although a few have noted that there are times that they don’t stay horizontal.

Need refreshments in the middle of an intense match? No problem because it even has receptacles on each end to hold your drinks.

Overall, the Hathaway Primo is a strong and functional table that will make a great addition to your game room.

2. Atomic Pro Force

To round up our Foosball table lineup, we introduce the Atomic Pro Force.

It sticks to a simple overall look with the MDF’s bamboo laminate and black legs. It can match a recreation room as well as a more professional environment like an office.Atomic Pro

Although it is a bit challenging to set up, this 108-pound table is pretty solid. It has an adequate 1 inch wall thickness. The heavy duty legs are adjustable so you can make it perfectly level so it won’t affect your gameplay.

Your main weapons are hollow chrome steel rods. While there are no bearings, the rods are light so they still allow fast game play. They also have rubber octagonal handles for maximum comfort.

On the rods, you will find robot style men that are in ivory and black finish. Some people note that this color combination does not go well with the table’s black surface. It’s good, however, that this is purely aesthetic concern that doesn’t affect functionality.

It also has a manual scoring system as well as a built-in ball return mechanism for convenience.

The Atomic Pro Force is a a good table that will serve young ones and beginners well.

Types of Foosball Tables

Before you can get down to any detail, you need to resolve a fundamental issue first: what type of foosball table are you looking for?

Here’s a rundown of the major categories so you can match them with your preference:

Stand Alone

This single structure is bigger than the other types because it provides more authentic play. Stand alone ones may be more expensive but you still get the better end of the deal because they are more durable so you will be able to enjoy them longer.


If you prefer a portable table, a tabletop version is best for you. Position it on any hard and sturdy surface and you are ready to start a foosball match. Young children will benefit from this type of table because height is not a concern at all.


Thanks to modern day technology and man’s innate creativity, a lot of versatile tables are now available on the market. With a single table occupying the same footprint, you can enjoy not only foosball but also other games such as checkers, air hockey and ping pong, to name a few. This is great for kids who tend to get bored easily. Both stand alone and tabletop versions are available. However, don’t expect first-rate materials and construction as these types are usually more about quantity than quality.


This type is designed for revenue-generation. Arcades and sports bars are just some of the places where you can find coin-operated tables. Because they are expected to endure long hours of play, they are often well-built and can be quite expensive.

The Top Brands

Considering the countless products on the market, here’s one simple trick as you begin your search for the right table: check out the prominent brands first.

With their years of experience in manufacturing quality products, two names that enjoy this stature are Carrom Company and Hathaway Games and Sports. No wonder that their products emerged at the top of our list!

Carrom Company

Looking for a company’s years of experience? Carrom’s impressive history spans more than a hundred years! For numerous generations, it has already been providing quality, American-made recreational products.

In 2014, it came up with a very timely battlecry: “Unplug your Kids: Connect the Family”. Carrom CompanyIn this digital age, it aims to detach us from our gadgets and spend more time with our loved ones. It urges us to have converse more and simply have fun together. And what better way to do that than by challenging each other to a game of chess, dominoes, wooden checkers or air hockey? Carrom has supplies for all those and more!

Their tables commonly have stylish designs. They also feature precision bearing rods, wooden scoring beads, and one- or three-goalie configurations. Given the premium materials and excellent construction, you will not hesitate to get these mid-range to high end tables for yourself.

Hathaway Games and Sports

Another leading player in the industry is called Hathaway Games and Sports.

Known for integrating traditional manufacturing techniques with continuous innovation, Hathaway has been delivering quality billiards, air hockey, darts, poker products, and accessories for over a decade. Talk about a wide array of home entertainment options!

Hathaway Games & SportsFor foosball tables alone, you can choose among their stand alone, tabletop, or folding varieties. They are also known for having chrome-plated steel rods, a three-goalie set-up, and durable ABS molded men.

As if variety and quality aren’t enough, Hathaway also makes these amazing products affordable for most of us!

Other Things to Consider

Let’s say you have hurdled the critical stage of selecting from a wide array of choices and now you have the table of your dreams. What does it take to keep your table in its best possible condition? Keep the following tips in mind:

Keep It Clean

You may be too engrossed in enjoying your foosball table that you do not notice the accumulation of dirt, debris, and even spilled drinks. We recommend cleaning it regularly. Once a week is enough if you use it heavily while once every two months is recommended for low to moderate usage.

It is best to blow away dust and other particles in hard-to-reach places using a can of compressed air.

The next step is to wipe every part with a dry cleaning cloth. After this initial cleaning, apply a bit of 70%-80% rubbing alcohol to a new cleaning cloth and wipe down every surface to clean and sanitize the table.

An immaculate table is nothing if the rods are not working smoothly. Apply some foosball silicone for consistently well-functioning rods. However, be mindful not to use WD-40 silicone as this will make the rods too slippery and cause them to eventually deteriorate.

Maintenance is Essential

Aside from regular cleaning, there are also things that you should do to ensure that your table remains in tiptop condition for as long as possible.

  1. Keep it indoors. Exposing it to direct sun exposure or other extreme weather conditions will definitely shorten its life span.
  2. Regularly check the rods and the men to see if they need any fixing or realignment.
  3. If you have to move it, ask for help and lift it instead of dragging it. We recommend putting anti-slip grips on the feet to keep the table established on the floor, especially when the game gets intense and rough.
  4.  We suggest that you dedicate side tables for the players’ and spectators’ drinks. This will minimize the chances of spilling liquid on the its surface and causing hard-to-reverse damage.

These may be a lot to remember but the extra effort will go a long way. Whether it is a high end table or one for kids and beginners, you definitely don’t want your dollars to go down the drain!


As the Carrom Company advocates, it’s high time to invest on nurturing personal relationships with the people dear to us. In the end, you’re not only investing in a piece of equipment but also in more meaningful and lasting things in life.

Getting a foosball table allows you to have a center of entertainment where you, together with family and friends, can cultivate that competitive spirit while enjoying quality time. With solid construction and convenient features such as leg levelers, a ball return mechanism, and even drink holders, manufacturers have made it more interesting to have your own table at home. And the price range is broad enough to accommodate different family budgets!

There are a lot of types and models to choose from but take note of renowned brands such as Carrom and Hathaway. Their products will not disappoint as they live up to promises of quality and efficiency.

Unleash your inner Messi or Ronaldo and have a blast with the Carrom Signature Foosball Table!

Top Rated GoPong Table

5 Best Portable Beer Pong Tables 2017

College is no walk in the park. No wonder beer pong traces its roots to college fraternities. They probably thought they needed to devise a way to loosen up and stay sane amidst the challenges of college life! Top Rated GoPong Table

Traditionally, the game is played by two teams of two to four members aiming at each other’s half-filled cups of beer. The opponent drinks from the cup where the ball lands. Bragging rights go to the team that first empties the opponent’s cups.

Since its birth in the 1950’s, beer pong has become a staple not only in campus social culture but even at regular parties. It’s such a fun, non-intimidating game that is easy to enjoy. There are tons of affordable, portable, and exciting tables that will be perfect for your next party your tailgate.

Because a single Google search is enough to give you information overload, we simplified things for your convenience. In this post, you will find the different types as well as the features to look for in a beer pong table. When you are ready to decide, you can take your pick from any of the 5 best products that emerged from our strict evaluation. Oh, and don’t forget to check out our tips about alternative ways of playing the game. 😉

I bet you’re ready for the details so here they are…

Beer Pong Tables Comparison Table

ImageNameTable Top MaterialDimensions (L x W x H) PriceMore Info
GoPong TableGoPong TablePlastic8ft x 2ft x 27.5in$$$
Red Cup Pong TableRed Cup Pong TableAluminum8ft x 26in x 26in$$
Best Choice ProductsBest Choice Products TablePlastic8ft x 2ft x 27.5in$$
Versapong TableVersapong TablePlastic27.5in H$$
PartyPong TablePartyPong TablePlastic8ft x 2ft x 28in$$$$

Features to Look For

Although you can play beer pong on any flat and balanced table, you will never look back once you play on one that is specifically made for it.


Tables are differentiated by the materials that they are made from. Although some say that the effect on game play is very minimal, it still pays to decide whether wood, aluminum or plastic is your tabletop of choice. You can even choose an inflatable table for your pool parties!


While regulation size tables at 8 feet long are common, there are also 6 feet tables that are perfect for less challenging (and more easily drinkable) shots. Look for tables that are around 27.5inches in height as this works best for most players.

You can opt for rack types that you can set at varying distances depending on your desired level of difficulty. If space is really limited, there are smaller tabletop boards that allow you to enjoy the game as much as with full sized tables.


This is a major feature to look for. Fortunately, most tables these days can be folded into a briefcase with handles. Aside from allowing you to bring the game just about anywhere, it also enables you to conveniently store it when not in use.


You would want a table that will last through college, or even years after that. Look for one with a solid frame. Regardless of tabletop material, it is important to have waterproofing finish so you can easily wipe off the inevitable beer spills.


Beer pong hardly uses any accessories, but most tables already include balls in the package. It is good if there is a storage beneath the table to keep you from going after the balls that don’t end up in the cups.

Design and Customization Options

You will be amazed at how many design options are available. Look for one that will best reflect your personality. However, be prepared because the table’s price may shoot up depending on your selection.

Sports and art are just some of the themes that go into the tabletop designs. There are also blank dry erase tables that allow you to write anything, including a bit of trash talk aimed at the opposing team.

For additional entertainment, go for tables with glow lights and speakers.

A lot of tables also have optional triangles that serve as a guide for cup arrangement. Cup holes may also be pre-cut for less spilling and easier table maintenance.

Now that you know the important factors to consider, you are ready to choose the right table for you.

Top 5 Beer Pong Tables

Our search led us to an overwhelming number of choices. That is precisely what we don’t want you to go through! We carefully assessed each product and weeded out the inferior ones.

Trim down that selection because we now present the cream of the crop – the 5 best pong tables on the market today:

1. GoPong Table

Imagine having your  table in a briefcase that you can effortlessly bring anywhere anytime. The GoPong Table gives you that convenience, and more.

Top Rated GoPong TableNo time or patience for complicated assembly? Don’t worry because it can easily be set up in a few minutes. It takes no more than extending the legs and unfolding the table to start enjoying the game.

Made of durable melamine, this black table has a waterproof surface that can withstand years of fun and excitement.  The aluminum legs are also strong, although opening and closing the hinges can be slightly challenging.

The table is 8 feet long which is the standard tournament regulation size. Some people find its 27.5 inches height a bit short so GoPong heeded the call and released the GoPong PRO which is 36 inches tall and is ideal for bar and tournament use.

The GoPong table comes with 6 pingpong balls. It is easy to keep them organized with the styrofoam ball holder that comes with the table. We all know how annoying it is to chase those balls all over the place so this is definitely a welcome feature.

This table comes in other interesting designs: a classic distressed American flag perfect for Memorial Day, 4th of July or Labor Day parties, a dry erase table with pre-cut cup holes, and a football-themed table that you can customize with logos of your favorite teams.

Boost the fun and get your own GoPong Table!

2. Red Cup Pong Table

Coming in at second place is a portable table from Red Cup Pong.

This 8-foot table fits right into a 2’x2′ portable case. With its carrying handles, you can easily bring the fun to any party. Assembling this 22-pound table is very simple and when you are ready to store it or move the game to a different location, you can fold it just as quickly.Red Cup Pong Table

A stable and level table is key to enjoying a fun and fair beer pong match. When assembled correctly, it stays secure so there is no need to frequently adjust anything. You can focus on aiming at those cups!

The Red Cup Pong Table also has additional convenience features. Tired of losing the balls? Keep them arranged in the rack beneath the table. To make refilling the cups easier, the table has a built-in stainless steel bottle opener.

You can choose from the table’s different designs. It comes in a Sports Official theme, there’s the Sistine Chapel, an Angels and Demons surface, and a football HD design. However, be aware that the designs are merely stickers and are not painted on the table itself. The table is made to avoid warping and resist spills but it is still advisable to wipe the liquids immediately to preserve its quality.

Overall, the Red Cup Pong Table is an easy and affordable way to enjoy beer pong.

3. Best Choice Products Table

Our third best pong table is from Best Choice Products.

Best Choice Products TableThis table is constructed with an aluminum frame base and a melamine coated table top. It has one of the coolest designs among all the tables that we checked out! You will also love its durability as it can take scratches from years of playing on it and sun damage from occasional outdoor use. While the surface is also protected from beer spills, make sure to wipe it off immediately because the liquid can seep in the metal edge of the table’s sides.

Although it is most popular among college students, beer pong is a game that can be tweaked to suit different age ranges. This is why we find the height adjustment feature very helpful. The 8-foot table can be set at 27.5 inches high or at 20.5 inches for younger players. (We do not condone underage drinking.)

The table top has a rack set up for playing 6 or 10 cup games depending on the number of players. The guides may be a bit too close to each other but it still makes racking easier than setting up cups on a clear table.

It is easy to bring this table and enjoy it anywhere because it can be folded into four sections and fit into a carry case with two handles. It’s very lightweight at only 23 lbs. Many people also find it useful for other purposes – just throw in a cover and it can be an additional table for kids’ parties or during camping.

For its unique design and dual height settings, the Best Choice Products Table will surely be a hit in many parties.

4. Versapong Table

The fourth spot belongs to a unique table from Versapong.

Its portability and versatility set it apart from other tables. While most tables are foldable into a briefcase with handles, the Versapong table features two racks with a sturdy tripod base that fit in a travel case with backpack straps. Weighing only 7 lbs., it is almost three times lighter that the average pong table.Versapong Table

Although it is smaller and lighter, you can still enjoy competitive play from this regulation-sized table because it stands at 27.5 inches and you can set the racks 8 feet apart. If your space is limited or you are in the mood for a more easygoing match, you can simply move the racks closer to each other. For your convenience, the racks also have holders that fit generic 16 oz. cups.

The table’s versatility even extends to its looks. You can choose from six different colors. If you want to make it more personalized, there is a customizable version that has the Versapong logo on just one side of the rack so you can design the rest to your liking. Add stickers or decals to give it more character!

Yes, it’s convenient and beautiful. Most importantly, the Versapong table will stand the test of time. With molded parts made of ABS Plastic and legs made of furniture grade PVC, you have a durable table that you can enjoy for years.

If portability is a topmost concern, the Versapong table is the one for you.

5. PartyPong Table

If you want a table with a bit more flair, get this one from PartyPong.

It is a durable 8-foot table with aluminum framing and legs and 1/4 inch melamine panels. The table is very easy to set up and fold back up. Weighing only 25 lbs., it also folds into a briefcase with handles so you can conveniently carry it to parties and events.

PartyPong TableThe table surface effectively repels liquid. We love the design choices that range from sports themes, America and Canada emblems, even trucker girl and dry erase tables.

As if 11 different graphics are not enough, it has optional glow lights that surely add life to an already exciting beer pong game. It only requires two AA Batteries per side and can be set to 3 speed settings. You can even get this dry erase version with an optional bluetooth speaker that you can connect to your phone for some lively background music.

The pre-cut holes that hold the cups are very useful. Less sliding and spilling means easier table maintenance and more importantly, fewer game interruptions!

If you want a sturdy and striking table, this one from PartyPong is perfect for you.

Honorable Mentions

As promised, there you have your top 5 tables. We can end there, but we won’t.

Although we filtered the choices, we also don’t want to limit your options. Here are two more promising products that you should check out:

1. GoPong Barge Floating Table

Are you a beach bum? Do you live in a place where it’s usually warm and the pool serves as your sanctuary? If you answered “yes” to either question, the GoPong Barge Floating Table fits your style perfectly.

You can use it in three ways: as a pool pong barge, as a social floating raft, or as a floating lounge.GoPong Floating Table

The ends of this 6-foot barge have triangle guides to set up 10 cups. It may be smaller than regulation tables but you can still enjoy fun and competitive beer pong games.

Your friends don’t have to be too far away. They can join the fun and cheer you on along the sides. No need to share the booze because there are 8 cup holders for their own drinks. If you are not feeling competitive, you can ditch the game and just use the barge for social floating.

If you’re at it, you can go solo and relax while getting your tan and enjoying your drink. Ah, the good life!

Whichever way you want to use it, it would be annoying if you have to go elsewhere to refill your drinks. GoPong saw that coming so it designed the barge with a central cooler to hold up to 18 cans with ice. How convenient, right?

Inflatables commonly have strength issues but the GoPong Barge Floating Table meets reasonable expectations. It is made from the highest quality raft grade material so with proper care, you can expect to enjoy it for years.

 2. Mini Pong Table

Mention pong and a rowdy, alcohol-filled party immediately comes to mind. Buffalo Games changes that with its Mini Pong Table. Although you can still have that kind of fun if you wish, this mini table’s features allow your younger, non-drinking friends to enjoy the game.Mini Pong Table

It’s easy and enjoyable at the same time. The recessed racks and skid resistant footing keep the cups stable for minimal spilling.

We all know that not all shots go in and that chasing loose balls is not fun at all. You will not encounter that with the Mini Pong because the ball is tethered to the center of the board. Another advantage? The ball that ends up in you drink stays clean!

And speaking of cleanliness, the only maintenance that this mini table requires is wiping its solid wood, waterproof surface with mild soap and water. Dump the 25 reusable cups and other accessories in the accompanying mesh storage bag and place everything in the carrying case so you can bring the fun anywhere you want to.

If you want a low maintenance, tabletop pong board, the Mini Pong table is your best bet.

Types of Beer Pong Tables

Beer pong has evolved since it was first played in the 1980’s. Naturally, the table has also undergone transformations to keep up with the times. The structure may be similar but most differences boil down to the materials used. Customization is also becoming a big hit!

So what options are available? It is best to know the different types of tables to help you find a good match.

Early tables have a wooden top. Because they are heavier, they are deemed to be more stable. However, they are not recommended for outdoor use because they are prone to warping.

Plastic table tops provide a nicer ball bounce. Although they are lighter, the metal frames add that much needed stability.

While generally more affordable, aluminum table tops create a slower and lower bounce. For a lot of people, that can be a bit frustrating.

If you prefer outdoor play, what better way to enjoy a game than while relaxing in the pool? Inflatable tables allow you to have that luxury. They have cup holders and even a central cooler where you can deposit your drinks.

These days, beer pong tables have countless themes and designs to choose from. Sports, team logos, national flags, colors – name it and you can have those on your tables without sweat. If you want to be more funky, there are tables that have glowing lights and speakers. Most tables also have triangle guides and pre-drilled holes to show you where the cups should be.

There can be an endless debate as to what the best table really is. In the end, preferences prevail but the fun and excitement remain!

Other Things to Consider

In beer pong, skills are important but no one can deny that a great amount of luck is also involved. Whatever the combination ratio is, it makes the game really fun to play. No wonder it is the star of many college parties!

But do you know that there are variations of the game that will make it even more challenging and exciting? Here are just a few of them:

Call Out

Before throwing the ball, you first call out which cup you will hit. The opponent drinks only when you hit the cup that you called. Shooting a different cup counts as a miss so the cup remains on the table.


If you are the losing team and you want another try at winning it all, you can challenge the other team with a rebuttal. In this last try, you keep shooting to hit all of the other team’s cups. If you are successful, both teams play in a 3 cup overtime game to so that a final winner can be declared. Otherwise, be gracious enough to just accept defeat.

Bounce Shot Bonus

In beer pong, you can use an overhand, an underhand throw, or a bounce shot to aim at the cups. In this variation of the game, a bounce shot is given more premium. If you hit a cup with a bounce shot, you can pick another cup to be removed.

Balls Back

There are frustrating off days and there are unbelievably lucky days. If you’re experiencing the latter, take advantage of your hot hands. In this variation, you and your teammate get the ball(s) back immediately if you both make successful shots in a turn. Your opponents lose a turn and just keep their fingers crossed that you miss a shot the next time.

Now, doesn’t that sound like a lot of fun?


If you want sure entertainment in your parties, a beer pong table fits the bill perfectly. We could not think of a better way to consume all that alcohol while tapping into everyone’s fun and competitive side.

A lot of tables are made of durable frame and tabletop materials, including waterproof surfaces for easy maintenance. Some tables are even protected from scratches and sun damage. From the countless designs, you can surely find one that matches your personality.

One of the best things about beer pong tables these days is its sheer portability. Most of them fold into a briefcase or have their own carry-all case so you can bring the fun and excitement anywhere.

Next time you grab some booze for your party, do yourself and your guests an additional favor: get the GoPong Table, too!

1. Cross 101 Adjustsable Weighted Vest Camo F

9 Best Weighted Vests 2017

1. Cross 101 Adjustsable Weighted Vest Camo FIf your workouts have stalled and you’re looking for something to give you that extra oomph, or if you want a simple way to lose weight while doing everyday things a weighted vest is perfect for you.

The benefits of a weighted vest are backed by science. Wearing it while exercising improves strength, power, and endurance while simply wearing it around the house while doing chores increases the rate at which you burn calories (which means that you lose weight!)

Of course not all weighted vests are created equal, and there are tons out there that look good and are comfortable, but break after a couple exercises.

My team and I took a look at as many products as we could find, messed around with them, and came up with this ultimate list.

You’re bound to find a weight vest perfect for you here!

Weight Vest Comparison Table

ImageNameAdjustable?Weight+ or -PriceMore Info
1. Cross 101 Adjustable Weighted Vest CamoCross 101Yes40lb4lb$$$
2. Empower Weighted VEstEmpower VestNo8lbN/A$
3.-RunFast-Adjustable-Weighted-VestRUNFast VestYes40lb-140lb3lb$-$$$$
4. ZFO Sports Adjustable Weight VestZFOSportsYes40lb2.5lb$$
5.-Cap-Barbell-Short-Adjustable-VestCAP Barbell Short VestYes20lb-50lb1lb$$

Features to Look For

Most weighted vests are quite similar, but there are minor variations that can be the difference between a vest that you can use for years and one that you can’t even use for a day.

Shoulder Pads

The heavier the vest is, the more shoulder padding you’ll need. It’s as simple as that.

However, everyone has a different weight threshold of where the pain becomes unbearable.

Also, if your shoulders get bruised after you wear the vest once, don’t worry. Your shoulders should adjust after a week or so.

However, if it doesn’t get better after 2 weeks or so, you should consider getting a new vest or simply sow in some shoulder padding yourself.

Adjustable or Not?

Most weight vests are adjustable, but some of them are locked down to only one weight.

Being able to change the weight might not seem like a big deal, but if you want to use the vest for a while, it’s highly important.

You’ll be surprised at how quickly you will feel comfortable with whatever weight you pick, and if you have an adjustable vest you can keep challenging yourself, but if you have a simpler one your body will adapt pretty quickly.

What Shape is it?

Some of the vests are bigger than the others and some of them have different shapes.

Look for a smaller vest if you’re 5’6” or below, and consider looking at a different shaped vest if you’re a female with a bigger bust as regular weight vests can get quite uncomfortable.

Top 9 Weighted Vests

We went through dozens of different weight vests and finally settled on 9 that we think are the best.

Aren’t you glad you don’t have to spend the same amount of time as us researching and testing these products?

You’re welcome. 😉

1. Cross 101 Adjustable Vest- Ultimate Winner

1. Cross 101 Adjustsable Weighted Vest Camo FThe Cross 101 is the champion of weighted vests.

It has shoulder pads, it’s adjustable, and it highly durable. (However, we don’t recommend using it for running.)

The biggest downside is that it is only available in camo which might get you some weird looks if you wear it in the gym. (But if it works, it works, am I right?)

It’s very versatile and will fit various body times from petite 5’2” females to 6 foot bodybuilders.

The vest is very reasonably priced and is available in 20lb, 40lb, 50lb, and 60lb. They even offer fixed price for shipping on all the weights so you pay the same if you buy a 60lbor a 20lb product.

You have a choice of buying it with or without shoulder pads, but I’ll make you decision simple: buy the shoulder pads! Your shoulders will thank you.

Even if you get the lightest version your shoulders might still get bruised when you just start out, and the shoulder pads will decrease the bruising and distribute the weight more evenly.

As for the weight increments, the different versions came with different increments, but generally they were around 2.5lb-4lb per baggie, which means that you can find the precise amount of weight you need for the perfect training session.

You can fit two baggies per pocket, and while this can be somewhat difficult don’t worry if one of them sticks out because the flap should keep it secure and safe.

While the vest is great, if you’re looking for something to run in don’t buy this one. There’s a high chance that it’ll rub in multiple places and give you carpet burn.

This doesn’t happen when doing squats, jumping jacks, or walking around so don’t worry about that.

The vest is quite durable, and while we noticed that a couple people had issues with the stitching no one else experienced it so they probably got defective units.

All in all, the Cross 101 is one of the best weighted vests out there and you can’t go wrong with buying it.

2. Empower Vest- Most Comfortable for Women

2. Empower Weighted VEstThe Empower Vest is hands down the most comfortable weighted vest for women.

It fits great, even for those with a bigger bust, and it is also versatile enough that it can fit petite women.

However, the weight probably won’t be enough for most people for doing resistance training., but if you’re using it while running, walking, or doing something similar to crossfit then it’s perfect for you!

It is one of the cheapest and best made options on the market, and it provides a secure fit so you can be sure that it won’t fall off when you’re running.

This also means that there is almost no up and down movement of the vest which makes sure that you don’t get that nasty carpet burn that other vests are known for.

It has a “phone” pouch, but the pouch is too tiny for most current phones. However, if you have a flip phone you can use it, or you can put your keys in there or a GPS tracker if that’s how you track your workouts.

They also provide a 4lb version that lights up which is useful for running in the dark, but 4lb of extra weight isn’t enough to produce noticeable results.

You also can’t add weight to the vest, but it’s hard to design an adjustable weight that also fits women without getting uncomfortable and tight.

The Empower Vest strikes the perfect balance between versatility and price. It can fit users between 5ft and 6ft with all types of bust sizes, and best of all, it’s very comfortable!

3. RUNFast Adjustable Vest- Highest Capacity

3.-RunFast-Adjustable-Weighted-VestThe RUNFast has the best durability and highest capacity of all of the vests we looked at.

You can add up to 140 pounds of weight to it!

That’s right, 140 pounds!

Some people might think that there is no point in a weighted vest once you start getting over 80lb as you can just use dumbbells or barbells, but that’s not always the case.

You can’t use dumbbells when doing pullups, and you can’t use them while walking without quickly tiring your arms.

The weighted vest distributes the weight more evenly which allows you to push past your limit without worrying about dropping something heavy on yourself.

There are multiple options, but be careful! If you get anything less than the 100lb one, you won’t be able to order extra weight later to add weight to it because the construction of the vest will be different.

The weighted bars are also different between the over 100lb and under 100lb vests. Under 100 vests use iron ore baggies while over 100 vests use 3lb solid metal bars.

The weights come pre-installed, and it’s somewhat hard to remove them from the vest, which is good because this means they won’t fall out during one of your workouts.

You can use this vest for jogging, although we don’t recommend using anything heavier than the 40lb one for that as it can damage your tendons and will hurt you instead of helping you.

However, feel free to use whatever weight you want when walking as you can get it to fit snugly around you and not bounce up and down when you run or walk.

It’s also quite durable and well worth the money. You won’t regret buying the RunFast!

4. ZFOSports Vest

4. ZFO Sports Adjustable Weight VestThe fourth spot belongs to the ZFOSports Vest. There is a 40lb and a 60lb option depending on the level of resistance you’re looking for.

There are frequent sales, and the 60lb option is nearly 3 times more expensive than the 40lb one when there’s a good sale going on.

The weights come in 2.5 pound increments and are easy to remove and put into the vest.

It is a bit long, so if you’re on the shorter side then doing squats and lunges might be uncomfortable as it could go past your hips.

However, it’s a great option for walking or running as the straps allow you to get a very tight fit and not worry about getting rug burn on you back.

Setting it up is simple as they provide detailed instructions on the Amazon page, but it can be hard to make it fit perfectly the first time you put it on.

It’ll get easier after a couple times, but you might want to have someone assist you the first time you wear it.

The shoulder straps are a bit thicker than most which means that the weight will be distributed over a larger area and you won’t bruise as much. However, they’re not very well-cushioned which means you might get some bruising the first couple of times you wear it.

All in all the ZFO vest is a great option unless you’re under 5’5” and are planning on using it for squats or lunges.

5. CAP Barbell Short Weighted Vest- Best for Crossfit

5.-Cap-Barbell-Short-Adjustable-VestIf you’re 5’6” or below and you want a vest that doesn’t look like a skirt on you then the CAP Barbell is perfect for you!

It’s adjustable, and although it only goes up to 20 pounds, it should still be enough to get in a hard workout. (Many people use it to train for the MURPH challenge. 1 mile run, 100 pullups, 200 pushups, 300 situps, 1 mile run, in a 20 pounds weighted vest.)

I’m in great shape, but that sounds like a terrible way to spend your afternoon to me…

Anyway, the vest if well-made and if you need to you can always remove the weights and use it for plyometrics or hill sprints. (Some weights are 2lb and some are 1lb though so make sure you take out the right ones!)

The shoulders are well-padded and you won’t be hurting as much after wearing it for the first time.

It’s one of the best crossfit weighted vests out there.

6. HumanX Vest

6.-HumanX-Weight-VestThe HumanX is also another great option for crossfitters who are training or who want to participate in the MURPH challenge.

You can either get the 10lb option with .5lb increments, the 20lb option with 1lb increments, or the 40lb option with 2lb increments.

I recommend going with the 40lb one even if you’re training for MURPH as you can decrease the weight if you need to, but you can’t increase the weight if you buy the 20lb option.

It’s also good to up the resistance to 25lb or 3olb when training for a couple reps and then go back to a lower weight, and you won’t be able to do that if you get the 20lb option.

It is one size fits all, and it is very comfortable and doesn’t bounce when you run. However, getting the straps adjusted perfectly can be difficult the first couple times you put it on, but you should get used to it fairly quickly.

The vest doesn’t restrict movement and you should have a full range of motion during squats, pushups, and whatever else you might want to do.

We had no issues with the weighted baggies, but a couple people have complained about theirs breaking, so if you want to guarantee that that doesn’t happen you can wrap the weights in tape, or put them in a ziplog baggie if you feel like it might break.

All in all, this is great weight vest for crossfitters or anyone else who doesn’t want to shell out hundreds of dollars on what should be a simple purchase.

7. CAP Barbell 20lb- Cheapest MURPH vest

7.-Cap-Barbell-Adjustable-Vest-20lbThis is yet another option for someone training for the MURPH challenge.

This CAP vest is the cheapest 20lb one that can actually take the beating of the challenge.

All of the other ones are either twice the price of this one, break incredibly quickly, or are too uncomfortable to use while running.

Your shoulders will get beat up the first couple of times you wear it, but eventually your body will get used to it and wearing it won’t hurt anymore.

It’s incredibly easy to assemble, and the weights easily fit in the pockets.

It has a phone holder, and while it’s big enough for the Samsung Galaxy S7, it doesn’t go all the way in in the pocket. It has never fallen out, however, so I wouldn’t be too worried about that.

The weight baggies seem sturdy, and there’s no huge issues that this vest has. It’s a great option if you need a lower-budget, but comfortable, vest for MURPH.

8. Valeo VW40

8. Valeo WV40 Weighted VestThe Valeo VW is a good vest that balances the weight in front and back which and lets you keep a neutral posture. However, it does lack good shoulder padding so if you use the full 40lb, you’ll either have to deal with very bruised shoulders or sew some padding into the shoulders yourself. (Which is a pain.)

Like most weight vests, putting on the Valeo will be somewhat difficult the first time you do it, but if you put in the weights in the back, put on the vest, and then load in the weights in the front, that’ll make it a bit easier.

The vest says that it’s “one size fits all,” and it actually is one size fits all. You’ll need to adjust it for a while, but it can fit people up to a men’s XXL.

The vest might seem flimsy when you first see it, but don’t be fooled. It’s actually quite strong and resilient.

9. Pure Fitness Vest

9.-Pure-Fitness-VestEven though the Pure Fitness Vest is the last product on our list, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t buy it.

All of the products on our list have their own pluses and minuses, and this one is no different.

This vest for example is the only that that has a reflective trim that makes you easier to see at night, so if you plan on running later in the evening, this might be the right choice.

It also provides a great, snug fit which is perfect for running and walking, but it’s not necessarily the best for squatting as it is somewhat long, so for people under 5’6” it might hinder your range of motion and make for a less comfortable experience.

The shoulder padding isn’t the greatest, but also isn’t the worst, which is somewhat surprising considering that this is a fairly expensive 20lb vest.

You can also buy the 40lb version which is only 30 dollars more expensive than the 20lb one.


Why should I get a weight vest?

If you want to feel like a badass superhero obviously. 😉

In all seriousness, it is great for nearly anyone.

It will help you lose weight, increase explosiveness, and can even help you increase your VO2 max and get better at distance running- all with one simple piece of equipment.

Is it safe to use it when running?

Since you’re adding weight to your body, we recommend consulting your health professional beforehand. However, as a general rule of thumb, you can safely get to about 200 or 210 lb total weight (body+weight vest) without risking injury.

Of course if you run on the pavement instead of the grass, or if you have previous joint issues then you shouldn’t use one as it places more stress on your joints.

Can I wash it?

Some of them you can wash and others you can’t.

Most of the ones we recommend are washable, but remember to remove the weight pouches or you’ll end up destroying them.


As you can see there are a ton of great products on the market and it’s hard for me to tell you which is the perfect one for you.

However, we chose a variety of products that are good for crossfitters, runners, weightlifters, and more.

We hope that you found the right one for you, but if after reading this whole thing you still hav eno idea then we recommend getting the Cross 101 because it’s better to just start with something now instead of agonizing over it forever.


Best Track Spikes For Sprinting 2017

In the London 2012 Olympic games the difference between first and second place in the 100 dash was .12 seconds.

You want to know the difference between second and third place?

.04 seconds.

At the high school and the college level the times might not be as fast, but the difference between getting first and not getting a medal is usually tiny.

Great sprint spikes are a must if you want to compete at a high level.

In fact spikes can improve your 100 dash time by .1-.5 seconds. (It depends on the weather, your form, and your previous shoes, but improvements of .25 seconds aren’t uncommon.)

If you’re planning on buying spikes it’s also important to know that there are differences between sprint and middle-distance/distance spikes, so if you want the best sprinting performance you should buy sprint spikes.

The spikes below are organized in order from the most expensive/high performing to least expensive/worse performing, so if you want the best of the best then don’t scroll down too far, and if you’re looking for sprint spikes to run the 100 dash once or twice then you can buy the cheaper spikes.

High-End Spikes

Adidas Performance Prime SPAdidas-Performance-Adizero-SP-Prime-Sprint-spikes3.8 ounces$$$
Asics Men's SoniscprintASICS-Men-Sonicsprint-Track-and-Field-Shoe5.1 ounces$$$
Puma Bolt Evospeed Sprint TDPuma-Bolt-Evospeed-Sprint-TD4.8 ounces$$$
Puma Bolt Evospeed Electric V2Puma-Bolt-Evospeed-Electric-V26 ounces$$$

The Adidas Prime SP takes the number one spot. It’s the lightest spike of all of the ones we tested which gives you a huge advantage over your competitors. It’s very comfortable to wear, and they perform great on the track. They’re definitely the high-end of high-end spikes, so unless you’re a state-meet varsity athlete or a college athlete you can go with something cheaper.

The Sonicsprints weren’t far behind in terms of performance, and they were also very comfortable and fairly light. The spike arrangement is a bit strange (it has 7 holes, but one of them is right in the middle of your toe), but that doesn’t affect your running much. With the Sonicsprints you also get a choice of 7 different colors to make sure you look exactly how you want to look on race day.

The Puma Bolt TDs have a similar pattern to the shoes that Usain Bolt wears, but it’s not the exact pair that he wears when competing. They’re a bit lighter than the Sonicsprints, but they aren’t as comfortable to wear.

The Puma Bolt Electric V2s also have a similar pattern to Usain Bolt’s spikes and you get to choose between 4 different color schemes, but these spikes were the worst in terms of performance and weight so we had to put them at number 4.

Mid-Range Spikes

New Balance SD400V3New Balance SD400V34.8 ounces$$$
Saucony SpitfireSaucony Spitfire5.1 ounces$$
Puma TFX Sprint V5Puma TFX Sprint V55.4 ounces$$

The New Balance SD400V3 spikes came in first by a mile. They’re incredibly comfortable, breathable, and they’re also the lightest out of all the mid-range spikes we tested. Their only disadvantage is that they’re a bit on the expensive side of the spectrum, but they’re more than worth it if you’re a dedicated sprinter.

The Saucony Spitfire provides the best bang for the buck hands down. No other shoes is this light, this comfortable, and this high quality at this price. You also get to choose between 5 different color schemes to make sure you look good on race day. They do run a bit small so we recommend ordering half a size larger than what you usually wear for spikes.

The Puma Sprint V5s are very comfortable to wear, but they don’t stand out from the competition that much. It’s simply a good pair of spikes.

Low-End Spikes

Spike prices change from time to time so the best way to find a good deal is by clicking here and sorting the price from low to high.

Here are a couple of our favorites from when we tested the spikes. (Keep in mind, the prices might’ve changed since then.)

Brooks PR SprintBrooks PR Sprint4.6 ounces$
Saucony Spitfire 2Saucony Spitfire 26.1 ounces$-$$

We always recommend getting the Brooks PR Sprints if you’re just getting into sprints and you need a cheaper pair of spikes or if you simply don’t care about how your spikes look. In terms of performance, this pair of shoes is very light and works great on the track, but they’re not very comfortable to wear.

If you’re looking for something more comfortable then the Saucony Spitfire 2s might be the right fit for you. They’re a bit on the heavy side, but if you want cheap spikes that look good and that are more comfortable then this is your best option.

If you have any questions about our recommendations feel free to comment below!


5 Best Recumbent Exercise Bikes 2016-2017

Let’s admit it. We have all excuses for not exercising. We are too busy. There are aches and pains that we don’t want to aggravate. We have other forms of activity

One couldn’t help but wonder: is there a safe, simple and comfortable home exercise that can simulate a legitimate outdoor workout? What equipment can help us do that?

A recumbent exercise bike might be what you are looking for. It’s generally safe, easy to use, and effective. With the advent of technology, it is now even more secure and has more practical features.

Aside from the more common upright bikes, recumbent exercise bikes are stationary bikes that helps you manage your weight and strengthen your heart and lungs. Because it is designed so you are in a reclining, more natural position, you do not tire easily. Furthermore, this position makes the bike very stable and puts less stress on your knees and hips. Better comfort means longer exercise periods resulting in more calories burned!

In this post, we will list down the key factors to consider in choosing a recumbent bike, educate you about the different types and name some of the most renowned brands. Most importantly, we will lead you to the best models available on the market.

Let’s get this ride started!

Recumbent Exercise Bike Comparison Table

ImageName# of ProgramsLevels of ResistancePriceMore Info
exerpeutic-400-xl-recumbent-exercise-bikeExerpeutic 400XLNone8$$
schwinn-270-recumbent-exercise-bikeSchwinn 2702925$$$
schwinn-230-recumbent-exercise-bikeSchwinn 2302220$$$$
marcy-me-709-recumbent-exercise-bikeMarcy ME 709None8$$
exerpeutic-900xl-recumbent-exercise-bikeExerpeutic 900XLNone8$$

Features to Look For

Recumbent exercise bikes may look similar but they surely don’t feel and function equally. We don’t want you to make hasty decisions in choosing the right recumbent bike for you, so we listed down important factors that you should look for before finalizing that purchase.

Consider the following as a checklist to serve as your buying guide:


The primary attribute to look for is stability. Generally, a heavier bike is more stable. Also make sure that your weight is not beyond the bike’s maximum weight capacity.

Comfortable Seat

You will spend a considerable amount of time on the bike’s seat so make sure that is it wide and comfortable. It should be positioned in such a way that your legs are almost in line with the pedals. Your knees should bend slightly during the workout to avoid straining your joints.

Various Resistance Levels

Exercise bikes have different resistance levels to resemble the feeling of actually riding a bike on the road. Most bikes have fully-adjustable direct-contact and magnetic braking systems while some have a fan that uses air resistance. These resistance types are further explained below. Get to know them to know what suits you best.


A bike’s pedals should be wide enough and have some sort of strapping to ensure your safety.

Built-in Computer

It may be a low-impact workout but you should still keep track of your progress. Look for a bike with a built-in console that measures and displays basic statistics like time, speed, and number of calories burned.

Bells and Whistles

While some features are not fundamental, they make your workouts more convenient.

A heart rate monitor helps you sustain the fat-burning intensity.

A built-in fan brings additional resistance while making you more comfortable.

If your space is limited, there are foldable bikes that have transport wheels for easy storage.

Other extras that are good to have are a built-in sound system, a water holder, a magazine stand and a remote control holder.

Top 5 Recumbent Exercise Bikes

There is no need to be intimidated by the vast number of choices available on the market. We made life easier for you by eliminating the inferior options and limiting your choices down to the best of the best.

Here are the reviews of the best recumbent bikes on the market right now:

1. Exerpeutic 400XL

The Exerpeutic 400XL may be small in size but it is definitely big in features so the fact that it got the top spot in out list isn’t surprising at all.

best-recumbent-exercise-bike-exerpeutic-400xlWhether you like an easy ride or you prefer more tension, its 8-level magnetic tension control system allows you to select the setting that suits your preference.

Another reason why it is well-loved is its smoothness and consistency while pedaling. Combine that with a perfectly-balanced flywheel and what you have is a powerful, yet smooth and quiet ride.

It’s not all about efficiency because the makers of the Exerpeutic 400XL placed a premium on comfort and convenience as well.

It has a large seat cushion and a back rest that will surely fit most user sizes. You can adjust its height between 5’2″ and 6’2″.

Your progress is easy to monitor with its easy-to-read, large window display. Its LCD shows distance, calories burned, time, speed, and pulse.  You can easily make sure that you stay within your fat-burning zone through the hand pulse sensors located on the handle bars. However, the console’s location provides a minor inconvenience because you tend to hit it with your legs as you pedal.

This compact equipment is very easy to assemble. Storage is also a breeze because of its built-in wheels.

If you want a compact, but efficient, and affordable recumbent exercise bike, the Exerpeutic 400XL fits you perfectly.

You can read our full review here.

2. Schwinn 270

If you want a feature-packed bike, the Schwinn 270 will not disappoint you.schwinn-270-recumbent-exercise-bike

It will surely meet your intensity requirement because there is a wide range of magnetic resistance to choose from – 25 to be exact! There are also 10 quick keys that will enable you to shift from easier levels to more difficult ones.

Its console helps you smartly plan and monitor your workout. To maintain the challenge, you can choose from the 29 built-in programs. You can easily track your progress through the Schwinn Connect program and Don’t worry about importing the data because you can do that through the USB port. Other household members can enjoy the benefits of this wonderful bike because it can store and manage data of up to 4 users.

The handle bars have sensors that measure your heart rate. If you don’t want to keep your hands limited, you can also use a compatible chest strap heart rate monitor. However, you need to buy it separately.

There are also two LCD screens for monitoring up to 13 displays. However, the backlight is a bit too bright and can take some getting used to.

You will love the Schwinn 270 not only for being efficient but also for being comfortable. Although there are no specific height settings, you can still slide the padded seat to adjust its distance from the pedals. The user weight capacity is 300 lbs which is quite high for a bike like this.

Other delightful features include a water bottle holder and a 3-speed fan. You won’t need to get off the bike because you have almost everything that you will need- even entertainment through its acoustic speakers.

It may be a bit bulky and expensive but you can be sure that the Schwinn 270 is very much worth the space and the price.

Learn more about the Schwinn 270 here.

3. Schwinn 230

In terms of features, the Schwinn 230 is not far behind.

There are two levelers that hold up the frame and a thick crossbar that reinforces the bike’s stability.

schwinn-230-recumbent-exercise-bikeWith its 20-level magnetic resistance coupled with smooth and quiet operation, it can pass as a very capable commercial exercise bike. You can quickly adjust the resistance using the 10 quick keys. Depending on your fitness objectives, there are also 29 programs to choose from.

It has a dual LCD window system that displays up to 13 different statistics. There are the commonly-seen information like time, distance, pulse, speed, and calories and the more complicated factors such as heart rate zone indicator, % complete indicator, intensity meter and goal achievement. It’s as if a personal trainer keeps track of your performance!

You can share the Schwinn 230 with your spouse, your daughter, or your best friend because it can save up to 2 user settings. After all, working out with a fitness partner is more fun and effective. You can import your data through the USB port and use relevant programs like SchwinnConnect and

Its seat has a slider rail system that uses a lever for easy adjustment. Its comfortable back seat has lumbar support for comfort. To counter boredom and make your workout even more cozy, it has acoustic speakers and a 3-speed fan.

It may be quite costly but you will definitely not be shortchanged if you get the Schwinn 230. With all its features, you will run out of reasons to skip your workout!

We have a longer review of the Schwinn 230 here if you’re interested.

4. Marcy ME 709

If your primary interest is an affordable recumbent bike that is nothing fancy but does its job well, consider buying the Marcy ME 709.marcy-me-709-recumbent-exercise-bike

You can start lightly and when you are all warmed up, you can accelerate to more difficult tension levels. There are 8 levels of magnetic resistance that you can adjust by tightening the knobs. You will also be pleased with how quietly it works regardless of the tension setting.

Monitoring your progress is very simple. A console with an LCD screen tracks and shows speed, distance, time, and calories burned. Sure, you can get more from expensive recumbent bikes. But sometimes you need nothing more than the essentials, right?

It may be a compact bike but you can rely on its stability. Its durable, powder-coated steel frame is strong enough to support a maximum user weight of 300 lbs. There are no height restrictions and you can adjust the padded seat’s distance from the pedals to comfortably fit different user heights.

Overall, Marcy ME 709 is a reliable recumbent bike.

5. Exerpeutic 900XL

Completing our top 5 list of recumbent exercise bikes is the Exerpeutic 900XL. It is another basic but efficient bike that is also reasonably priced.

exerpeutic-900xl-recumbent-exercise-bikeAssembly is pretty simple. All the parts are labeled properly and the instructions are easy to understand.

Its simple Step Thru frame design allows you to easily get in and out of the bike. With its leg stabilizers and large strapped pedals, you’re sure to get a safe workout every single time. It also has a large, comfortable seat that is adjustable to fit different user heights.

On top of these convenient features, it also offers a challenging workout. You can customize the bike’s resistance with its 8-level magnetic tension control. Whether you are feeling pumped up or you just want a steady ride, the bike is ready to meet your needs.

You can track relevant performance statistics such as distance, calories burned, time, speed and view them through the large LCD display. It also has hand pulse sensors so you can make sure that you stay within your intended heart rate zone.

If you are looking for an affordable option that functions exactly as intended, the Exerpeutic 900XL will not disappoint you.

Click here to read our full-length review.

Honorable Mentions

There is quite a number of good recumbent bikes and it would be unfair to end this list with just 5 of them. And so, we are also recognizing two other remarkable recumbents. 🙂

1. Marcy NS-716R

Like its predecessor, the Marcy NE 709, the NS-716R is perfect for limited spaces and budgets.marcy-ns-716r-recumbent-exercise-bike

Setting it up is quick because of its uncomplicated design. It can easily fit in a spare corner in your home as it’s very compact, and you can get an effective and low-impact workout anytime you want. If you have to, you can also move it around with very little effort because of its transport wheels.

The frame was designed in such a way that anyone can easily get on and off the bike. This is perfect for those who are not-so-agile or for people who are recovering from injuries. The seat is also adjustable, making it comfortable for different heights.

The Marcy NS-716R uses magnetic resistance to give you a challenging workout. There is a knob that you turn to the right for increased resistance and to the left for a more relaxed ride.

A computer screen gives you feedback on your progress. It monitors speed, distance, time, and calories burned.

Despite its affordability, the Marcy NS-716R does not disregard convenient features. It has foam-covered handles that are easy to grip and a cup holder to help you remain hydrated while working out.

Overall, the Marcy NS-716R provides good value for money.

2. Exerpeutic 1000

The other half of the honorable mention duo is the Exerpeutic 1000.

exerpeutic-1000-recumbent-exercise-bikeSetting up the bike is easy, and getting started on your workout is as effortless. The frame’s design allows you to just step on the bike and get on the comfortable seat without any difficulty.

Compared to the other Exerpeutic models, it has a wider seat that is adjustable to fit users between 5’3″ and 6’3″ in height. A minor inconvenience, however, is the three-knob adjustment located underneath the seat.

Whether you want a steady ride or rigorous exercise, its range of magnetic resistance levels will adapt to your preferred difficulty. Its handles double as pulse sensors so you can ensure that you stay within your desired heart rate zone.

You can check how hard you have been working out by viewing the large number display on the LCD. It indicates distance, calories burned, time, speed, scan and heart rate.

Meeting basic requirements and even exceeding certain expectations, the Exerpeutic 1000 is definitely a wise choice.

Types of Recumbent Exercise Bikes

As you pedal an exercise bike, a flywheel provides a level of resistance that enables you to have an effective cardiovascular exercise.

Recumbent bikes can be classified based on the type of resistance they use.

Magnetic resistance is most commonly used these days. A series of magnets surround the flywheel and you control it manually or through a computer console. It is the easiest to use and the most reliable type of resistance. In addition, it is also quiet and smooth to use.

Friction resistance uses a fabric belt or felt pad against the flywheel. It requires manual adjustment and regular maintenance of the belt to ensure smooth operation. This type of resistance can also be noisy. Because of these setbacks, there has been a decrease in the popularity of bikes using friction resistance.

Lastly, high-quality, commercial-grade bikes use electro-magnetic resistance. This powerful type of magnetic resistance uses electrical current controlled by a programmable console to provide advanced resistance for hard training.

You may have your personal preference but due to their ease of use, smooth and quiet operation, and overall reliability, we highly recommend bikes that use magnetic resistance.

The Top Brands

Our search for the best recumbent exercise bike revealed that among the many brands available on the market right now, three names stand out from the competition.

In your search for fitness machines, make Schwinn, Exerpeutic and Marcy your priority brands.

1. Schwinn

If there is one brand that is considered the authority in bicycles, it has to be Schwinn.

Since 1895, it has been perfecting the machine to address specific comfort and fitness needs. It has also ventured into creating other brilliant fitness and recreation equipment including treadmills and ellipticals.schwinn-logo

Schwinn bikes may be pricey, but you cannot argue that their excellent quality and meticulously crafted features are worth every penny. They have a wide range of magnetic resistance levels for different intensity requirements. There are quite a number of preset workout programs and their multi-functional console tracks performance statistics. A USB-charging port enables easy exchange of data for connecting to fitness applications. Lastly, acoustic speakers and fans help make your workout more enjoyable.

There is no doubt that you will not go wrong with a recumbent bike from Schwinn.

2. Exerpeutic

Exerpeutic is under the umbrella of Paradigm Health and Fitness brands, the same family where the famous Ironman Fitness belongs. It manufactures machines that feature the latest technology trends in fitness while keeping exerpeutic-logothem reasonably-priced.

Exerpeutic is a preferred name for home-use exercise equipment such as treadmills, ellipticals, upright bikes, training cycles and recumbent bikes.

Their bikes are easy to assemble and they typically have smooth and consistent pedaling motion, hand pulse sensors and specific height adjustment ranges.

If affordability and reliability are your standards, go for Exerpeutic machines.

3. Marcy

A passionate bodybuilder by the name of Walter Marcyan had a vision of building strength and fitness equipment not only for gyms but also for every household. Today, Marcy is known for coming up with innovative products to marcy-logohelp you meet your fitness objectives.

Marcy recumbent bikes are well-known for being compact and affordable. They also commonly have preset magnetic resistance tension levels and weighted, counterbalanced pedals for a stimulating yet safe workout.

If you are in need of good quality recumbent bikes, weight benches, exercise cycles, elliptical cross trainers, or free weights and dumbbells, Marcy is a name that you can trust.

Other Things to Consider

Are you torn between an upright and a recumbent bike? Let us go over this comparison to help you make up your mind.

While both types give similar results in helping you lose weight, recumbent bikes allows you to workout with much more comfort. It is easier on the lower back and gentler on the joints because of the bucket seat with a comfortable backrest. The low center of gravity is safer as it protects your knees and ankles from injury-causing impact.

The upright bike gets the upper hand in terms of price and size. Because it is smaller and requires less materials, it is understandably more affordable.

In terms of the muscles worked, both exercise the glutes, hamstrings, quads, hip flexors and calves. The upright bike helps strengthen the abdomen, back, shoulders and arms while the recumbent gives a better workout for the glutes and hamstrings.

Whether upright or recumbent, the more important choice to make is to have the motivation and consistency to get on that bike to achieve your fitness goals.


Keeping an active lifestyle is not exactly easy. We usually don’t have the time or the motivation to do so.

A recumbent exercise bike makes an active and healthy lifestyle within easier reach. It enables you to get low-impact cardiovascular exercise minus the strain and discomfort. With customizable tension levels, progress monitoring systems, solid frames and adjustable seats, what will make you say no to a quiet and smooth workout that you can do even while watching television or reading a book?

Schwinn, Exerpeutic and Marcy are dependable brands of recumbent bikes. Whether affordable or expensive, basic or sophisticated, you will surely find your match.

If you are ready to go for it, get the Exerpeutic 400 XL and ride your way to fitness!


5 Best Inversion Tables 2017

Today’s busy and stressful lifestyle undeniably takes its toll on our body. Sitting for long hours, carrying heavy bags, strenuous exercise, and even poor posture all contribute to back

As diverse as its causes, there are also different treatment approaches. Some seek the help of physical therapists and chiropractors while others resort to meditation or yoga. And then there’s inversion therapy.

Inversion therapy is fast gaining popularity as an effective back pain remedy. It involves positioning your body upside down so that the head is lower than the heart. It reverses the effect of gravity to take the pressure off the nerves and disks in the spine, therefore relieving back pain. Furthermore, it helps ease stress, improve joint health, and increase flexibility.

It may sound intimidating but you can achieve these benefits using your very own inversion table, right from the comfort of your home.

This article will guide you as you start your journey towards better back health. We will help you choose what features suit your fitness goals and let you in on the cream of the crop – the best models that emerged from our rigorous evaluations. We will enlighten you further as we answer some frequently asked questions.

Let’s get down to the details, shall we?

Inversion Tables Comparison Table

ImageNameDimensions (L x W x H)Weight and Height CapacityPriceMore Info
teeter-ep-960-ltdTeeter EP-960 Ltd60 x 29 x 58.5300 lbs.; 4'8" - 6'6"$$$$$
ironman-gravity-4000Ironman Gravity 400049 x 26 x 65350 lbs.; 4'9" - 6'6"$$
innova-itx9700Innova ITX970046 x 28 x 63300 lbs.; 4'10" - 6'6"$$
teeter-ep-560-ltdTeeter EP-560 Ltd60 x 29 x 58.5300 lbs.; 4'8" - 6'6"$$$$
ironman-lx-300Ironman LX30046.5 x 27 x 57275 lbs.; 4'10" - 6'6"$

Features to Look For

Once you have decided to give this type of therapy a try, the next step is listing down the fine print. As you search for your own table, what characteristics are non-negotiable? What features are good to have but you can do without?

Refer to these criteria to make sure that you make an intelligent decision.

1. Durability

There is no question that the number one feature to look for in an inversion table is sturdiness or durability. In your desire to treat back pain, you wouldn’t want to risk injuring yourself further. Look for a heavy-duty metal frame that has a solid construction.

2. Safety Features

Closely related to the previous item and also non-negotiable is the table’s safety features. It should have secure but comfortable ankle holders, specified weight limit of at least 250 lbs., height adjustment feature, and ergonomic safety handles.

3. Comfort

A good table has a comfortable surface. Some have padded backrests while others are made of flexible material that molds the shape of your back with every stretch or movement. A headrest and a lumbar bar are also useful.

4. Convenience

Since this practice is ideally done for a few minutes every day, having a unit that you can easily set up is an advantage. Look for one that is stable but easy to assemble. Most are also foldable so you can quickly store them when not in use.

5. Add-ons

If your budget is flexible, you can opt for more expensive tables that utilize infrared heating technology for a more soothing experience.

Top 5 Inversion Tables

Although they may not be a major financial investment, it is still best to choose wisely. And choosing from a very wide selection can be a daunting task.

You are one step ahead because we already assessed each of them for you. After a comprehensive evaluation, we proudly present the distinguished list of the top 5 tables:

1. Teeter EP-960 Ltd.

Try Googling “inversion tables” and Teeter Hang-ups will surely be one of the top search results. It is not surprising that one of its bestsellers, the Teeter EP-960 Ltd, emerged on top of our list.

top-rated-teeter-ep-960-ltdFrom its components to its construction, it clearly demonstrates superior quality. In addition, its solid structure is fused with numerous comfort elements.

Its safe and comfortable ankle holders have an EZ reach release system – such a valuable feature when even the slightest back bending is a chore in itself!

The ComforTrak Bed flexes with your movements so you can fully stretch without being limited by a solid backrest. It also has a removable head pillow, a lumbar bridge, and height-adjustable Accupressure Nodes for pressure-point muscle relief.

More than helping you get back to the upright position, the traction handles have a push button that easily releases you from full inversion.

Whether you prefer a mild inversion or you like going completely upside down, controlling the rotation is very easy. You simply adjust the tether strap to the preset markings at 20, 40 or 60 degrees. Height settings can also be adjusted.

This easy-to-install table is also foldable for effortless storage.

If you won’t settle for anything less than the best, don’t think twice about getting the Teeter EP-960 Ltd. Click here for a more detailed review.

2. Ironman Gravity 4000

Coming in closely at second place is the Ironman Gravity 4000.

At almost 1/3 the price of the Teeter EP-960 Ltd, it can rival more expensive products in terms of form and function.ironman-gravity-4000

Ironman Fitness puts premium on stability and safety. No wonder that the Gravity 4000 has one of the highest user weight capacities. It has a tough steel frame with rubber floor stabilizers so the table keeps steady while you invert. There is an adjustable safety tether strap to control the maximum angle of inversion. You or your little ones don’t have to worry about your fingers being caught because the sides are also covered with vinyl.

While the ankle holders can be made more comfortable, its easy-reach locking system is a pleasant feature. Other comfort features include its multi-layer memory foam backrest, extra-long, foam-covered handles, user height options, and a removable lumbar pillow for extra lower back support.

If you are looking for affordability that is complemented by strong construction, safety and comfort, the Ironman Gravity 4000 is the best inversion table for you. Learn more about it in this post.

3. Innova ITX9700

Another affordable, but high-quality table that made it to our top 5 list is the Innova ITX9700. With all its helpful features, it can be hard to believe that it costs as little  as it does!

innova-itx9700Assembly is uncomplicated and it’s very easy to use. Once completely set-up, you can hop on it, immediately feel how stable and sturdy it is and achieve the benefits of inversion therapy.

While uncomfortable ankle restraint is one of the most common flaws of these tables, you can say goodbye to that trouble with the Innova ITX 9700. Its ankle holders feel snug even with bare feet.

Its height settings can be easily adjusted to meet your needs. It also has a 4-position side pin for easy and accurate inversion management. And let me add that inversion is really smooth!

Its large memory-foam backrest has a removable head pillow. Best of all, you can soothe your back even more with its lumbar pad that can be used for hot or cold compresses.

The Innova ITX9700 provides good value for money. Check out our more detailed review of this amazing inversion table here.

4. Teeter EP-560 Ltd.

The fourth best table on the market today is the Teeter EP-560 Ltd.teeter-ep-560-ltd

Like other Teeter products, setting it up is easy. You can finish assembly in few easy steps and it even comes with a Getting Started DVD with 5 bonus exercise routines.

You will feel safe while inverting on the Teeter EP-560 Ltd. It is quite bulky but it compensates by being very stable and sturdy.

Set it according to your height requirement and you can easily balance and control your movements by simply moving your arms. You also don’t need to keep estimating how far you want to be inverted because its tether strap has settings to mark mild, average, and full inversion.

Its comfortable backrest allows you to relax and focus on just how good the spinal decompression feels. It even has nodes that you an adjust to target specific pressure points.

Click here to learn more about the Teeter EP-560 Ltd.

5. Ironman LX300

Rounding up the top 5 inversion tables is the Ironman LX300.

ironman-lx-300Despite being very affordable, Ironman Fitness did not cut back on the quality of this table. In fact, it is both sturdy and comfortable.

The square frame is made of heavy-duty steel that stays stable while inverting. Its ankle holders are quite comfortable and you can stay relaxed with its soft foam backrest.

While some people prefer sophisticated features, there are also those that go for simple, uncomplicated machines like the Ironman LX300. Its ankle holders have a pull-pin mechanism for quick release. The height setting is also easy to adjust based on your needs.

Although it has a slightly lower weight capacity, it can still be used by most body types.

For those who want an affordable and basic table that can get the job done, you will be happy with the Ironman LX300. Click here for more information about it.

Honorable Mentions

Considering how the above fared against our criteria, it was difficult to come up with only 5 products in this notable list. Hence, we awarded runner-up honors to 2 more inversion tables.

6. Ironman IFT1000

It’s difficult not to include the Ironman IFT1000 in the list of good tables. Why? Because relishing the benefits of inversion and infrared heat technology at the same time is just fantastic!ironman-ift-1000

This strongly constructed table may be a bit bulky but it also gives you the confidence that you can invert safely. It is also easy to balance so inversion is smooth and effortless.

The ankle holders are ergonomically designed for comfort so there is no need to wear shoes or special boots.

You can control the inversion using a tether strap while the handles on the sides help you get back up.

The biggest selling point of the Ironman IFT1000 is its Far Infrared (F.I.R.) Heat Therapy-enabled backrest. It relaxes the back and soothes minor muscle pain through the natural and gentle heat it emits. You can also set your desired temperature and duration using the remote control. Guaranteed safe, totally relaxing, and definitely convenient.

If you want to integrate heat technology with inversion therapy, the Ironman IFT1000 is a wise choice. Check out a more detailed review in this post.

7. Ironman Gravity 1000

ironman-gravity-1000The other runner-up finisher is another product from Ironman Fitness, the Gravity 1000.

Although it comes in many parts and assembly can be a challenge, the end product is secure with an extra-wide steel frame and rubber floor stabilizers.

The Gravity 1000 is quite affordable, but it covers the most important aspects of an inversion table. It has a comfortable nylon backrest, a decent weight capacity and an easy height adjustment method. It can also be folded for convenient storage.

While ankle locks and release mechanism are areas for improvement, its overall quality and performance still make it an effective option.

You can learn more about the Ironman Gravity 1000 in this full review.

Types of Inversion Tables

It would be easier to know what product is best for you if you know the general categories that they belong to.

Based on how inversion is executed, the tables can be manual or automatic. A manual table uses your weight to tilt and operate the equipment. It usually requires the use of your arms to control its movement. On the other hand, an automatic table has a motor that helps you control the degree of inversion. This allows you to freely stretch your arms without any effect on the table’s function.

You can also choose between fixed and portable ones. Portable tables are usually smaller and lighter. They also fold easily for storage. Keep this in mind: whether fixed or portable, all of them must be strong enough to support your body weight.

There are products that also incorporate the use of infrared heat technology. This powerful combination is helpful in relaxing sore muscles and increasing blood flow.

The Top Brands

For many years, two names have been considered as the powerhouse in manufacturing machines that help people achieve their fitness goals. True enough, they have proven to produce the best inversion tables on the market today.

Teeter Hang Ups

The Teeter Hang Ups story began with a personal quest for back pain relief.teeter-hang-ups

Ever since Roger Teeter tried inversion therapy at a water ski event in 1980, he and his wife started manufacturing and selling inversion products. Their aim was to help more people find natural relief from back pain.

Today, they continue to produce inversion equipment and accessories that have specialized and patented features. The company espouses superior quality and ensures that their products pass strict certification standards.

Teeter tables are known to be easy to assemble and user-friendly. The table even comes with a downloadable application and a Getting Started DVD with 5 bonus healthy back routines.

They also have a comfortable backrest with accessories like adjustable Accupressure nodes and a lumbar pillow for added relief.

Indeed, Teeter Hang Ups deserves to be recognized as one of the top inversion table brands.

Ironman Fitness

Ironman Fitness is known for manufacturing topnotch training machines, whether for triathlon preparation or simply keeping an active and healthy lifestyle.

ironman-fitnessThe company maintains the highest standards through engineering and lab testing. And these superior machines usually come in very reasonable prices!

Their tables commonly have solid frames, comfortable backrests, a tether strap for inversion control and extra-long handles for easy return to the upright position.

Aside from inversion tables, it also has stationary bikes, elliptical trainers, weigh benches and power cages.

If it’s an Ironman, you are sure that it’s a fine piece of equipment.

Other Things to Consider

Are you still wondering if inversion therapy is for you? We have compiled this list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) to help you figure that out.

1. What are the benefits?

It is great for reducing back pain. But do you know that other areas of the body can also benefit from it? When you invert, you get neck, joint and muscle pain relief, lymph system cleansing, blood circulation improvement, posture correction, and spinal decompression.

2. Is it safe for everyone?

While inversion therapy is generally safe and has numerous benefits, people with certain conditions are cautioned against it. If you are pregnant or if you have heart/circulatory disorders, hypertension, extreme obesity, conjunctivitis, glaucoma, or spinal injury, consult your doctors before trying it.

3. How long should I invert?

Beginners should start slowly and carefully. 10-20 degrees for 1-2 minutes during the first 2 weeks will do. Once you become more comfortable inverting, you can work up to 60 degrees for longer periods of time. Remember that inverting for more than 30 minutes is not necessary.

4. Is inversion therapy painful?

As long as you don’t have any of the contraindications or are given clearance from your doctor, there should be no reason for to be painful or uncomfortable. Furthermore, remember to assemble the table correctly, follow the manufacturer’s guidelines, and build up the duration and degree of inversion gradually to make sure that you do not encounter any problem while inverting.

5. What are the limitations of inversion tables?

Inversion tables have different weight limits but most tables have a user weight capacity of 300 lbs. Height adjustment is also a common feature, with the tallest setting usually at 6’6″.

Inversion Table Tutorial: Safe, Short & Simple Routine


It is common to hear one thing from people who finally got their own inversion tables: I wish I had known about this amazing equipment years ago!

There’s just so much to love about having one at home. You can hop on anytime of the day and you instantly do your back and, as you probably know by now, a lot of other body parts as well, a very big favor. Most tables are very easy to assemble and even easier to use. You have the power to adjust the height and inversion control settings to suit your preference. They even fold for convenient storage.

You do not need to worry about security and comfort because inversion table manufacturers, especially Teeter Hang-ups and Ironman Fitness got you covered. Secure and comfortable ankle holders, relaxing backrests, and long, foam-covered handles are well taken care of.

Get the Teeter EP-960 Ltd now and your future healthier self will definitely thank you for it!


5 Best Stretching Machines 2017

If you think stretching is only for martial artists or contortionists, you better think again. Have you ever felt frustrated that you could not get something from that overhead shelf? Did you ever wish that your lower back is stronger every time you need to pick up your toddler? Is reaching your toes to tie those shoelaces an immense task in itself? We have been there at one point or another, no thanks to the sedentary lifestyle that most of us are guilty of.

top-rated-precor-stretch-trainerHere is where stretching comes to the rescue. Stretching increases your flexibility and range of motion. It helps your muscles relax so that you are more mobile to effectively perform different activities.  Furthermore, it improves posture, circulation and coordination, relieves stress, and prevents injury.

While you can always have a good stretch alone or with a partner, having a stretching machine is even better. It helps you keep the correct form during stretches. You are in complete  control of your pace, and you enjoy the privacy and comfort of home!

In this post, you will know what types of machines are available on the market, what features to look for, and what brands produce the best products today. We also go a step forward by giving you a rundown of the finest stretching machines whether for the legs, the back, or the whole body.

So read on and find out about how this brilliant equipment can work wonders for your body.

Stretching Machine Comparison Table

ImageNameTypeMaximum User WeightPriceMore Info
precor-stretch-trainerPrecor Stretch TrainerFull Body Stretching Machine250 lbs.$$$$$
valor-fitness-ca-27-leg-stretch-machineValor Fitness CA-27 Leg Stretch MachineLeg Stretching or Splits Machine250 lbs.$
century-versaflex-stretching-machineCentury Versaflex Stretching MachineLeg Stretching or Splits Machine250 lbs.$
pro-leg-stretcherPro Leg StretcherLeg Stretching or Splits Machine235 lbs.$
stamina-in-line-back-stretch-benchStamina In Line Back Stretch BenchBack Stretching Machine250 lbs.$

Features to Look For

Stretching machines are certainly not created equal, and their manufacturers’ awesome marketing efforts make it even more difficult to tell the excellent ones apart from the not-so-good-ones.

As simple as they may seem, we will help you filter those options. Here are the factors to consider in choosing the perfect product for you.

Size and User-Weight Support

Although most stretching machines are adjustable, make sure that it is able to accommodate your height and weight. Ideally, the machine can support a weight at least 15lb higher than yours.


Some stretching tools like elastic or rubber stretch bands direct the intensity of your stretch without your input. When they take the lead, the stretching can be painful or ineffective. Look for a machine that allows the focus muscle or area to control your stretches.


A good machine stretches the whole muscle instead of one confined area of the muscle. If it stretches only the joints like knees and ankles, it’s not a good choice either.

Comfort of Use

Most stretching machines have padding for additional comfort. Choose those that have nicely padded seats, leg panels and knee cushions.


Expensive machines are usually more versatile. If you can afford it, choose those that provide more options for stretching different muscle groups. When it comes to price, the rule is to look for the best quality that fits your budget.

Top 5 Stretching Machines

Try visiting your favorite fitness store or clicking the search button and you will surely find many stretching machine options up for sale.

We’re here to help you cut the hunting game short. We checked out all machines available on the market and had our panel of experts put them to a thorough test.

We proudly present the 5 best options we found. Take your pick now!

1. Precor 240i Stretch Trainer

A versatile full-body stretch machine, the Precor 240i Stretch Trainer gets the top spot in our best of the best list.

Get this: you can target not one, but eight key muscle groups in one superb machine! It even has an easy-to-follow graphic stretching guide that shows how you can effectively stretch your lower back, hamstrings, glutes or hips, hips/legs/back, inner thighs/groin, upper back, shoulders and quadriceps.

The Precor 240i places emphasis on both safety and

It features an ergonomic design that helps stabilize your back, something that is important regardless of the muscle group you are focusing on. It enforces proper posture so you are sure to stretch in the ideal body position, therefore avoiding injury and maximizing benefits. The seats, handle bars, and knee pads are cushioned to make your stretches as comfortable as possible.

Another key characteristic of the Precor 240i is its safety wrist straps. In case you lose grip of the handles, these straps keep you from completely falling off the machine.

This 60-pound stretching machine has a maximum user weight of 250 pounds.

Although it is solidly built, Precor gives a 5-year warranty on frame, 2 years on parts and 90 days on upholstery.

More often than not, a product’s good quality corresponds to a lofty price. The same is true with the Precor 240i.

If you have the resources, there is no reason to say no to all the stretching benefits, not to mention the safety and comfort features incorporated in the machine. Read more about the awesome Precor 240i in this post and you will definitely agree.

2. Valor Fitness CA-27

Coming in at second place is an affordable leg stretching machine, the Valor Fitness CA-27.

It enables you to stretch beyond 180 degrees and although we don’t find it necessary, it just means that the machine can push you to your limits. Anytime you’re ready!

valor-fitness-ca-27-leg-stretch-machineMore than this, what we really love about the Valor Fitness CA-27 is its steering wheel mechanism that allows a gradual increase in your stretch. For majority of users, a smooth adjustment is much more favorable than a sudden change. You can be sure that it can adapt to whatever pace is comfortable for you. However, you may want to note that the machine has no indicator of the progress of your stretch.

The Valor Fitness CA-27 also gained points from our experts because of its padded and adjustable back and leg supports. Unlike other leg stretching machines, Valor Fitness considered the fact that not all users fall under average heights so accordingly, leg lengths vary as well. Again, this adaptable machine adjusts to your needs.

At 49 lbs., it is still heavy but not as much as other leg stretchers. However, be aware that its maximum recommended user weight is 250 lbs.

The Valor Fitness CA-27 is very easy to set up as there is almost no assembly required and you can start experiencing the wonderful benefits of stretching in no time.

3. Century Versaflex

The Century Versaflex is also a popular choice for an affordable leg stretching or splits machine.

The unanimous choice for the most loved feature of the Century Versaflex is its degree indicator. Unlike most splits machines, the Versaflex lets you know how far you are going with every stretch. Isn’t it great to know that you are just a few degrees away from your best stretch ever? Talk about motivation right in front of you!century-versaflex-stretching-machine

The Versaflex allows you to stretch up to 190 degrees. While it may not present much of a challenge to those who are already flexible and used to doing splits, it is certainly tough enough for most of us.

It is important to note that it can only be adjusted in 5 degree increments. It can be a sizeable jump especially when you are nearing your threshold so be prepared for that.

There are front and side handles that help you extend your stretches and maximize your use of the machine. It also has a comfortable seat, back support, and leg padding. However, the leg rests may be a bit short for users who are over 6 feet tall.

Our panel of experts note that the Versaflex can be challenging to assemble. It weighs 55 lbs and is a bit bulky so you need to plan its permanent location in advance.

Although it has its limitations, the Century Versaflex is an affordable and decent stretching machine that lives up to expectations. For a more detailed review, check out this post.

4. Pro Leg Stretcher

The fourth spot belongs to another splits machine, the Pro Leg Stretcher by TMAS.

You will love this reasonably priced leg stretching machine from the onset. Why? Simply because it comes out of the packaging almost fully assembled! All that is left to do is attach its removable turning wheel and you’re ready to work on your splits.

pro-leg-stretcherWhether you are a beginner or a pro, it can accommodate your level of flexibility. It enables you to stretch beyond 180 degrees if you want to push yourself that far. If not, you can just take it light and easy. The power is in the steering wheel in your hands.

The gear system allows smooth and gradual stretching which is perfect if you are in the process of working on our maximum stretch. When you reach your personal best, you can use the stop latch mechanism to hold it for a while until you slowly become more comfortable with it.

Although it does not have a system to check the degree of your stretch, you can still monitor your progress by simply counting the wheel turns.

This sturdy leg stretcher is also comfortable, thanks to its padded seat, back support, and foot rests. The back support is also adjustable to fit different user sizes. There are five position settings to choose from, including flat.

For its quality and ease of use, the Pro Leg Stretcher is definitely a good buy for only a little over $200!


5. Stamina In Line Back Stretch Bench

Completing our top 5 list is an easy-to-use spine stretching machine, the Stamina In Line Back Stretch Bench.

A back stretching machine is your best alternative if you want to decompress your spine but you are not comfortable using an inversion table.

The Stamina In Line is made of a solid steel frame with a vinyl upholstered bench. There are contoured foam padded supports that hold your ankles as you stretch. You don’t need to stress yourself about keeping them in place because they remain locked when the bench is in use.stamina-in-line-back-stretch-bench

As for the upper part of your body, there are also foam padded arm supports. You can set your preferred distance between the arm supports and your body: wide, medium or narrow. Your armpits may become a bit sore from the pressure but it can be resolved by using some type of belt to hold your torso.

The Stamina In Line is suitable for users of different heights. The settings are defined by holes along the easily adjustable chrome bar.

There is a lever on the right side of your body that you pull back and forth repeatedly to reach your desired stretch level. Once you are done, you just push the lever toward your feet to release.

If you want the convenience of a portable stretching equipment, this back stretch bench is perfect for you. You can set it on any flat surface and it is ready to serve you, even while watching TV! When not in use, it fits right under your bed for storage.

Overall, the Stamina In Line Back Stretch Bench is a good option to stretch and strengthen not only your back but also your shoulders, knees, hips and ankles.


While we originally intended to have a top 5 list, our panel of experts noted two more commendable stretching machines.

Yes, we are extending our list with the following honorable mentions:

1. Nitrofit Limber Pro Stretch Machine

Working on a limited budget but eyeing the Precor Stretch Trainer? Check out the Nitrofit Limber Pro Stretch Machine. They have very similar features but the Nitrofit costs almost half the price of the Precor!

nitrofit-limber-pro-stretch-machineThe Nitrofit’s main advantage over the rest of its competitors, including Precor, is its adjustable seat. Regardless of your size or flexibility level, you can comfortable use it and effectively stretch a number of muscle groups. Just rotate the knob counter clockwise, slide the seat closer or farther away from the handles, use the pull pin, and turn the knob the other way around to lock the setting.

It also has a station in front with a separate set of support bars for stretching your calf muscles. If you opt not to use it or if you are concerned about limiting the machine’s footprint, you can easily remove it for quick storage.

Like the Precor, the Nitrofit also has an illustrated exercise guide.  Simply move the main handles for easy access. If you like structure and sure results in your exercise, you are going to love this visual aid.

This stable stretching machine has one of the highest maximum weight capacities at 300 lbs. However, despite its flexibility, you can not disregard the possibility of accidentally falling or losing grip of the handles. With the safety wrist straps, you will feel secure with every stretch.

Without a doubt, the Nitrofit Limber Pro should be one of your top options.

2. Ideal Stretch Hamstring Stretching Device

An extremely underrated stretching device rounds up our prestigious list. We gladly introduce to you the Ideal Stretch Hamstring Stretching Device.

Using the Ideal Stretch is very much like having your very own stretching partner. It helps you stretch your calf, your hamstring, and even your lower back while making sure that you maintain proper hip positioning. It even comes with a DVD to guide you during your exercise.ideal-stretch-hamstring-stretching-device

This portable stretching device comes in two collapsible parts that can easily fit in a bag. Don’t you just love a stretching partner that is always there for you anywhere, anytime?

If you want a simple yet effective stretching tool at a very affordable price, the Ideal Stretch Hamstring Stretching Device will not let you down.

Types of Stretching Machines

Stretching machines can be categorized based on the muscle group that they focus on. Knowing the difference between these types is a major step towards owning the machine that is perfect for you.

Full Body

Because this type stretches all major muscles, full body stretching machines are best for people who want to enhance their flexibility, maintain good posture, reduce back pain, and decrease the tightness of muscles.


For those who spend a lot of time sitting, this type is perfect because it focuses on stretching your legs or hamstrings. Also called splits machines, they are usually found in gyms. They have padded leg and thigh supports and waist bands. Stretching is done slowly by turning the hand levers or wheels.


If your back or spine need more attention, this type gives those parts the special care they need. Back stretching machines are typically compact and portable. They have feet support and the user pushes on the hand levers for a deep back stretch.

The Top Brands

There is an increasing appreciation of the value of stretching as a key aspect of any exercise. Thus, there is also an upsurge in the number of companies that produce stretching machines.

Among them, the top names that are known to have excellent stretching and fitness equipment are Precor and Valor Fitness.


Established in 1980, Precor has carved a name for itself in offering quality and innovative exercise equipment. People at Precor have dedicated themselves to developing products that are appropriate for every user’s needs. Built around proven science and advanced engineering, their products not only promise but actually deliver excellent results that make it very much worth the high price tag.

precor-logoIts stretching machine has the Precor trademark ergonomic design. Unlike most machines, it has safety wrist straps and an illustrated exercise guide.

Aside from its best-selling stretch trainer, Precor also has a wide range of exercise equipment that is preferred by health clubs, hotels and spas, and fitness enthusiasts all over the world. It has heavy-duty cardio equipment like ellipticals, treadmills and bikes, and also offers strength training products like squat machines, modulars and multi-stations, benches and racks.

For excellent fitness equipment, you can definitely count on Precor.

Valor Fitness

Although it entered the market much later than Precor, one could not disregard Valor Fitness as a major player in the industry.

valor-fitness-logoEstablished in 2006, Valor Fitness manufactures fitness equipment for home as well as light commercial use. It prides itself in producing squat racks, weight benches, power racks, boxing gyms and platforms at a more pocket-friendly price.

Its leg stretcher is a popular choice because of its adjustable back and leg support that suit people of varying sizes. Users also love its smooth wheel movement that allows them to increase the degree of their stretch at a more comfortable pace.

Quality that meets affordability – you can be sure that Valor Fitness is there to make it happen.

Other Things to Consider

Let’s say that the search for the perfect stretching machine is over. Are you wondering if you’re doing your stretches correctly? Do you want to maximize the benefits?

Here are a few things that you should remember.

Before Stretching. While it is commonly a pre-exercise routine, you need to do some light activity for about five to 10 minutes to prepare the body for stretching. You can jog in place or perform jumping jacks to warm the muscles.

Pushing Yourself. How far do you need to stretch? The answer varies simply because every person is different. As a general rule, gradually increase your stretch until you feel the first feeling of tension. After holding it for a while, slowly release to avoid injury.

Length of Stretch. Holding your stretch for 30 seconds per muscle group is enough. Maintaining the position for 10 seconds will make your stretch less effective while extending it for a longer period will increase your chances of tearing a muscle.

After Stretching. Contrary to popular belief, stretching should not be done prior to regular exercise alone. It is also advisable to do static stretching or holding a stretch for some time after your workout. The increased temperature will be helpful for the muscles that you want to lengthen or strengthen.

Keeping Your Increased Flexibility. Don’t slack off after a good stretching session. To achieve maximum results, you should perform each stretch three times for no less than two times per week.


Indeed, stretching offers amazing benefits that you can enjoy if you do it properly. Whether for running, ball sports, dancing, martial arts, or simply your daily activities, your increased flexibility and mobility will be a major advantage.

In buying a stretching machine, you need to decide first if you need a full body, leg, or back stretcher. Look for sturdy construction, comfort, and ease of use. Seek brands like Precor, Valor Fitness, Century and Nitrofit because they manufacture the best products on the market today.

Get up and get a versatile stretching equipment for your whole body, the amazing Precor Stretch Trainer.